Magneto Av with Sent

can someone make a Magneto/Sent Av for me…have magneto doing a badass pose with Sent in the background animated if possible…thanks.

up to you if you wanna use.

that’s a badass setup…but is it possible for you to make sent black and make magz black and red…if you can’t then that’s cool…i’ll still use it…let me know… :tup:

itll take me a while, but ill try it

ALMOST…lol…just reverse the color scheme on Magz (red helmet-black cape, like the FK color) and include the rest of my SN…good job btw… :tup:

I’ll see if I have the time, if I don’t get to it, it’s up to you if you wanna use it. dun matter to me.

that’s cool man…just let me know if you can or not…i’ll use it regardless… :clap:

any other changes I’m not gonna even bother.

deal. :party: