MagMan's Chun-Li SF4 notes beginning - end (released)



Introduction : Nothing more than notes of Chun-Li. By notes, I just mean jotted down things that help me remember what’s what. I haven’t really looked into it in about 3 + months or so, so it can possibly be outdated in some areas. This is 80% more of what I wrote in the beginning to help me remember things and make them second nature by using them in practice. If you want to pick something out, just ask. Because usually it has no explanation after it.

General Chun-Li :

EX legs after a tech

Dash EX legs after they land on a kikoken.

close roundhouse after anything you’re close to and can throw off of.

Walk up short hasan-shu is powerful.

When turtling, keep them out with jabs and EX SBK for defense as opposed to being active
with pokes.

wake up back dash EX legs

cr.short, cr.short, walk up standing close short (out of throw distance, they whiff
something) punish with throw or repeat string

Focus crumple, back dash, EX hasan-shu for more damage

Roundhouse hasan-shu. Read and react, if they back dash, do it again.

Focus charge, then dash up, jump, then fierce them out of the air into a combo

During footsie, in tick distance tick with jab to get the momentum. Now counter their crouch
tech with st.strong counter hit combo into sweep

Blocked focus attack, back dash into EX legs

Walk back, walk up roundhouse

Far block string, walk back, walk up roundhouse

short short, walk up jab short

Back dash, hasan-shu

cr.jab, close roundhouse…cr.short cr.short EX legs

Focus charge mix ups :

Start by charging focus, then…(according to how they react)

  • vs jumps, jump at them with fierce and juggle

  • vs back dashes, hasan-shu and combo after it

  • vs block, cancel the focus dash up and throw/hasan-shu

  • vs block, release and dash in and mix up

  • vs reversal, back dash and punish it

Option Selects :

cr.short, roundhouse~forward~short EX legs

j.fierce, HCB+taunt. Option select for double fierce/roundhouse hasan-shu

j.fierce. grab+fierce. Option select for whiffed land throw or jump double fierce

j.fierce cr+taunt. Option select for back dashers, punishes with sweep.

cr.jab 3K cr.short EX legs. Back dash option select killer

Mentality Notes :

Have rhythm in your style. Rhythm with interruption is unpredictable. When you have a pulse,
then switch it up…it will lead to gaining hits.

Don’t do anything rash. Allow them to give you a reason before trying something hasty.

1st round, feel them out, find a counter. 2nd round, counter the counter. 3rd round, if you
lost…and they were doing what you beat in the 1st round, finally go back to it.

vs Honda

  • Reversal ultra all headbutts

  • st.forward and cr.strong anti airs. Sweep if they try to neutral jump kikokens.

  • Reversal ultra far st.roundhouse

  • Switch up to focus anti air to gain momentum unexpectedly

  • Jump in short to counter his jump fierce and gain momentum

  • st.roundhouse his walks

  • hasan-shu his walk and blocks

  • st.strong poke at his walks

  • throw, cross up j.short to avoid his wake up EX sumo slam

  • meaty lows to avoid wake up EX headbutts, not jab.

vs M. Bison (Dictator)

  • Low jabs to beat scissors and some pokes.

  • st or cr.strong to beat scissors from a distance, must be anticipated. Sweep works as well
    and also covers some pokes.

  • Jump roundhouse at the head and he can’t anti air it.

  • Safe meaty low jabs and react to what he does.

  • Walk back, bait EX psycho crushers, and sweep the recovery on his wake up/reversal.

  • Hit his EX psycho crusher with a late neutral jump roundhouse if he goes under.

  • Low forward or low strong under devil reverses. Focus absorb mix ups are powerful as well.

  • Air throw if he is doing devil’s reverse or stomping too close to you.

  • Use cr.short cr.jab cr.short EX legs to avoid whiffing cr.short on Bison’s odd hitbox.

  • Use short hasan-shu to go over EX psycho crusher, his low shorts, and avoid other
    reversals while still applying pressure. Combo after it hits.

  • If he is jumping close, jump away with roundhouse to anti air.

  • EX SBK is the main anti air in this match up, his jump fierce has high priority.

  • Anti air with neutral jump roundhouse, j.forward, and j.short

  • Reversal scissors with EX legs (!!)

vs Blanka

  • After blocked ball, walk up st.strong.

  • EX SBK is the main anti air in this match-up, his jump roundhouse has high priority.

  • Switch up the focus anti air mix ups. Back dash to start to fish for empty throws and
    such. Then switch it up to level 1 mix ups, etc.

  • Go under his cross ups with low forward, or just hit it with EX SBK.

  • Main B&B combo in this match is cr.short, cr.jab, cr.forward into EX legs to hit a
    crouching Blanka with EX legs and not whiff. cr.short x 2 into EX legs does NOT work here.

  • On anticipation, anti air with j.fierces, neutral jump roundhouse, and j.short. Not much
    you can do if he jumps a poke and you don’t have time for these, though…

  • To punish his blocked ultra, walk back 1 step and activate your ultra for a full hit.

  • Abuse throw into cross up j.short. His EX vertical ball goes right under and you can dash
    up, walk into sweep punish all day.

  • Fierce kikoken hit box can be tricky for him to slide against. You can use it to get him
    to come to you.

  • When he comes to you, poke at him or jump at him when he has no charge. Chun has a huge
    advantage when Blanka has to get close.

  • To seal a victory, sit on your lead with EX SBK’s and low jabs. Blanka can’t really do
    anything to those, and if he tries to…you still have your pokes.

  • Punish Blanka balls with dash ultra. It is autopiloted to land fully. There is no
    timing required as long as you did a dash. If you try and time it without a dash, you will
    need to be able to time it right.

  • If you focus anti air and back dash, wait for another jump. Some Blanka players think
    they can abuse it, but jumping a poke is only good for once. Next time, wait for it and air
    throw or j.fierces.

  • In addition to sitting on your lead, reversal ultra sweeps, cr.fierces, slides, and of
    course Blanka balls to lame him out harder.

  • EX kikoken slides if they try to go for it far, high chance of them walking into it

  • Meaty low forward beats electricity and regular up ball

vs Balrog (Boxer)

  • Close or far standing fierce are the staple anti airs in this match-up

  • EX SBK, or low strong can be used as a substitute if they are trying j.short (the elbow)

  • Kikoken into lightning legs is a good and pretty safe way to build meter.

  • Back dash lightning legs builds meter and is good against rush punches.

  • Staple footsie game is with st.strong. It is safe from headbutts and focus, very good to
    use to halt his approaches.

  • If he doesn’t have EX rush upper or meter in general and is walking up to you…you can
    st.roundhouse his walks just like any other character.

  • Having smart use of focus is key is this match-up. It beats his jab straights and sweeps.

  • If they do armor-breaking moves, it’s time to start switching it up from focus into grabs.
    You can grab all his EX rushes and TAPs. Neutral jumping is optional, but if they have down
    charge…it isn’t wise because of headbutt into ultra.

  • When zoning with kikokens, st.fierce beats jumps, TAPs, and is a great poke as well as
    hitting armor for a 2nd time.

  • Like all tanks, you can hasan-shu his walks if he is walking and blocking.

  • When zoning, you can use your kikoken as a place holder for mix ups. They include waiting
    for the EX rushes/headbutt (baiting moves), annoying them with st.strong and pokes, walk up
    or dash throws depending on the distance, st.roundhouse, and finally hasan-shu’s.

  • cr.fierce is a decent meaty. You can option select hasan-shu from the first hit, or if
    they back dash…the 2nd hit clips them. It also goes under EX rushes and hits twice to
    break armor.

  • d/f+roundhouse shines in this match up, like against other charge characters. It stops him
    from back dashes, as well as puts you in a good 50/50 situation. However, if you don’t time
    it deep enough…you could eat jabs into headbutt ultra. You cannot cr.jab into close
    roundhouse after this, but you can do a properly timed counter hit close roundhouse right
    away with no jabs for the frame trap counter.

  • Beware of his wake up hit box, you need to jump in to set up the frame trap close
    roundhouse. If not, you will get a far roundhouse and then jabbed into headbutt ultra.

  • Level 1 focus attacks on Balrog really hurt his game. He cannot jab or EX rush punch out
    of them, and jabs are safe from headbutts. Abuse these if they are scared to jump over.
    Remember to condition them not to jump before using this technique.

vs Chun-Li (mirror)

  • hasan-shu after getting hasan-shu to counter FADC’s and such.

  • st.fierce hasan-shu on reaction

  • st.forward, st.fierce, and low strong anti air.

  • st.strong important poke

  • Sweep counter poke everything else

  • Reversal super sweeps

  • st.strong xx hasan-shu is a powerful lock in the mirror

  • Jump roundhouse is the best jump in

vs Sagat

  • Max range jump back roundhouse is safe from f+roundhouse

  • If d/f+roundhouse whiffs if they stay down, dash up short hasan-shu safe

  • Get in st.roundhouse range in kikoken zoning, tag punish with st.roundhouse far

  • Poke with st.strong, safe from focus and fast

  • Dash up forward hasan-shu after d/f+roundhouse whiffs (they stay grounded)

  • Throw, focus, and sweep when he has no meter

  • Throw, then dash up and fierce mix up. Safe from uppercuts

  • EX hasan-shu if they try to make you fall on tiger shots. Also, use EX hasan-shu when
    you absorb a tiger shot then dash up to one.

  • Focus charge mix up, dash up and medium hasan-shu if they stay grounded

  • If they are afraid of st.strong a lot, get in tick range with your jab

  • Whiff sweeps just outside of his focus range

vs Dhalsim

  • Jump over yoga fire out of b+roundhouse range, sometimes with your roundhouse

  • When they stop using limbs, walk up and roundhouse hasan-shu

  • Sweep his far pokes

  • cr.fierce can counter hit far limbs. Combo into EX kikoken or cancel into strong kikoken
    for added pressure

  • Always cross up, d/f+roundhouse and cross up short are great

  • Ultra his back dash

  • Jab pressure like Balrog would to get him to press buttons and you can close roundhouse

  • Absorb limbs from max range

  • Punish his whiffed far fierce with st.strong or sweep

  • Against yoga tower, far roundhouse it

  • EX hasan-shu his limbs, or walk up and do it. Also good from jumps

  • FA dash through limbs upon landing

  • EX kikoken pokes if they try to slide under

  • Dash ultra overhead fierces

  • Focus absorb his far fierce and dash ultra

vs Rufus

  • st.jab after blocked tornado

  • focus absorb dive kick, early AA level 1 focus, dash up and stomps

  • d/f+roundhouse, jump back late forward into sweep to catch EX messiah

  • d/f+roundhouse, jump back roundhouse to feel them out

  • Zone with walking roundhouses, kikokens, sweeps, and occasional hasan-shu

  • Reversal ultra low fierce

  • Stomp mix ups are safe on his wake up

  • Jump back roundhouse against his pressure. It’s also an anti air.

  • Anti air dive kicks with far roundhouse, sweep, far fierce, neutral jump roundhouse, jump
    forward, neutral jump fierce, st.jab, jump back forward, and jump back roundhouse.

  • If he tries to tornado through kikoken, ultra him.

  • Defend against dive kicks with high and low blocks, EX SBK when they land, close fierce
    after blocking high, low jabs, back dash, short hasan-shu, EX legs, level 1 focus attack,
    and jump back roundhouse

  • Go under EX messiah with low fierces. cr.strong and cr.forward (meaty) can work, too.

  • If he’s ticking you into distance then trying to continue pressure, neutral jump fierce
    and juggle him.

  • Jump back roundhouse a lot to lure some of their jump roundhouses, they punish their
    landing recovery with some short short EX legs.

