Magneto combos and resets!



I have decided to post geronimos combo sheet and i feel it has a good base of magneto combos to add to, plus i will copy and paste someone’s post( i don’t know who posted this ) on how do to the sj(rom) infinite that you see everyone doing. I feel the infinite is not so hard to do and quite helpful. I hope people can add on to this combo list and even revise it with a new format and all the good combos and resets we can think of!


Why use Magneto:

  • Top-tier: It’s a dumb reason, but it’s still a reason non-the-less
  • Rushdown: King of Rushdown, unmatched by anyone else in the game.
  • Fun: He’s fun to play. "Nuff said.
  • Makes you look cool: If you like to seriously fuck other people up, please a crowd, AND look good doin’ it all at once, this is the character for you.
  • He’s a battery: Fits into A LOT of teams to build meter.

Best assist (w/ Magneto, in no real order):

  • Psylocke [A] - Anti-Air
  • Storm [A] - Projectile
  • Iron Man [A] or ** - Projectile or Anti-Air
  • Sentinel [A] or [Y] - Projectile or Ground (respectively)
  • Cyclops ** - Anti-Air
  • Cammy [A] - Anti-Air
  • Tron [A] or [Y] - Throw or Projectile
  • Rogue [Y] - Throw

(Some) Magneto good Teams:

  • Magneto [A] | Storm [A] | Psylocke [A] - MSP
  • Magneto [A] | Storm [A] | Cyclops ** - MSC
  • Magneto [A] | Storm [A] | Sentinel [Y] - Team ShadyK (New)
  • Magneto [A] | Storm [A] | Rogue [Y]
  • Magneto [A] | Storm [A] | Tron [Y] - Team AK
  • Magneto [A] | Sentinel [Y] | Psylocke [A] - Team ShadyK (Old)/San Diego
  • Magneto [A] | Sentinel [Y] | Cyclops ** - Team Xecutioner
  • Magneto [A] | Cable ** | Cyclops **
  • Magneto [A] | Cable ** | Sentinel [A] - Team Rowtron
  • Magneto [A] | Cable ** | Psylocke [A] - Team Soo
  • Magneto [A] | Cable ** | Cammy [A] - Team JustinW (Old)
  • Magneto [A] | Cable ** | Iron Man ** - My Team
  • Magneto [A] | Cable ** | Rogue [Y]
  • Magneto [A] | Cable ** | Tron [A] or [Y]
  • Magneto [A] | Iron Man [A] or ** | Psylocke [A]
  • Magneto [A] | Iron Man [A] or ** | Rogue [Y]

Stuff you HAVE to know to play Magneto Effectively:

  • Tri-Jump
  • Super-Jump, sj.hk_hp, air-dash down-forward, ad.hk_hp
  • Super-Jump, air-dash down-forward, ad.hk_hp
  • Super-Jump_Jump, air-dash down-forward,
  • Wave-Dash
  • DF+2P xN = Forward
  • DB+2P xN = Backward
  • Tri-Jump combo set-up
  • (see “Combos” section: I-1)
  • Air-dash
  • (In air) Any Direction+2P; Knowing when, where, and why to do it.
  • Throwing
  • (Both air and ground) F+HP; F+HK
  • Which combos to use and when.
  • (See “combos” section) Use Magnetic Shockwave combos to get opp. into corner. Use Magnetic Tempest combos (preferably un-mashable Tempest) for damage.

Stuff it would be nice for you to know, that still helps Magneto:

  • Combing into the> XX Hyper-Grav…
  • (See “Combos” section: A-7 and A-8)
  • Dash-in into throw
  • dash-in, TAP down->Throw

Good match-ups for Magneto:

  • Cable (w/o AAA)
  • Blackheart
  • Dr. Doom

Bad match-ups for Magneto:

  • Spiral
  • Cable (w/ AAA)
  • Strider/Doom

50/50 match-ups for Magneto:

  • (Another Magneto)
  • Sentinel
  • Storm
  • Iron Man

General tips:

  • Throw A LOT. Air or ground it doesn’t matter. Use either one, they both have their purposes.
    *How do they reset combos you ask? They reset the combo counter.
  • Why reset combos you ask? To know understand this, you must first understand damage-scaling. Damage scaling is the damage of each hit of a combo lower as the combo counter increases. Resetting the combo counter also resets the damage done by each hit. Each hit (no matter what strength button the move is done with) becomes 1 pt. of damage around hit number 12 or 15 on the combo counter.
    ** HP Throw - Reset combos; (Throw in air)->Magnetic Tempest XX DHC is safe/guarunteed tag-out and free damage.
    ** HK Throw - Reset combos; “Should I roll” mind-games.
  • NEVER do a Magnetic Shockwave when you have the opponent in the corner, it’s a waste of super meter. (They’re in the “Combos” section for the sake of completeness.)
  • The corner is Magneto’s best friend. Being in a corner makes rushdown hard to block. And the corner’s where Magneto does all his really fucked up [reset] combos. Get the opponent there any way possible, Magnetic Shockwave combos, throwing, forcing them to retreat, etc.
  • Use Hyper-Grav XX Magnetic Tempest combos sparingly, if at all. They are escapable.
  • Mix-up your reset combos. They ARE escapable. If you become predictable, they’re gonna be escaped.
  • Tri-jumping either makes or brakes a Magneto. Doing right will get you several combos in each match. Doing blindly will get you killed. You should only tri-jump in 3 situations:
  • 1.) The opponent is in block-stun and can’t do anything (most importantly, call an assist.)
  • 2.) The opponent’s assist is already out (and preferably punished by yours).
  • 3.) It’s in a reset combo and really fast.
  • The way your hand is layed out over the buttons can effect the way how well some Magnetos play. Personally, I use the pointer finger on LP, the middle finger on HP, my thumb on LK, and my ring finger on A1. The other two buttons (HK and A2) I usually move my hand and depends on what I’m trying to do. This finger lay-out makes using Magneto a little easier (well, for me at least). It also makes the sj. inf. (see “Combos” sections: Inf.-1a. and 2a.) easier. One your way up do the> with your thumb. Then do a short pause. After that hit the dash, and down on the stick, with your pointer and middle finger. And since you don’t have to move your whole hand to press lk again, hit it with your thumb RIGHT AFTER you dash, while still holding down on the stick. Press a bit slowly land, then repeat. Oh look, you can now do Magneto’s sj. inf.



Note: Combos are catagorized by use, difficulty, and playing level.

----------Solo (w/o assists)-----------


  • 1.) \ />c.hp / \ …
  • 1a.)sj.lp->>>>…
    -! 1aa.) Hyper-Grav (hcb+k)XX Magnetic Tempest (qcf+2k)…
  • 1ab.) XX Magnetic Shockwave (qcf+2p)
  • 1ac.) EM Disruptor
  • 1ad.) sj.hp/hk


  • 1.) j.(From B-1)…, air-dash down-forward->ad.D+lk-> \ /…
  • 1a.) [1 Hit] XX Magnetic Shockwave.
    -! 1b.) [1 Hit] XX Hyper-Grav XX Magnetic Tempest.
  • 1c.) (ad.d+lk-> MUST be done slowly)…c.hp / …
    -! 1d.) (See Expert)
  • 2.) (From B-1a.)…air-dash straight up/up-forward->ad.lp->>>>…
    -!2a.) Hyper-Grav XX Magnetic Tempest…
  • 2b.) EM Disruptor.
  • 2c.) ad.hp/hk
    -! 3.) (From B-1aa.)…>>Hyper-Grav XX Magnetic Tempest…(>>I-3)


