Magneto-a/Sentinel-y/ Iron man-b help


Magneto-a/Sentinel-y/Iron man-b combos , resets, unmashables
and strategies help please!!!


I dunno much about it but ComboFiend plays that team alot. Check out some of his match vids.


Magneto/Sent reset:

Launch, sj hk, airdash d/f lk, s/d lk, land, call Sent assist, dash under, c. lk, c. lk xx Tempest.

Because you call Sent before dashing underneath, he will come from the other side. The c. lk, c. lk should combo into the drones, and connect with a standing Magnetic Tempest.

You can also do a triple fierce air combo into drones, and follow up into infinite.

If you like to call IronMan’s assist a lot, try to learn how the assist hits, and how many times it will hit from different distances. A lot of times, I can’t follow up with a c. lk, c. hk because the assist hits one more/less time than I thought it would.

Playing IM third gives you point character advantage because you have Magneto, then Sent, but you lose the instant DHC into Proton Cannon. I still haven’t decided what order I prefer, but Im gonna try Mag/IM/Sent for now.

Fast fly combos into IM assist aren’t consistent, at least not for me. Also, if you have Sent on point and IM’s assist connects, I would go straight into HSF. Sometimes I’ll try to launch, and I’ll hit it too early, and the assist keeps them grounded. HSF + repulsor blast should keep them high enough to hit with HSF and follow up with a launch.

Sent ground gives Magneto and IM decent cover, but Rocket punch allows for better combos with Magneto and offers an alternate setup for IM’s infinite.

If you choose to run Sent second, learn some air combos that combo into HSF. Like:
Launch, magic series, airdash behind reset hk xx tempest xx HSF. I think you can also aircombo, EM disruptor xx tempest xx HSF. Not sure about that one, though.

Remember that you have an unmashable tempest with Iron Man, and HP throw into drones sets up for an infinite with IM, I think.

Hope some of this helps.


1: Abuse unmashables with IM.
2: + IM, lk, wait half a second, lp EM disruptor, tempest. Done right, they’ll fly right into it.

Using sent, cross people up with IM while flying around. Catches a lot of assists, and gets pretty heavy damage done. If the other guys’ point char gets hit by IM, lk, lk, dp rocket punch. Of course, you can always do the standard keep away thing with Sent/Mag. My IM isn’t great, so I can’t help with him. But yeah, learn how his assist works, and it’ll be fine.


thanx you guys:D also i saw this heavy damage unmashable
launch, ad/df lk, lk to s.lp+IM aaa, s.hp( im hits ) wait till they are about to start falling tempest does like 7/8 of damage!!!

keep posting starts!!!


Don’t forget Mags can call Ironman and punch/kick throw them into it. Unless they tech hit, that’s free damage.

#7 + ironman AA, s. lp, ironman hits…whatever.
landing the first lk is the hard part.


Magneto wit Drones assist:

LAUNCH,Rh,ad/df lk,lk,(do a few reps of the infinite so u wont be predictable)when u land call drones…dash under and grab wit rh or fp… throw them into drones and then go random after that.(i mostly just do a s.rk then shockwave)

hope this helped:cool:




That is one of the best DHC’s with Mag/Sent. I am not sure if it connects off of an air combo (launch, magic series…em desruptorxxtemptestxxhsf), but i do know for a fact that you could do Sj. Inf, and on the way up (sj. wk) you could cancel the first kick into Temptest, then Dhc into HSF. works hella good. It can also be done with Mag/ironman.

There are lots of combinations with Sent/Mag-a combos. So be creative.


I doubt the aircombo, em disruptor etc. works. It’s because the EM disruptor doesn’t completely stun them. They’ll recover like halfway to the ground. So I’d say stick to the inifinite, em disruptor etc.


this doesn’t combo EM-disruptor lets them recover way before HSF
by the way can you post basic non-fastfly unfly combos with sent -IM? i still can’t fast fly so that reduces my options with sent…
thanx in advance:D


I guess he is talking about when mag does a RH throw then em disruptor xx temp dhc hsf, that does connect…and for a lot of damage too

here is like a punishment combo with sent/im-b. (like for random tag ins, use this combo to stop that shit),, call im-b, rp, im hits, c.fp after im gets done hittin them around almost, then another fp rp xx hsf, launch and go for a throw or reset from there, because ur damage will be scaled.


ohh… good shit!:lol: i’ll try it but i suppose i have to be at low height otherwise they would still have time for recovery right?

keep posting some more sent/IM combos please!!!:smiley:


need a little more tricks ppl!!

1.any easy fast fly combo with sent/mag n sent/IM?
2. is there any possible GB for sent that the opposite point ends up on im assist?


Launch, sj. lk, fast fly lk + Magneto assist (IronMan’s assist will work too, but it’s not as consistent) fly fp, lp Rocket Punch.

Guard Break: J. fp xx fly, wait for guard break, fly lk + assist, fly hp. If you don’t want to lose unfly mode, you can sj. lk xx fly, wait for Guard Break, etc.


i was in practice mode the other day and came up with a very easy unmashable combo with mag/IM. if it’s been discovered already then credit goes to them…anyways this is very easy but it only works on large characters but opportunities come a lot.

anyways, this is the combo:

j.hp, IM assist, / j.hp xx tempest

when you’re triangle dashing like mad and you actually hit them with the hp, if you have good reaction time, hit the IM button, and hit hk. land, rejump and hp, and right after IM’s AAA will hit and straight into the tempest.

takes a shitload of damage off (i think it was around 103 or something), and very easy to pull off. you just gotta mess around with the timing’s of the hps and hks a little bit because if you’re off, it’ll hit them out of the IM assist and it won’t combo.


now any simple resets?

thanx in advance:D


real simple and good lookin is doing the rom infinite until whenever u feel like it, i find resets to be more successful THE FIRST REP OR BEFORE THE FIRST REP OF THE ROM, that is a whole nuther issue to discuss though…anyways

rom infinite x n, land, whiff s.lp, call im-b + fp-throw


*Originally posted by 50mOrEcEnTz *
** real simple and good lookin is doing the rom infinite until whenever u feel like it, i find resets to be more successful THE FIRST REP OR BEFORE THE FIRST REP OF THE ROM, that is a whole nuther issue to discuss though…anyways rom infinite x n, land, whiff s.lp, call im-b + fp-throw

i agree if they are throw resets like this one
doing them before flying screen is so easy to tech out of…:lol: