MagnetiX needs a new avatar

Ok,I know I can do Avs and stuff,but like,my computer is acting all gay and wont startup since my vid card is hella fried,so could someone please make me a Magneto or Storm av?

Yeah, if you could make it animated or something,then yeah, that’d be cool. Thanks.



Sure. Just stay around this time to wear it.

edit: this thread is a little old. Do you still want something?

LoL,Sure,Just make it Magneto and MagnetiX as the name on it too! Ive had this Avatar for awhile now,so I need a new one. Thanks Tonbarry for my current av btw

eh. I don’t feel like making a magneto avatar. Any thing else?

:frowning: LoL,Make me a Anime avatar, Trigun or Cowboy Bebop

Well…I NEVER found a good Trigun pic that can be used. Even last month I checked.
So find me some good quality -and preferrably large- pics of Cowboy Bebop.

Unless you want a sprite avatar. You know…that’s not Magneto. :slight_smile:

LoL…hm…lesse…aite,hook it up with some Iori av