Magic the Gathering Thread


its actually nothing new,
Wizards already did three free mini PDF settings, For Zendikar, Innistrad, and Kaladesh
And the reception for all 3 been positive. So Ravnica gets a actual serious Hardbound book with a Price tag on it. I hope Dominaria is next.

Shoot I hope they go the other way as well and we get MtG cards based on D&D settings, Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, and Dragon Lance.


Yes, Liliana Vess would fear him and Nicol Bolas would almost bow to his will, the arch-mage:


Fuck Yeah, Raistlin would fuck up Nico Bolas.


He fucked up Fistandantilus supposedly the most poweful!

He made Cyan Bloodbane (a powerful dragon) his pet!

He knew that a red robe wizard/mage was really a dragon (Ember/Pyros)


Time of the Twins, that cover. Believe it or not, I’m actually re-reading it at the moment! Haven’t read it since shortly after it was originally out, way back in high school.


Dragonlance novels > Star Wars


Don’t forget Fizbin, Senile old Wizard who is trigger happy with the fireball spell who is really The Dragon God Palindine



Fizban had white/gray robes then later green robes…


Isn’t Fizban ‘Paladine’?



Oops. Thanks for pointing that out for me :+1:t4:.


playing MTG open arena non stop these days, game is hella addicting


Got into Arena too. As a former player of paper Magic it is very fun and addicting.


Seems like Magic is dead and/or slowly dying (In know poeple have said this in the 1990s and 2000s but look at how the direction of the game(s) is going)…


Seriously Hasbro is going to kill Magic… $329 fucking dollars for a box…

Look as of right now there are no shitty cards in Ultimate Masters but still $350 for a box of cards is excessive and stupid.


Hasbro been laying off peeps!!!


Why do these companies keep giving us the finger for this? Ultimate Masters will sadly sell and ensure the companies will get more greedy. Reminder this is all for fucking cardboard trading cards!


Wizards/Hasbro will always get away with it as long as they’re the frontrunner for this particular hobby. No other TCG has staying power or presence like MtG, and probably never will. Everything after MtG is either anime based TCG which already alienate people, or IP based stuff that comes and goes. There is no real alternative for people who want to play this type of game long term and as seriously as MtG always…

Anyone fuck it, I play EDH solely with proxies and play Shadowverse now instead


I’ve been telling you guys this company is shit for years. Not in a Po sort of way but in the “look, this company is making more anti-community decisions than otherwise”.

I actualy had somebody tell me in real life that this compan ydoesn’t make that many mistakes.

Dude defended literally everybody bad decision INCLUDING getting rid of the JSS so they could spend the money on the pro players club bullshit.



Game is pay2win. Nothing wont ever change that.