  • High block dive kick, reversal EX legs

vs C. Viper

  • Walk under short burning kicks

  • Meaty low forward

  • Low short EX legs beats EX seismo

  • Focus low forward, back dash the mid knuckle, punish with sweep

  • st.strong her out of burning kicks and it stops a lot of other stuff.

  • Option select sweep her back dashes

  • Jump fierces when she’s in the air.

vs El Fuerte

  • Throw, dash up jump at him crossup roundhouse

  • st.strong his runs if they are not EX

  • Jump back roundhouse if he’s running at you and will mix up

  • Careful of his ultra and and EX guacamole when you are jumping back with roundhouse

  • Use grounded walking mix ups to kill him off

  • Air throw his ultra if he tries to anti air you with it

  • Do not use kikokens much in this game

  • Dash EX legs against his run or focus attacks

  • Walk up grab and jabs a lot

  • Get close with momentum, he has no pokes. He will try to EX run, so watch it and the grab
    and back dash if you can

  • Defend with focus and back dashes, if he does run stop slide or grab…then use EX SBK.
    Never use EX SBK when he is in the air, though.

vs Ryu

  • Hasan-shu fireballs on reaction

  • If he abuses jumps, walk or dash under. That’s her best anti air after a while.

  • st.forward, neutral jump roundhouse, angled st.fierce, and sometimes a far sweep are her
    best anti airs. Against tatsu, jump fierce it, jump back forward, or neutral jump with
    roundhouse. You can also air grab his air mix ups, such as jump fierce. Jump back roundhouse
    is also a great anti air

  • Sweep punish tatsu, always go down and break your back charge.

  • Use the corner unblockable on him. Corner throw, dash up, d/f+roundhouse.

  • If they reversal DP, after your throw…do dash up, walk 1 step, cross up short, then
    punish them. Beware that a delayed shoryu beats this, however.

  • A safe cross up option is throw, dash up, jump in cross up fierce. Doesn’t work on the
    cpu, but it works on a human that walks back an inch from blocking.

  • Max range hasan-shu hit with the tip is safe from shoryu FADC. You only get hit by the
    late shoryu which they cannot FADC

  • st.strong is the best poke in this match. If they start to hit your leg with low forward,
    make them whiff and sweep punish it. Careful with their jumps, stick to st.strong until
    you’re convinced they are committed to low forward.

  • Never st.fierce vs shotos in general, it always loses to low forward

  • Meaty low forward can be useful sometimes.

  • EX hasan-shu vs fireballs that are placed upon your landing.

  • EX hasan-shu after their max range low forward, if they cancel into fireball you will hit

  • FADC back if you hasan-shu’d into their focus charge. Possible to punsih with another
    hasan-shu into low short EX legs, or just sweep if you don’t wanna risk it.

  • Focus charge mix ups are great against Ryu, especially in the corner. See how they react.
    If they back dash, tag it with hasan-shu into low short EX legs, if they jump, jump at them
    with double fierces and juggle them. When they start to stay on the ground, let it go and
    attack them, or dash up and throw/hasan-shu

vs Ken

  • st.short his step kicks and it goes over low forward. Safe poke

  • st.strong against his focus, safe from the attack.

  • Dash EX legs if his focus is obvious

  • Counter poke low forward with sweep

  • Hasan-shu if they use step kick too much

  • vs Aerial EX tatsu, use close strong (the slaps) for an anti air. Or jump back forward.

  • Other anti airs against his jump include st.forward, cr.strong, and neutral jump
    roundhouse. If you see it coming, jump fierce can be good also.

  • If you throw him in the corner, go for the unblockable with dash up d/f+roundhouse.

  • Low forward is a good poke in this match, stops him from getting too close.

  • He can run into far st.roundhouse if you time it right.

  • If you do a block string ended with strong kikoken, dash under his jump or continue the

vs Akuma

  • Punish whiffed far roundhouse with low short x 2 into EX legs. Be careful if they have
    ultra, they can cancel into it.

  • When they start to use sweeps, if you focus and dash up, short short EX legs it.

