Magic Box PC adapter for Saturn pads?

Thinking about picking this up. Opinions?

i was thinking picking up one for my DC sticks. the adaptors are few & far between for sega hardware on PC… so lag or no lag they may be our only option.

They’re excellent. I use Saturn pads, DC Agetecs and PS1/PS2 controllers with no problems, no lag on any of them as far as I can tell. I think the only stumbling block for me was analogue control when using a DC pad (no big deal).

good to know. thx.

Confirm, no lag with agetec (and hrap2).

They’re the best I know, both the ones for PC and Xbox

I’ve had one for years, it’s perfect.

I’ve had two of 'em for about 5 years, and they work great. I hook up my original saturn pad to it, for my son to play Sonic Heroes on the PC (give him that old school feel, which he wouldn’t know about otherwise :smokin: ).

I read (once) into another forum that a guy managed to make it work on the PS3:

Does anybody have clue about that ? It would make me so happy for the coming SFII HD as I play with a third part Saturn pad.


Check on the VFDC console forum. There’s a guy there who hooked up his Agetec via a magicbox, so yeah, it does seem to work, although button mapping is a bit wonky, apparently. Not sure if ALL the buttons will be recognised by the PS3 though …

Thanks, you meant this thread (I just googled it):

So yes, it seems to work … The guy on the thread I reported above was not facing such pbs of button mapping in the Saturn case.

I don’t understand why it is not reported elsewhere, they could sell their item well, and maybe only a minor hardware update is required to make it properly work ?
With SF II coming lots of players should be interested by a converted like this one.

well i picked up two of these based on the glowing reviews… however…

i have tested 5 controllers:
solderless A-series hack
PS2 nuby street fighter pad
official DC controller
2 mad catz dreampad hacks

the device works perfectly for everything EXCEPT the mad catz pcb’s… which just happens to be the one application i really wanted to use. using XP’s gamecontroller control panel utility, the other pads were rock solid & responsive. however the mad catz’s were just freaking out.

more investigation will be required - but the fact 2 seperate pcb’s went haywire is a fair indication that there is something inherently different about the mad catz hardware.



i tested an UN-modified madcatz dreampad… and it worked fine. the plot thickens. somehow my two hack-jobs (which work swimmingly on the DC) cause some sort of issue with the joybox.

i’m guessing there is a voltage drop somewhere due to the added wire/resistance that is causing the problem? only one way to find out i suppose…