Magic Ball

Basically, it’s Arkanoid, except you’re breaking shit other than blocks.


Get on it!

EDIT: If you’re wondering, yes, it does have multiplayer, trophy, and voice chat support.

This game is pretty fun…
smashy, smashy cannon action. i likes…

Yeah I purchased the game and it’s well worth the $10. I’m still trying to unlock the trophy on level 2-16 (the dragons and the lone knight).

:wonder: I got this today after reading this thread and it’s pretty fun. Thanks for the heads up Sep… dood.

Played this for the first time the other night…I actually got into it for a good hour and ended up unlocking a decent amount of trophies (20% I believe). Decent graphics and 3D environments and simple gameplay, well worth the $9.99.

I’m very close to pulling the trigger on this since I tend to enjoy Arkanoid/Breakout type games. Giving me some extra trophies is also not a bad thing. :wink: Glad to see others like it, which makes it even more likely I’ll purchase it.

In case anyone doesn’t know, the DLC pack is now available on PlayStationStore for $2.99.

The last couple of stages are ridiculously hard.

Thanks. Downloading it now. I thought it came out on Thursday but didn’t see it. Guess I didn’t look deep enough.

I still need to work on getting some of the other trophies too.