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I starting to think Estrid the masked is the best commander of the new 2018 precons Commander Decks


What do you guys/gals think about a triple tournament in one event?

  1. Magic: The Gathering - Standard

  2. Chess - Classical

  3. Poker - NLHE


Funny just got a fake Jace, TMS in the mail. Knew almost instantly but I showed 5 others and none of them caught it. Luckily TCGplayer is making sure I can return the card and get a refund. Only thing Olive left out was HOW to tell fakes from real cards. The fakes have a crappy Rosetta pattern and is in sides of cards and most fail the light test.


While I can’t control how Wizards reprints cards or control the over-the-top demands of the counterfeit community, I can appeal to the large majority of the Magic community that’s filled with reasonable people who love the game of Magic to do what they can to help lessen the impact of the problem.

see I had a hypothesis about counterfit cards. One of the things I wanted to do with my show was do a long con with these: get a whole deck counterfit, have the cards altered and then play them at a GP to see if anybody could actually tell. Think altering the cards is where the issue crosses the uncanny valley. If you they’re double sleeved, its even harder to tell they are fake.

At this point you’re going to have to live with counterfits. This is a situation where WoTC is a victim of its own secondary market’s success; if prices weren’t so extra wild then they wouldn’t be making counterfits.

So hooray WoTC. All those times you said goyf was too strong for standard and all sorts of other demented bullshit have finally come back to bite you in the ass. I would feel worse about this if WoTC didn’t constantly make decisions that ended up fucking over its playerbase. Hell, WoTC fucked over its own judges who provide free labor for large events.

Terrible company that stays afloat because their card game is just that good.


That is already a thing with the altering. So many alters I looked at were fake as they assume you wont tell because of the altering. One player I played against has some alter Duels and I asked to look and it clearly looked fake but I didn’t feel a need to say anything. A fake Underground Sea altered is a hell of a lot cheaper than a $500 card.

I want Legacy to become stronger and at this point am ok with some reprints on the RL. Just the Legacy playable crap.


It’s the same phenomenon with fake dollar bills for example. That’s why the United States Department of the Treasury and Wizards of the Coast took “conterfeit measures” such as holograms and such on their bills and cards respectively…


Wish they would do more to promote MTGO since that already exists and let’s them handle putting more reserve list cards into circulation. Either that or people need to accept WoTC will never efficiently meet the demands of people who want to get into older formats, and go from there…

On counterfeit cards…I think its whatever for like 90% of playing mtg. I’ve bought stuff from aliexpress to flesh out edh decks, and maybe 1 dude out of 30 will be annoyed that I play with stuff like that. I like using them because they feel the most like actual mtg cards and art jarringly off like some alters end up being…only time it’s an issue is at real sanctioned events, people trying to push them off as real cards.


With Counterfeit cards, the only real solution is to issue reprints.
And that also means abolishing the Reserve list, as the Reserve list is only serving 2 groups
Those who collect and invest in Vintage cards and Counterfeiters.

Best way to deal with the demand for counterfeits is offer the real thing.


Yup this^^^^^^



I love the number of people losing they shit over Assassin’s Trophy. Shit is going to be a legacy staple for a very long time but will not live up to the overhype. The can’t be countered on Abrupy Decay is why its good the fact that this can be dazed/countered is a huge cost.

Sure this card will be better in Modern rather than Legacy but for sure a Eternal playable card.


Im pretty sure it enables a modern/legacy land destruction deck. The power level is lit TBH. Gonna be a pain in the ass in standard for people who love stable mana bases.


Assassin’s Trophy…DELICIOUS!

Tron players on suicide watch


I got one for preorder for my Meren EDH Deck.


Forget Legacy…

This card would have been printed in 1993!


anyone tried this?


Like FIDE chess…

World Championship going on now!!!


Old School European playing cards?



cross post

Wait what???

They are finally crossing D&D with M:TG