I picked up balrog a few days ago, Began my intense training. I can do Head+Ultra 99% in training. Then I trained the general combos, which took me like 2 days for my hands and brains to synchronize.

But then I noticed that I am having trouble doing Ultra out of combos. First I thought I should practice so I did. But it so happens that I cannot combo into Ultra only from right to left.

I can do Head+Ultra both sides 99%, but when it comes to something like " EX overhead rush punch, ~ cr LK xx HP Headbutt, Ultra " I can do it 99% from the left and about 1% from the right lol! What the hell is going on? And its with all Combos. I can do the combos flawlessly but when it comes to Ultra it wont come out if my chara is on the right side!

I tried slowing the ultra down(waiting a sec after the enemy is in the air) I tried Ultra with :db::d::df::db::d::df::3k: I tried :l::r::l::r::3k: nothing helps Left to right almost flawless, Right to left no go…

:pray: HELP!

EDIT: Ok It seems I have brain damage, its indeed the timing. I think I am mashing the Ultra too soon, but only one side wth!? I main Guile and never had problem quite like this one with the G man.

Another Edit: No it seems to be a mix of problems the timing didn’t solve it entirely but it did raise tho consistency quite a bit.

Honestly, if this doesn’t win thread of the year on SRK … I quit (pseudo) modding this forum :o

I assure you it will win.

YOu must be doing something wrong with your input. I would use the input data option in the training room to see what your problem is. Compare the input with both sides and see if there is any differences. When it doesn’t come out look closely to see why.

But going from left to right is much easier for me because I hold the stick with my left hand, its easier to get the motion out. I wonder if your problem is when you do the headbutt you go up, but when you come down you may not be holding the stick to the right (back) the whole time.

I think all that repeating payed off today I am actually managing to do it like 50% but still from the left its almost 99%. I think I start to do the motion too early, I think my mind assumes that its when I press the 3k button is of the most importance not when I begin the motion. So I am trying to slow down.

I also think its the stress lol, like I am hitting the wall all the time trying to do the combo as fast as I can when its supposed to be fluid.

EDIT: Definitely the stress, this may sound stupid but I chilled, believed in myself and now I can do it like 70% :smiley: rofl. Oh btw I realy like boxer, he seems to accompany my Guile quite well especially Blanka matchup.

OMFG this has got to be a joke lollololololol…:lol: