Magiclab Magic Stick M5 Special Fight Stick


To the fight stick users here:

I’m asking the question for clarity and understanding and I’m not trying to put any person/ business on blast. I recently made a decision to buy and learn a fight stick. First night playing with it, my character is stuck (crouching). ‪#‎sadface‬ So like any other person, I return to the place I bought it, showed the owner unaltered video evidence, and brought the stick with me in hopes of getting an exchange. He has me test it in the store and now my stick wants to be a good boy and cooperate. The owner says that there is interference coming from my wi-fi or another device. I’m thinking how is the fight stick getting interference when I’m using a wired USB. So my question is can a wired fight stick get interference from wireless signals in the same area?


don’t post stuff in the ‘misc items’ forums if you want answers

moving to tech talk


If your stick wired or wireless?

If it is wired then your store owner is a liar.


The normal M5 and the M5S are not wireless from what I guess on Magiclab’s official website.

Probably faulty board.


No, it can not.
Darksakul is right. That store owner is lying his ass off.
You can either demand an exchange, or return it and get your money back and buy it from someone who has a brain.
Remember you are the customer, it’s your money so take a stand if you care about your money. The shop owner is just a tool.

That being said, when you first used the stick, was your character/direction movements working or was he always stuck crouching?
Did the stick ever work correctly?

There could be too many reasons why a stuck or non responsive input could happen, depending on if the stick ever worked. Anything from bad PCB, bad soldering, loose connections suddenly reconnecting themselves after an item is transported, improper game controller ID assignments / conflicts with existing or other game controllers installed in the system, unplugging and swapping game controllers while a windows game is running (some applications can handle this perfectly, some drop the connection and get stuck in a input until the application is exited and restarted), and so on.


Even if its not faulty, whats their return policy?


That’s a common problem with them. That happened to several people at the Magic Stick Cup that Spirit Zero held that was sponsored by Magic Lab; they had supplied a boatload of sticks for community use during the event. There were also disconnect issues.

Bad PCB, swap it with a Brook because the shells are great.