Magic the Gathering Thread


After Rivals of Ixalan is Dominaria in April!!!



Once this site goes down. You might check this:


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Finally figure out who “that guy” is at the card store I go to…
Dude bitched for an entire game about a someone using proxied OG duals when the rest of the table was cool with it.
Constantly tells people to read cards, when he doesn’t know what they do.
Was trying to explain to him how I was building Edgar Markov to be combo based, and he started interrupting to let me know how good was and how I should jam X 6+ drop vampires…
Plays Phenax Mill as his main EDH deck.


lol, like those poker players


I’m so glad at work we started a MTG group. Dug through my old stuff and am going to make an EDH deck eventually. One rule we established first was fun first. No one gets serious it’s just fun.


Live look in 4 week from now at the “fun” magic group…

Best thing is to just play Pauper so every has good but beyond cheap decks.





Tbh it’s kind of funny how they didnt so much shoot standard rdw (Ramunap was always a fucking dumb name for it, it’s just fucking rdw) rather opting to just take away it’s sideboard card and feed it to the vampires and dinosaurs instead.

“Lots of incidental lifegain? Right let me side in my… Fuck”


Banning a fucking Lay of the Land shows how meh they have been with card design and testing imo.
Bans really help UW Gift imo and help push stuff like Merfolk coming in to have a solid chance.
But fuck wanting to get a deck that’s “too” good now in standard.


Ferocidon ban is fucking funny though

Created to counter a combo that got banned before it released.

Banned before the other decks it could work against would see any play.

Not sure its going to make Merfolk any good though, feels like Pirates just fly over them hitting them for more and disrupting them all the way.

Kind of a shame since running Merfolk with a low curve and u/g Nissa to shit them out off the top of your deck looks fun as fuck.


The bans are good. Once again WotC maintains its record of doing the right thing… after exhausting every other option.


Damn guess I’ll need to restructure my energy deck. And I just added in rogue refiner. :lol:


Dire Fleet Daredevil has been fucking great in legacy so far in testing. I like it in Red Stompy and in RW Death & Taxes.

Thought it would fall flat but man being able to run ponder/brainstorm without running those is great and gives you removal/discard if needed.


I plan on trying it in modern in some kind of r/b/x build, running it and Inquisition together sounds fucking awesome.



Can’t trade in hearthstone, wanna trade in shitty mobile M:TG.



I actually prefer Hearthstone’s crafting system to trading.


Been so boring making a sell list as I am looking to sell 90% of my collection and am making a commitment to RW Death and Taxes in Legacy. Plays pretty much every card I have been good with while being a blast to pilot and is only $2900 to foil out which I am just going to do. $900 of that is Port/Cavern of Soul. Its only 1700 if I don’t do the land base. Have enough to cover most of it and it will force me to just stick to it and if I am going to go big might as well do it the right way. That is also the price for version I actually like like Eternal Wasteland(gross)vs DCI Promo Wasteland or Foils Swords to plowshares with shit art vs again DCI promo STP. Sadly will have 3 revised Plateau because I refuse to pay 150 each for foreign black border.