  • 1.) (From I-1)…re-jump, HK/HP Throw.
  • 2.) (From B-1)…sj.hp/hp, air-dash down-forward->ad.hp-> \ /
    -! 3.) (In corner) (From B-1)…sj.hp/hp, air-dash down-forward->ad.hp-> \ / c.lp, pause->j.lp (or> (if used>j.hp-> \ / re-jump, HP/HK Throw…
    -! 3a) (See Expert)
    -! 4.) (From B-1) sj.lp->>, air-dash straight forward->HP Throw.
  • 4a.) Magnetic Tempest XX DHC
  • 5.) (From B-1) / \ sj.lp->>, pause->sj.lp->>>, air-dash up-forward->ad.lp->>, pause->ad.lp, pause->HP Throw
    -! 5a.) Magnetic Tempest XX DHC
    -! 6.) (From B-1)…pause / \ Throw…
    -! 6a.) (HP Throw) Magnetic Tempest XX [DHC]
    -! 7.)>, super jump cancel / \ air-dash straight down->ad.d+lk \ /…
    -! 7a.) (Anything in E-4)
    -! 8.)>, super jump cancel / \ air-dash straight down_down-forward-> \ /…
    -! 8a.) (Anything in E-4)
  • 9.) \ /> XX Snap-back (qcf+A#).
  • 10.) (From I-1) Snap-back.

Expert (Resets, Cross-ups)(E):
-! 1.) (From I-1)…dash-under reset
-! 1a.) …c.hp…(anything after B-1).
-! 1b.) Inf.
-! 2.) (From I-1) …/ \ air-dash downward reset->> \ /…
-! 2a.) …c.hp…(anything after B-1).
-! 3.) (From I-1)…walk forward reset->>c.hp…(anything after B-1).
-! 4.) (In corner) HK Throw-> [OTG]->…
-! 4a.) …HK Throw (back into corner)
-! 4b.) …super-jump cancel / …(I-1)
-! 4ba.) (Any follow-up to I-1)
-! 4bb.) (Inf.-1b or Inf.-2b)
-! 4bc.) …air-dash down-back reset-> \ /
-! 4c.) XX Hyper-Grav…(“See stuff you can do after connected Hyper-Grav”)
-! 5.) (In corner) (From A-1, w/ HK Throw) …
-! 5a.) …> \ /…
-! 5aa.) …(Any follow-up to I-1)
-! 5ab.) …(Inf.)
-! 5b.) …on way down, \ /…(anything in E-4)
-! 6.) (From I-1) Walk under->HK Throw
-! 6a.) (Any follow-up to E-4)
-! 7.) (From A-6) {Throw back into corner}
-! 7a.) (HK Throw) (Anything in E-5)

  • wait until normal jump height to do any of E-5…
    -! 7b.) (HP Throw)
    -! 7ba.) …\ /…(Anything in E-4)
    -! 7bb.) …on way down, Hyper-Grav XX Magnetic Tempest…
    -! 7bc.) …\ /c.hp / \ (anything after B-1 that doesn’t have another throw in it)
    -! 7bd.) …(I-1a. or I-1b)

Infinites {the useful/practical ones}(Inf.)

  • Normal = Non-heavy/Not small character:
  • From normal jump height
    ! 1a.) [j.lp, pause->j.d+lk, pause-> \ /]…Repeat brackets.
  • From normal jump to 1/2 super-jump height
    ! 1b.) [/ \>, pause,->air-dash down, ad.d+lk->ad.mk_mp \ /]…Repeat brackets.
    ** If opponent gets too high change 1st> to sj.lk_lp to get opponent back to inf. height. You can also switch and lk or mk for a lp or mp.
  • Big = Heavier character
  • From normal jump height
    ! 2a.) [j.lp->j.d+lk, pause->, pause-> \ /]…Repeat brackets.
  • From normal jump to 1/2 super-jump height.
    ! 2b.) [/ \>>air-dash down, ad.d+lk->ad.mk_mp \ /]…Repeat brackets.
    ** Instead of>, you can also do>>, on the way up and on the way down. But for on the way down press d+lk. You can also switch and lk or mk for a lp or mp.

Sentinel-only infinites

  • [>, pause ->j.hp, pause-> \ /]…Repeat brackets.

  • [/ \>, air-dash down-forward->>]…Repeat brackets.

  • (In corner) [/ \>, air-dash straight-forward->ad.lp->>>>ad.hp-> \ /]…Repeat brackets.

  • Inf. Set-ups:

  • “Psychic infinite”
    ** “Read” what the opponents gonna do then infinite.
  • I-1
  • A-7/A-8
  • E-4
  • (From B-1)…sj.lp->air-dash down,> \ / Inf…
    ** For Big = Heavier characters, instead of sj.lp, it’s possible to do>
  • Use an assist.

Stuff you can do after connected Hyper-Grav
-! 1.) …c.hp…(almost anything after B-1)

  • Because the Hyper-Grav makes the opponent a little higher then they would be standing, the launch would be a little higher as well and some combos will either become more difficult to time OR not be possible to do anymore.
  • 2.) … [1 hit]…
  • 2a.) XX Magnetic Shockwave.
    -! 2b.) XX Hyper-Grav XX Magnetic Tempest.
  • 3.) Snap-back.
  • 4.) Inf.
  • Not always guarunteed.

----------Team (w/assists)----------
Note:Only assists in “Best assists” list will be mentioned/used.

W/ Psylocke [A] - AA(w/Psy.):

  • If timed right OTG is un-rollable for all of +Psy. AAA combos.
    -! 1.)>, assist hits-> [OTG]->…(anything in E-4).
    -! 2.) (From I-1)…re-jump,>…
    -! 2a.) …assist hits XX Magnetic Tempest…
  • Un-Mashable Tempest.
    -! 2b.) …\ / [OTG]->…(Anything in E-4).
    -! 3.) (From E-1)…>, assist hits [OTG]->…(anything in E-4).
    -! 4.) (From E-2)…>, assist hits-> [OTG]->…(anything in E-4).

W/ Storm [A] - Projectile(w/ Storm):
-! 1.)>c.hp+assist / \, air-dash down-forward->ad.hp-> \ / assist hits,> XX Hyper-Grav…
-! 1a.) …(See “Stuff you can do after connected Hyper-Grav”)
-! 1c.) …c.hp / \ (anything after B-1)
-! 1c.) …c.hp / \ sj.lp->>>, air-dash upward->ad.lp->>> XX Magnetic Tempest XX [DHC to Storm] Hail Storm (hcb+2p).

  • Un-Mashable Tempest.

W/ Iron Man [A] or ** - Projectile or AA (w/ IM):
> W/ IM [A]
-! 1.) (Any “Solo” combo into a Hyper-Grav)…
-! 1a.) ……
-! 1aa.) …XX Magnetic Tempest

  • Un-mashable Tempest
    -! 1ab.) …Hyper-Grav…(See “Stuff you can do after connected Hyper-Grav”)
    > W/ IM **
    -! 1.)>c.hp+assist / \, air-dash downward->assist hits…
    -! 1a.) …XX Magnetic Tempest.
  • Un-mashable Tempest.
    -! 1b.) …Hyper-Grav…(See “Stuff you can do after connected Hyper-Grav”)
    -! 1c.) … \ / [OTG]->…(anytyhing in E-4)
    -! 2.) (From I-1)…
    -! 2a.) … [1 hit]+assist…
    -! 2aa.) …assist hits, Hyper-Grav…(See “Stuff you can do after connected Hyper-Grav”)
    -! 2ab.) …XX Hyper-Grav XX Magnetic Tempest…
  • Un-mashable Tempest.
    -! 2ac.) …XX Magnetic Shockwave.
    -! 2ad.) … [OTG]->…(anything in E-4)…
    -! 2b.) …re-jump,>j.hp->…
    -! 2ba.) …assist hits XX Magnetic Tempest…
    *Un-Mashable Tempest.
    -! 2bb.) …assist hits, Hyper-Grav…(See “Stuff you can do after connected Hyper-Grav”).
    -! 2bc.) …assist hits \ />…(anything in E-4).
    -! 3.) (After E-4c) [1 hit]+assist->assist hits, [2 hits] XX Hyper-Grav…(See “Stuff you can do after connected Hyper-Grav”).

