Magic Joystick

Okay, this has to be a repost but I searched and couldn’t find, just in case…
Who’s joystick is this?

Well played

Damn, I was about to say the stick was contaminated with aids.

R1 > aids

That sir, is a fine stick. I laughed pretty hard.

I Lol’d.

Can’t wait for the follow-up Barkley and Rodman sticks.

fuuuuuuuuh wow

Rofl… I’ve always wondered that too. The dude had AIDS and then out of nowhere he started that tax return/accountant agency (Jackson and Hewett or whatever). He mentions **nothing **about his supposed AIDS infection. Whoever’s stick this is was as genius; artistically and intellectually.

Mad Catz should put this on mass production.

Holy shit.:rofl:

comic book guy best stick ever! comic book guy

I laughed real hard kind sir, best laugh in awhile. I mean cure AIDS button CLASSIC.

Good stuff

Magic has HIV not AIDS lol. That is a sick stick though.