Magic the Gathering Thread


Sounds like politics…


So I haven’t played magic since I was a kid a long time ago but I’ve been having fun with Arena. Made a budget izzet drakes deck and it has been a blast playing it. Drafts have been fun too. Except I only do well when I draft aggro.


Sooooooooo… Magic is officially esports…

So much salt over this but I think its a great thing. Arena is annoying in the 2 games I just played but I can used to it. MTGO died overnight, everything is tanking hard and fast. The places that buy tickets are paying pretty much nothing now. So glad I sold out that crap last month or I would of lost hundreds.

I think the people who are most angry are the grinders of live magic. This will either be the best move WOTC/Hasbro has made or the worst.

Side note wish I would of sold most of my paper stuff already as that is likely to dip a bit as well but since its mainly high end cards and foils its probably fine. Plus Modern/Legacy cards should not change to much but a little.

Edit: Didn’t really look at cost of goods on Arena but right it looks like $90 per set and you can get close to 4 of everything as that is 90 packs. Also you get free stuff and need to see if there are 3rd party sale sites and cost of goods etc…

SO after short looking up essentially WOTC copied Pokemon and made a cheap way to play where you can play both for fun and competitive except making its main thing to promote play.


Fuck this game, play keyforge and have fun.


No man, just wait for Mortal Kombat XI to take over all games (Street Fighter, Magic, etc…)

Even though this is my thread…

fuck Magic the Gathering Thread

how ironic…


I see those kind of comments a lot lately. I just stay in my Legacy bubble and don’t care about any other part of the game but these last 3 days of using Arena have brought out this feeling I haven’t had since I was 14. Its enjoyment for the game itself. I have had to play patchwork bootleg decks with janky commons because that’s all I have. Its like the 90’s days when I digitally “crack” a pack and get a playable rare or uncommon and feel happy. I have to be creative with deckbuilding and yes I have lost to people playing with a account thats been around since day 1 and lose to cards I don’t know exist or I misread a card I put in a deck but its actually been fun for the most part. Shit is FREE(well I spent 5$ to buy the newcommer thing to expedite my bulding a collection)… 5$ is all I will spend and so far its slowly bringing out enjoyment again for a game that I have had in my life for 20 years.

Advice give Arena a try… Its Free or 5$ if you want the package so nothing to lose.


Did you also use the code PlayRavnica yet? That’s Another 3 packs for free

Edit but wait there’s more

enter the code GAMEAWARDS by the 16th for more free cards


I’m sad that Twitch lumps in the Arena bullshit with the Modern/Cube players using the old MTGO client. Maybe someday they bring Modern/Cube to MTGA and I care, but for now fuck that shit.

Stopped by GP Portland to play a little and judge a little while drinking and gaming with friends. The judge staff seemed stretched thin - at one point I was covering maybe 300 players by what seemed like myself. That’s not good for a GP. I don’t think people noticed, but I rushed a few things I shouldn’t have rushed and messed up once when somebody had asked me a particularly dumb question. Lots of people asking dumb questions that you’d think people at a GP should have known. Lots of kids playing $500+ decks in a Modern tournament. O_o

The death of the PPTQ is going to be amazing. That’s most of what I’d do judging locally - just run PPTQs for various stores. Not sure what else you need judges for as you head to the era of MagicFest. Then again, judges at GP Portland thought that was the kind of the point of the current era - destroy the judge program and defang the legal troubles brought on by the judge lawsuit.

Who the fuck knows.

My Chaos Sealed pool was foil Elspeth, foil Smuggler’s Copter, “Skysovereign, Consul Flagship”, four ramp/fixing spells (including weirdly MVP Market Festival), and just random bullshit. It was clearly all skill that let me go 3-0. Also it turns out if you can activate Elspeth 20 times in one game as you draw mostly lands and any creatures eat their removal, you can pull out the game despite being at 3 life for 18 of those turns. Also double Elspeth emblems is tight.

The judge draft had a judge chaos draft: one pack was just a box of From the Vault: Legends, one was all judge promos, one was all planeswalkers, etc. XD Pretty sweet draft.


The way that WoTC has treated judges in the last few years alone has been worth boycotting the game. This company is just…Fucking hell.


It’s not like chess or poker or whatever, they have to keep printing new stuff, etc…


They kinda got boxed into a corner, though. Some judges got so caught up in their own hype that they decided to burn the place down rather than just enjoy massive amounts of free swag. WotC then decided to let judges handle spewing out free swag to judges so that they were removed from the equation, and judges still screwed it up with exclusionary bullshit (Exemplar).

CFB is still figuring stuff out. I didn’t make much for helping out for one day ($200, a box, a playmat, MtG coasters) but then again that’s about infinity more than the average helper earns in the FGC world. In the MtG judge world, you get to kick people out for pointlessly being assholes, people aren’t typically pointlessly an asshole because most people just want to play the damn game, nobody is going to stab you in the back, you don’t throw money away by running tournaments… generally a way healthier environment.


200 dollars, a box and a playmat is hella good for a day’s work.

Not sure if its better than the Judge promos that used to be handed out like candy. I remember when the exemplar program started and also thought that was a bigger pile of horse shit.

I’d rather stick tk WoTC’s fuck ups than compare scenes. Actually met somebody who thoughy all of the WoTC decisions were good. And be said it with a serious face. Got a catalogue of dumb shit 25 years long and the dude defend a bunch of it.

If MTG wasnt crack, WoTC wouldn’t be that ridiculous.


I used to remember when fighting game judges got nothing. Today, it’s just a free meal for fighting game judges if that, unless something changed that I don’t know about…


Yes right after I downloaded and put in the new code I instantly googled what other codes and got the free packs.

After a week my stance stays the same. Ive had FUN… and tons of it… I love the quests as it forces me to build new decks and try new ideas. As of right now it appears I got all decks they offer but when combined you can make multiple solid enough decks. There UG Merfolk deck is legit AF and while I haven’t used it, its the only deck I lose to consistently as Sleep is a fucking broken in a non-tiered deck format. Seriously Sleep is 70% of my loses.

Only knock I would give is building up coins to draft and having to choose from a playable vs a collection card. In MTGO you chose the freeroll but now its different since there is zero resale value. I do like the no time limit and drafting vs bots, while I would be fine the normal way, this is great for new players.

WOTC/Hasbro has made the correct future… Just put Legacy on it as a packages and id drop 1k to play any deck for life easy.


When this comes back, then I might play again…

I like this:

What is this???

Looks like alt art

This counters this


I will mark out if this comes back:



Broken much?..

Example… 6 creatures = 6 coinflips…


Fuck coinflips


Set seemed to have a lot of EDH filler, but idk how good stuff will be for standard.

Guild mechanics seemed really low power. That new Dovin is very ehhhh?, new wrath looks cool.

IDK lol.

These MTGO prices are fucking sad…


Im more hyped for the new expansion than the MK11 reveal this week lol
MTGA draft is gonna be hella fun with the new exp