W/ Sentinel [A] - Projectile(w/ Sent.):
>W/ Sentinel [A]
-! 1.)>, assist hits…
-! 1a.) …->d.c.hp / \ (anything after B-1)…

  • Because the Rocket Punch makes the opponent a little higher then they would be standing, the launch would be a little higher as well and some combos will either become more difficult to time OR not be possible to do anymore.
    -! 1b.) …dash-in->(inf.).
    -! 1c.) …XX Hyper-Grav…(See “Stuff you can do after connected Hyper-Grav”).
    -! 2.) (From I-1)…re-jump,>j.hp->, assist hits…
    -! 2a.) …\ / dash-in->(inf.)
    -! 2b.) …\ / d.c.hp…(See w/ Sent. [A]-1a.)
    -! 2c.) …XX Hyper-Grav…(See “Stuff you can do after connected Hyper-Grav”).
    -! 3.) (In corner) (From w/ Sent. [A]-1)…XX Magnetic Tempest
  • Un-mashable Tempest

W/ Cyclops ** - AA(w/ Cyc.):
-! 1.)>, assist hits->…
-! 1a.) … / \ (anything after B-1)…

  • Because the Gene Splice makes the opponent a little higher then they would be standing, the launch would be a little higher as well and some combos will either become more difficult to time OR not be possible to do anymore.
    -! 2.) (In corner) HK Throw->>, super-jump cancel / \ XX Magnetic Tempest.
  • Un-mashable Tempest.
    -! 3.) (From A-1, w/ HK Throw) XX Magnetic Tempest.
  • Un-mashable Tempest.

W/ Cammy [A] - AA(w/ Cammy):

  • 1.) (From I-1) [1 hit]+assist->assist hits…
    -! 1a.) XX Hyper-Grav…(See “Stuff you can do after connected Hyper-Grav”).
  • 1b.) XX Magnetic Shockwave.
    -! 2.) (After E-4c) [1 hit]+assist XX Hyper-Grav, assist hits XX Hyper-Grav…(See “Stuff you can do after connected Hyper-Grav”).

W/ Tron [Y] - Projectile(w/ Tron):
-! 1.)>, assist hits->>c.hp / …(anything after B-1)
-! 2.) (From I-1) …call assist, dash under reset->(on other side) assist hits,, assist hits XX Magnetic Tempest.

W/ Rogue [Y] - Throw(w/ Rogue):
-! 1.) (From I-1) \ / [1 hit, 2nd whiffs]…
-! 1a.) …assist hits->>…(anything after E-4).
-! 1ab.) …Tag-out (LP+LK or HP+HK)

! = Is or leads to 100% combo.



with this inf THE MOST IMPORTANT PART is the dash down/forward lk lk …this is the MEAT of this inf whateva u do b4 it does not matter (1 lk, 2 lks, 1 lp , 2 lps, lp lk mp, …u get tha point)


The “TRICK” to this inf is to dash down/forward lk lk land …but u often find your self missing them with the lk …because your ass is too slow…however there is a trick to getting this to come out fast enough to catch them…which i will now explain.

There are 2 techniques that u use to pull this off

  1. the “SLIDE”
  2. the “THUMB”

OK…this is the inf we are attempting … sj. lk ,lk dash down/forward lk, lk , land

After u set them up (launch Fk dash down/forward , lk, lk) this puts them at the perfect height to start the inf.

