Magento over Storm

Magneto over Storm

So Storm’s got runaway, can dash/rushdown almost as well, the safest super, a marginally better assist, etc etc etc.

Why do JWong, Combofiend and the like tend to pick Mags instead (yeah, no doubt I’m generalising… but still…)? What’s the counter-argument?

first of all…I hate storm, so maybe I am not impartially enough to talk about this, still…I guess its just a change of tactics on the gameplay, this is a good thing to do. Mag its a hell of char alone, with the proper assists he can overwhelm many, except by this weather wicht whose has better priority on her moves, but mags reset combos are easier to do and his ground games can vary on many ways.
And can take Mr. sent on like her or better
but I admit that her DHCs are more reliable

Storm’s runaway is a lot less effective than it used to be…

thats for sure, she s been having some hard times. I think her worst battle is against team scrub, cap com owns her runamay game.

storm has mor priority, chip, better runaway then mags, mags has good rushdown but relies to much on reset

btw dis not haduken king

dunno about you guys, but mags is a hellova A LOT funner to play than storm for me

Cuz magz build a grip of meter for their next character, and can kill as fast, well imo faster, than storm.

And Kilik, I don’t think magneto does as well as storm against sentinel AT ALL.

imo mags is better than storm because he has a hell of a mind game… to meeh thats what its all about in fighting games, if u can get ur opponent to fall for ur lil tricks there no telling how many follow ups u could connect with. Something as simple as (after u killed a char) sj xx air dash back down then just grab them and yea use ur imagination =). As for storm ull usually go for the normal guard break or run away game, not many options… mind games r whats its all about get ur opponent to become frustrated and yea he/she well make a crap load of mistakes, which u cannot aford against mags. Well i hope i helped heh my 2 cents =)



Magneto has more priority than Storm. While it’s hard to hit Storm j.fierce it’s possible. It’s flat out not worth your time to try to hit Mags j.fierce. Then there’s the infinite. Mags can hit you for damage AND keep you near, Storm’s best combo (without DHC) lets them get away from you.


Even I can’t prevent stupid.

and also storm rely’s on DHC she does shit damage with out it.

Both mag and storm have thier pros and cons Mag can reset the shit out of you and kill you. but he is random why is he randon cuz theres an 80% chance u can screw up a reset.

Storm = 100% DHC u wont fuck it up
Thier Both good but with storm it seems u have to work less for your wins u dont really need to know fancy ass resets.

Oh and J.wong Used a Storm based team at last Evo and Rowtron traded in his Mag team for Storm/Sent/Cyke.

Theres no counter Aurgument when u wanna get a sure win u go with effectiveness and they want to secure the win.

Or i could be all wrong i am a scrub so what do i know :smiley:

Yeah, playing both a lot lately, I’ve come to realise:

One hit with Mags can mean 50%+ worth of damage plus the opportunity to stay close and do more.

One hit with Storm usually leads to LA XX LS and then you start all over again and gotta chase them all over the screen.

Yeah, kinda what Dasrik said.

But damn, Storm runaway is definately the best strat in the game once you have a lead though.

I think it comes down to Mags having the tools to be extremely offensive, but can also be used defensively in the hands of the right player… while Storm has the tools to be extremely defensive, but used offensively in the hands of the right player. Personal inclination and match-up makes the call I suppose.

and sometimes defense is the best offense… run… run… chip… run… meter… run… chip… run… tag cable…AHVB… jOo win

even though I don’t play mag
I find that he only thing can do one thing (or most ppl can only do one thing) and that’s rush.
All day he rushes he really has nothing else
not to say that’s bad, but storm has a rush, keepaway and runaway and can chip better.
plus you can’t mash out of storm :slight_smile:

look…storm and mag complement teams in different ways. why does wong play mag/cable/doom? maybe for the mag/doom unmashable and/or to build meter for cable. why does combofiend play mag…cuz he ALWAYS HAS just about.

storm is still #1 imo, but sent is like so close on her tail they should be tied. mag is 3rd and cable is right behind him. basic tier beliefs.

why? because storm has more flexability than any other character. of course capcom hinders the runaway strat, so does BH. but that is not all she has. goodness. her st.rh is CRAZY, along with her tri jump lk, and rh for that matter. and all this talk about doing a super without DHC’ing is sorta crazy…unless you are in desperation, u don’t super without DHC’ing into HSF. i mean, every storm first team just about has sent backing up, because that shit is SOOO deadly.

of course mag is good, of course he is the most exciting, of course is LETHAL off of one hit, but…he is not the best. yall see soo mighty’s mag and yall think magneto is the best now. i ain’t sayin soo rapin justin was luck at all, so no flames are needed, but mag is about resets…and resetting is partially a guessing game…justin guessed wrong alot apparently.

almost everybody agrees about the storm vs magneto 1v1…storm wins 7 outta 10. so i don’t see how people say magneto is better…i guess because they see him ovc somebody and are in awe…i hope that is what it is…

Well said “at all…” mag against sent is one tough battle for mag, i have been learning it these days. storm do has the lead on it.
well put.

Both Magneto and Storm require alot of attention to master, and each has their own weaknesses. I’d say, just pick whichever YOU want to use. It’s all about how you want people to remember you. If you can’t decide, learn both of them and switch it up everynow and then.
That’s my two cents.

If you’re referring to 1v1,then it’s all mag in my opinion.Storm’s RD isn’t that great.It also doesn’t do that much damage once she hits you with her combos.But,as for Mag.He can RD then resets,crossup,etc…If storm decides to run away,mag will chase her(when she lands of course).Then,tri
But if you’re talking about teams,then i have to say storm takes it.Well,depends who you team storm and mag with.

Aside from the excellent point made about zoning (i.e., Storm damages you and lets you get away, while Mags is constantly in your face), I think the biggest factor here is the mind games. Once you boil each character down to their most basic (or effective) strategies, that’s when mind games come into play. With Magneto, though, his entire gameplay is going to revolve around mindgames. Push past the rushdown and let’s give both Storm and Mags a free hit leading into a combo – Storm goes for the LA XX LS for a good 1/3 of your life, while Mags might not get as much damage in one go…but he’ll continue to force your guessing. Storm will have to get more mind-games going to land another combo, while Magneto will continue to break you down with each reset until he’s doing walk-up throws, tag-ins, and will remain unpunished for things that normally should have been perfect opportunities.

Statistically, Storm is better because she can do consistent damage and plays fairly safe. Once you throw in the human factor, though, you’ll see Mags rising very quickly. VERY quickly.

you do know mag has NOTHING to bring storm down from running away 1 on 1 ryte? mags can’t beat sj.fp…mags can’t beat s.rh, so what does mag have? you say mag can stay in her face, once she lands…but it takes ONE pushblock 1 on 1 to take back to the skies. mag’s game is severely hurt when he can’t use his two’s to lead into the infinite or resets…nowadays a tri jump rh is very hard to land on somebody with magneto…basically one on one…pushblocking plus no assist to, with leads to a watered down rushdown than what your used to seeing. also his reset options are really limited now, magneto has no unmashables…i mean; he is just watered down more than storm is IMO