Magneto Air Combo Help

I’ve seen a few people before its a simple pop up air combo where they launch their opponent in the air and it looks like they’re going lp, lk, mp, mk , but then they do something and their able to repeat this same combo in the air before finishing it with a hp or hk how are they doing this?

and also any tips for doing the air combos and ending it with a hyper grav - magnetic tempest? i can do it every once in a while but its difficult on the controller is there a specific hit in the air where i should stop an try the hyper grav?

thats the rom infinite, there is a thread here about it.

and i normally buffer the hypergrav in while i am doing the magic series.

I don’t think he’s talking about the ROM infinte, but the simpler 8 hit air-combo

it’s punch kick punch kick, airdash upfoward, punch kick punch kick, fierce

Or you can do lp lk mp pause magic series, aduf, again lp lk mp magic series, you can connect an hyper grab after a mk, and remember hyper grab only comboes if you cancel it into anything for example magnetic tempest, hope it helps