Now… manual Sj. lk lk- after this there is a pause because in order to connect THE MOST IMPORTANT PART u have to be up higher than your opponent- dash down /forward lk lk land.

You basically do the lk’s on your way up then wait for magz to float up a little after your last hit then you do THE MOST IMPOTANT PART

The SLIDE- You perfrom this by using you INDEX and MIDDLE fingers to dash down/forward then “slide” them down to the lk.

The THUMB- put your INDEX and MIDDLE fingers on the two punches and your THUMB on the lk …then proceed to ROLL your hand from the 2 punches to the lk.

These techniques allow you to dash down/forward with UMBEELEEBABBLE speed …

however with this speed…u will most likely dash down/forward too fast after the sj. lk lk --THIS IS WHERE THE PAUSE COMES IN-- to compensate for the speed of these 2 techniques.

So this is what we got…

Superjump Lk , Lk , lets magz float a lil above the opponent, THE MOST IMPORTANT PART (executed by the SLIDE OR THUMB methods), land. (repeat)

Last but not least…i learned this inf by myself and the way i did was by:

  1. learning the SLIDE technique
  2. Getting a video and listening to the RHYTHM of the hits in the inf.

I’m sure u have seen many variations of this inf…but there is one part that always stays the same …and thats THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. Like i said …u can do n e thing b4, its THE MOST IMPORTANT PART that matters.

EDIT: ways u can go wrong

  1. performing THE MOST IMPORTANT PART too slow…result is it wont combo

  2. Performing THE MOST IMPORTANT PART too fast …result is that magz dashes down and whiffs the lk …totally missing the opponent… (this is a good setup for a throw in the corner btw)

  3. Doing the inf perfectly, however the opponent is getting a lil too high up…result is u wont be able to combo it n e more after a while.

  • A solution to this problem is reducing the hits b4 THE MOST IMPORTANT PART …for example … do only 1 hit…whether it be a lp or a lk.


  • if you are near the corner u can go for a SJ. lk, lk dash straight forward throw…into the inf again.


Bwahaha… sure, I’ve said all this good stuff already in the other thread, but why not repeat it in here where more people might add to it.

Mags - A / Sentinel - Y / Tron - Y, c.hp + tron, sj.hp ad d/f,, land, hp throw immediately after landing, dash in, + tron XX Tempest

or, c.hp + tron, sj.hp ad d/f,, land, hp throw immediately after landing, dash in,, c.hp + tron, sj.hp, ad d/f, ad.hp

both are very damaging, us the 2nd one if they don’t mash out or don’t even try, c.hp,, ad.d/f,,, land, call either assist, dash to otherside + XX tempest

nearly 100% combo with either assist, i like using tron more just for the laugh, thanks eKiN for this one :smiley:

Magneto/Tron Throw Combo

magneto hp throw, tag in tron, dash forward, juggling + sentinel XX lunchrush

this is the only way to connect a lunchrush off a tagin with this team, normally LR doesn’t connect because they land right before the bots hit, so they recover midway or roll out and can block or punish, the drones seem to juggle a bit and add about 10 points of damage to a normal lunchrush super

lunchrush connects by itself off of a in the corner though, this is more midscreen than anything

thanks, Mags/Sent/Tron is all about resets and throws!


Thank you for posting wildcat! I will see wats in the thread and put it in my data to make the definitive magneto combo sheet which might be published here. PLEASE no spam and useless jargon, just combos and resets so we can have a reference for magneto combos. I plan to make a page for storm too just for combos and resets and i got a few sick ones.

ALso i will try to see wat vid has these combos to let peeps know how they look and the timing etc. ok laters :slight_smile:


Some important stuff to note:

Magneto guardbreaks:

  1. sj lk, infinite. Timing depends on when you sj, if they pushblocked, and size.

  2. a gb/mixup. the old sj 1234, hypergrav, tempest. you can also cross to the otherside for a mental crossup.

Magneto corner stuff:

Many times it’s worth Magneto’s time and super meter to instead of resetting a corner infinite/combo and messing up or having them block is to just snap out the point, and thus achieving a gf/crossup option. AND magneto would much rather fight the 3rd char than storm/sentinel/or another magneto.

Kill the assist: This is easiest with psylocke. People get assist happy versus magneto. So happily wait, have psylocke hit (either if you successfully baited out an assist or caught then when their own assist missed) and dash and launch-kill the assist.

The key to having a good magneto is to learn WHEN to attack. Super aggressive magneto loses.


magnetos best friend besides pyslokce is the corner so when u are done killing a character dead infinite them into the corner, i usaully use c. lk to do that and sets up more combos AND GB when they come in and get rush to get rushed down and always try to snapback commandos, makes my life easier :slight_smile:


lets post all the possibites after c hp sj hk ad df d+lk lk land
reset and combos!

I am using a easier to read format

c hp sj hk ad df d+lk lk land #

  1. sj infinite
  2. normal jump infinite
  3. pause, re-jump and grab
  4. sj ad df HK (reset) you end up attacking on the other side
  5. doing the lks slowly will allow you to relaunch c. HP ->air combo
  6. s. hk xx magnetic shockwave
  7. s. hk xx hyper grav xx magnetic tempest
  8. dash under ( reset)
  9. sj ad df really fast so u end up in front of then and do the infinite going down part ( this is done in the top players magneto exhibiton)
  10. with psy A assist ( j . lk call psy j. lk OR j . hp psy hits magnetic tempest) This is unmashable! @ note u can sub psylocke for ironman B assist
    @ note: when dashing under (8) u can call the assist and then dash under to cross them up, also u can just dash under c. lk c. lk and call assist to continue the combos.
  11. walk foward reset!
  12. dash under and then trijump or GRAB reset!
  13. walk under then throw
  14. more to come BUT thats alot to work on

next information is after the c. Hp chain and excluding the thing on TOP.


ahh yes!


Magnus reset… +Psy AAA, ,, cr. rh xx hyper grav, cr.fierce, sj.rh, ad/df,,, land, dash,, + Psy AAA,,, cr.fierce, sj.rh, ad/df,,, land,,, ad/df,,, land, dash and do whatever…

It works… it’s a little long and would actually kill alot of people already but it’s fun…

Standered fast DHC counter, xx tempest xx DHC into Hail Storm, GHVB, HSF, whatever…


Ack! Epyon

When I printed the combos, my printer spit out one giant math equation that no man will ever solve.


u a loser lol

  1. snapback
  2. land and whiff lp grab
    17.slowdonw the lks and hit with lp and do one of the following
    a mp AC
    b c. hk
    c sj ad df attack
  3. s. hk xx sj cancel watever u can do
    19 sj lk lk ad f lk lk hyper grav xx magnetic tempest( i use this on sent usually in the corner and then link it to the infinite)


i don’t know if this been done before.

This is for anyone that has a DC or has it on a console. I need someone to test this combo out and tell me what happens.

mag combo c.fp sj rhk dash df lk mk land and launch again then repeat from sj.

this combo i suggested to my friend when i saw him tryin another one out. its possible to connect the second launch so that the counter doesn’t reset. the problem was he kept getting confuse or whatever and kept messing up. somebody see if you can keep repeatin it or do you have to do it in a corner.


after u do the 2 kicks down very slowly to launch next heavy hit will send em into the flying screen if u continue the combo
why go into the launcher I posted like at least 10 resets man ask more question and i will answer if i can


If your in a corner won’t that stop the fly screen??


can u please send me a video on anything about how to use magneto or teach me.


no cuz the corner doesnt stop flying screen


matrix IM me for more info on aim


i’m having problems with timing… after i dash down, what’s the timing with the ad. df lk, mk if i wanted to throw? also, i’m not able to dash over and relaunch. i dash, and then do a c. fp but i’m facing the other way. can you help?