  • st.strong pokes him out of a lot of stuff. Be careful if he tries to sweep it, though.

  • Counter his sweep with your sweep.

  • Jump fierces can beat a demon flip if done early. Air throws are every safe against him
    as well.

  • Against his air fireball, you can hit him with dash up and far st.roundhouse. Sweep works
    if he is closer, too, for a knockdown.

  • If he tries to mix you up with an air fireball into a jump, you can absorb it then jump
    at him and air throw/fierces.

  • You can hasan-shu over air fireballs to close distance and build meter.

  • Hasan-shu those mid range ground fireballs on reaction.

  • Jump at him, and then charge for ultra. If he back teleports, hit him with the ultra.

  • If he keeps trying to teleport behind you, back dash then walk up and sweep punish it. You
    can also do d/f+roundhouse, back dash, then sweep the recovery of it. One more is jump back
    roundhouse (he teleports here) then you can land and sweep depending on how far he did the

  • Neutral jump fierce can air to air for massive damage, then followed up EX legs, and maybe
    EX SBK if you’re in the corner.

  • EX kikoken is fast, and can poke really good just outside of jump distance. Good to know
    for pixel situations.

  • If he jumps back and fireballs, if it isn’t his jab one…you can dash ultra it from full
    screen. If he keeps using the jab one, you have to get a little closer.

  • st.roundhouse can limit him a lot and he will have to respect it after a while. He cannot
    st.roundhouse or jump it that good. Best used out of his sweep range.

  • Walk under demon flip mix ups and punish it if they are obvious. Watch out for demon flip
    palm into ultra, though.

  • Air throw demon flip setups that aren’t tight. That means no meaty air fireball, pretty

  • Try to punish back teleports with back dash EX legs, or walk back close roundhouse into
    EX legs

  • Abuse strings that include standing close short. It makes his DP hit once then whiff,
    allowing a full punish and possibly a raw ultra.

vs Zangief

  • st.roundhouse zone

  • j.fierce is the main anti air

  • Delayed d/f+roundhouse beats his reversals

  • j.fierce into ultra when they’re in the corner. Or target combo and ultra if they’re

  • If they abuse jumps, dash or walk under and start it up again

  • vs EX/green hand, jump back forward then combo into ultra

  • short hasan-shu over EX green hand and hit with a combo

  • If they’re getting cornered, and you kikoken…you can ultra their jump and juggle them

  • Ultra blocked EX green hands, they can’t even FADC back out of it. It’s always free

  • Jump back roundhouse at max range is safe from EX green hand, and beats all his other
    options other than a high block

  • Meaty low forward goes under lariat, but be ready to block

  • If he tries to neutral jump kikokens, depending on the distance from closer to far, use;
    jump fierces, jump forward, sweep, st.roundhouse far

  • Use safe st.strongs vs EX green hand placements

  • Zone with pre charge kikokens and st.roundhouse.

vs Abel

  • Bully him with the jump in fierce + throw option select

  • Walk up to him with jabs and st.strong. He won’t be able to do much aside from random EX
    rekka. You can throw those on reaction if he starts to do that, though.

  • If he’s jumping around, jump fierce him out of the air while you’re pressuring him. You
    can also see where he’s jumping, and either close fierce, cr.strong, st.roundhouse, or sweep
    his jumps.

  • st.strong, again, is safe from focus. Very good poke in this match.

  • Don’t sweep as much as you st.strong, sweep is vulnerable to jumps which can give him an

  • Throw a lot. He can only regular tornado them, or try to tech. If you get him to do either
    of these, it’ll be an easier match for you the rest of the game.

  • When he realizes his reversals aren’t going to work, they will crouch tech. Punish hard
    with counter hit close roundhouse into full combos.

  • EX SBK has a lot of hits on him, as well as EX legs. Neutral jump fierce mix ups can stun
    him extremely fast.

  • Empty jumps will start to work after a while, as well. Empty throws and low shorts are
    very powerful

  • Low forward under his cross ups. He will try to get in with those after a while.

  • Main anti air is sweep, but if he gets close, you can use low strong, st.forward, and
    air-to-airs, such as neutral jump fierce or roundhouse. Jump back short/forward are great
    as well, from an angle.

vs Guile

  • Counter poke his pokes with sweep. From there, you should be in control of the match.

  • d/f+roundhouse and cross up short really own Guile.

  • If he is in recovery of his sonic boom, he can’t do much about well-timed hasan-shus.

  • Walk him to the corner. If he isn’t walking to the corner, you can counter poke whatever
    he is trying to keep you out with. Land the sweep and end the game.

  • Pressure with walk up jabs. If he tried to reversal somewhere, he has lost charge, and you
    should be in control from there.

  • Focus dash and throw some of his longer lengthed pokes

  • Matching kikoken with sonic boom can be a decent way to close space. Just make sure you
    exchange them near at the same time, or else he will have a huge advantage and can walk up
    and poke you before you can move.

  • Jump roundhouse is the best jump in, but don’t do this often.

  • Jump fierces will also bully him on wake up


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Very appreciative for these ‘cliffnotes.’ I’d jotted a few things down over my journey with Chun, but definitely has missed/forgot about a few of these.


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Wow, that’s a fantastic list of tips.

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oh wow im deffinately favoriting this thread on my browser everytime i play SF4. This is some gold information right here, really appreciate it magman.


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as usual, great stuff. Almost like a “cliff notes” for matchups.


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Haha…well you and 4 others had a huge head start :p.

Thanks, bahn. I do have a few of my favorite matches, win and lose. Let me see if I can dig out some. A lot might be older than new, though.

Offline matches/tournament

[media=youtube]_KGY_4HSXOo#t=3m40s[/media] vs Dr.Chaos (Ken)

[media=youtube]KuXlEPBPc44#t=5m55s vs HAV(Abel) continued here[/media] vs Eric Kim(Sagat)/Lud(Chun)

and still continued here [media=youtube]ljtox2kI_FM[/media] vs Lud (Chun)

[media=youtube]4_xlmGlasJ0[/media] vs Skisonic (El Fuerte) vs Frodo (Ryu), Fubarduck (Akuma) vs Noel (Zangief), LI Joe (Sagat) somewhere near the end, vs Zohta (Zangief), HAV(Abel) continued here vs Skisonic (El Fuerte)

[media=youtube]SVLbjyMHrwovs Eric Kim (Sagat) continued[/media] vs Eric Kim (Sagat)

[media=youtube]AuM60G3fyRAvs[/media] Daigo (Ryu) :[

Online casuals

[media=youtube]JNcG8fa1iq0[/media] vs Dr.Chaos (Ken)

[media=youtube]HqZXPuaKEio[/media] vs Dr.Chaos (Ken)

[media=youtube]97CQlnanmmg[/media] vs Issei (Akuma)

[media=youtube]n_rIVQugtaw[/media] vs Issei (Akuma)

[media=youtube]VeJpy1rrY7E[/media] vs Javits (Balrog)

[media=youtube]OH8sBPOsVDI[/media] vs Javits (Balrog)

lawl cuz you still tryna combo short short fierce! lawl lawl lawl

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This thread is boss. Definitely appreciate the “to the point” style of the notes. =). Thinking of printing it out, a la OHT. =P.

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Great post. Very informative matchup notes.


Awesome notes dude, and thanks for taking the time to do this, but could you please clarify this point a little better?


I believe he’s talking about fishing for counter hits with close roundhouse.


Hehe I found out about this during a match on Saturday. I thought I was fucked when I saw the FADC but it landed. Too bad when I went for a low RH after a super came out (I seriously don’t even remember charging back… I want my stick back :sad:).

I was gonna go home and test it to see if the Ultra punish was a fluke but thankfully I don’t have to.

I’m gonna have to try that airthrow vs Fuerte’s Ultra if I get the chance. 'Shit would be so funny.