Magneto Cable and?

I am having such a hard time trying to get a good 3rd character. I like using sentinel, but he is just not so good when I use him at all.

I have tried using psylocke also, but When its just her left on her own with no assists, its kind pointless sometimes.

Can anyone at all gimme a hand at deciding what are good Mag, Cable teams?

I mainly play an offensive team by always rushing down and such.

thanks in advance

Learn how to use Sentinel. =)

I suck at this but if I were you I would use Cyclops or stick to Psylocke.

u can also use t.bonne… has massive damage… especially on partners!!:cool:

Mag/Cable/Tron use to be my fav team. ^^

What assist would go great when using Tron then? And what should I do with her and so?


You have to do, with Mag. Then you tri jump and combo into anything.

Use tron on Gamma (proj) assist and use it to aid Mags Rushdown, call it, change sides, trijump…

with Cable, you should use it for defense, when a trijump happy mags or storm rushes you, call Tron and guard, they will get hit or at least make them guard and give you some time to react

I don’t think Tron is that good with Cable, but she’s a very good assist, worth a try…

with her on point, abuse the Drill move (in the air, or TKed), also her j.Hk has good priority

her B&B is simple and does good damage
lp, lp, qcf+pp

but alone, she will get raped by any god tier, except, maybe, cable if he’s also alone, of course

So what would be some good combos for using her and how should I play with her on point and also if she was my last character?

And how does that combo go where they are in the corner and tron does some combo that ends with a flame thrower move into her lunch super?

Mag/Tron: Just do, and then you can tri jump and combo into anything.

That flame thrower is her,

Yeah abuse her drill move to get around. =)

cyclops or psylocke

I think cyclops is best for mag/storm- Psy is better for mag, but cyke is better for defensive players, and has a longer block stun on characters. You have more time to put space between you and the opponent with cable after you call cyke, than if it were to be psy. Plus anytime cyke connects, you have all the time in the world to AHVB. Just if you dont got it down yet, you gotta learn when usin mags to follow up cyke hittin with dash sj fk addf lk lk. but yeah…sent as 3rd character still owns any other mag cable team

Try im…=)

Iron man should go 2nd… Mag/Cable don’t have a good dhc.

First, get better with Magneto so you won’t have to worry as much about him dying, thus enabling you to use the assist(s) you prefer more effectively. Personally, I used Mag/Psy and then starting using Mag/Sent, as I’m sure many others did, too. Psylocke’s assist helps against rushdown, sets up some mean combos (ex.: infinite into unmashable), block stun, and lets you rush down like crazy with Magneto. Mag/Sent is all about rushing down and getting tons of damage with relatively few hits, plus Sentinel is usually way better than Psylocke, even without assists. Since you’re playing Mag/Cable, I suggest playing with Sentinel-A. That assist is damn good and helps Cable with lockdown shit. I think Psylocke goes better with MSP rather than MCP. :slight_smile:

good assist:


Why not use doom? His anti-air helps out alot. And you can lockdown/rush like crazy.

u try…
well doom is good.
:lame: :lame: :lame:

I think Sent-Y is better at locking down for cable than Sent-A… Never seen someone lockdown with A but it’d be nice to know how…

cable/cyclops is the scrubbiest shit ever :frowning:
i’d go with the mags/cable/cyc team though. try mags/storm/tronne if you get the chance too :smiley:

Yeah, but Magneto benefits SO much from Sent-A. I think Cable/Sent-A is alright. It’s not as good as Cable with drones, but it’s decent.

Combofiend plays Magneto with drones and does well, so I guess it comes down to your style of play and preferences.