Magfest 2k6 - any vids?

I competed at Magfest this weekend and of course Empire Arcadia tore everything up, but I saw a lot of people filming and was wondering if anyone planned on uploading the videos? There were some pretty intense matches that went on and there is a lot I would like to review and learn from.

For which games?

Nobody of any note went for GG, from what I hear.

GG was held at a horrible time. It went on a few hours before the con ended, my guess is that everyone was going home. I wanted to watch the tourney but I was already on the road by the time it started.

I’m specifically looking for 3S vids, and it would be really awesome if anyone had videos of my tourney matches by chance. I know most of them were recorded by someone. I played as white-haired Elena in the tourney(there was a guy from Empire Arcadia playing as red-haired, but I would like to see his vids anyway), if that helps anyone.

There was a lot of video taping going on. The guys that did 3rd Strike is going to mail me the vid for 8 up to Grand Finals. Minus me and Justin, no need to see Justin Practicing his Urien Unblockable infinite on someone who doesn’t play pro. I’m gonna smack him for that. Anyway…Their is footage on Tekken, CVS2 and a couple of other games that I am not sure about, but Tetris Attack was only covered by CBS news. Jeron didn’t know how to work the Camcorder to get the finals footage. Wouldn’t have made a difference as the Grand Finals took 2 and a half hours. Yes…you read right…2 and half hours to do a 3 out of 5. Each round was about 30 to 40 minutes long. Ask about it.:sweat:

When I get the third Strike from the person who is sending it to me, I will ask him can he post it or can we post it online.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Great match, btw. We fought the loser’s bracket finals and you beat my ass, but it is a fun fight! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to compete with Empire again.

Unfortunately you will…as everywhere we go…all we do is compete rather than do the work we are suppose to do. Don’t get me wrong we do follow through with our mission statement but the competiting gets in the way and takes up a lot of our time. If you want to know where we are going to be next just check out our site and calendar when you get the chance.

2 fucking hours! What gives?