Magneto defensive strats

Most of us mag player are focused on offense more than defense. But it seems that most magneto’s die fast, or end up dhc’ing with no damage on our opponent. Maybe we can put together defense tips.

sent- i found out that sent is a swinging beast. This machine has fierces going everywhere when he’s in battle. I found out that its much smarter to watch how u air dash. Most mag players air dash into all of sents fierces. Most of the time its smarter for sent to come to you while both of you are airborne. But u have to know when its the time to rush. Dont Hi- Triangle jump if its not gonna hit lol. its also smart to wiff out weaks in the air to catch sent in infinites or what ever u want.

cable- dont get shot. dont air dash into a fierce p**ahvb. dont air dash into AAA’s. i mean its hard to avoid these things. but we must try harder to play patient. VS cable its gonna be hard to win wth out air dashing so be smart when do your air dash. dont get shot.

magneto- this battle is so random. i mean most ppl try resets too much. if your not a good tri jumper. dont reset. get stable damage. shockwave combos actually take more than we think.

storm- playing a runaway is hard. your are on the ground and the bitch is in the air. Dont follow her. She owns the sky. its smarter to time your attacks. Sometimes sneaking up under her can work but a lk lk lighting attack*Light S can happen anytime. so build your bar while she runs. and plan your attacks.

In my opinion. Sent is the hardest match for mag. help with opinions and thoughts on how to improve mags defensive play.

storm is magneto’s worst matchup…all her normals beat magneto’s…and she is just about always backed by sent-y, which is magneto’s WORST assist to fight against, and once she has two meters anybody she hits is a goner.

strats against sent? i do a lot of crossing over, such as, at the beginning of the match, start off with a, call sent, wait, ad/f , it crosses up, if he has commando just calling cap out won’t hit ur mag either.then sent is pinned by the drones for some more rushdown. i find that doing that is most effective for me. also, cross up tri jumps work sometimes too. slide+assist sometimes isn’t a bad idea. you just can’t be predictable. also, watch where sent flies, u can sometimes wavedash and lk to start up the rom to whatever.

Haha, ok, I’m not very good, but I can post some advice based on my limited experience versus a few east coast sentinels cables magnetos and storms.

Vs. Sentinel
Commonknowledge dictates that sentinel’s fierces must be avoided. In addition to those, you have to watch out for lks and lps.

Avoiding those, while still advancing, is actually really really hard vs. a decent sent player, let alone a sentinel player that can kill your entire team if you fuck up once. Damn you lawrence/desmond! aiee…

Anywho, I think that magneto’s projectile can be used pretty nicely to knock sentinel down if you a) use it sparingly and b) make sure you are safe (distance wise) in case you whiff – performing this off a sumperjump from across the screen is probably the best idea.

Getting in on sent is a bitch. Even if you SJ dash chances are you won’t block fast enough and you’ll eat a short combo or a fierce. A good sent with an anti-air assist or an assist who covers the ground can just fly far away and wait for you to dash in.

Which is ultimately what you have to do. This isn’t an easy match, and you have to be patient. You’re not going to win if you don’t wait for an opening. Try varying up the dashes with superjumps where you fall near the sent and maybe throw out a lk or two. Try wavedashing underneath. Experiment and go with what works. Just make sure you’re always blocking.

If you get sent in a combo, I would advise one of the following two choices:

a) If you can use psylocke assist, ROM sent to anywhere from 30-50 hits, then unmashable w/ psylocke assist into hail storm (I use MSP… if you don’t, sorry :). You’re in a neutral/winning matchup now, and sent either is going to dhc or die to your storm.

b) Snap-back an assist and force feed him some combos.

Vs. Cable
I actually never have too much difficulty versus cable. Maybe it is because when I first started I played so many cable scrubs I just got accustomed to never throwing out an attack unless I was perfectly safe – i.e. cable’s assist wasn’t ready yet, or I could sj and escape after the attack.

One thing to keep in mind versus cable is that you don’t want to try long chains, because an assist can hit you in the middle of a chain and then you’re gonna get shot. Throw out occasionally 2-3 move chain attempts, but I wouldn’t rush down in one go more than that, or you leave yourself seriously open.

Once you hit cable though, go for a field day on reset or snap out his assist if he has one.

Vs. Storm
Storm doesn’t give me as many problems as sent, either. I ignore her in the air, because I don’t want to get lk lk lightning attack HSF. Once she’s on the ground though, she’s so easy to hit… random jumping lk rushdown works wonders on her. Storm is probably my favorite char to combo on, second to dr. doom, so I just go for resets until she’s about 1/3 then unmashable or rom her to death. When I’m paying attention that is, which isn’t often, heh.

Unless storm has a good anti-air assist, you can really go wild with rushdown. Just leave her alone in the air, and try to play a ground game.

Vs. Magneto
Uh, don’t rush down if he has his assist available. Wait until he calls his assist, rush down until he can call his assist again, and if you haven’t hit him, retreat. If you play too aggressively, you will get hit by an assist, and you will get combod. That’s just the way it works. I can beat most magneto’s even if they are much better technically by just staying away while they call the assist and rushing down when they don’t have an assist. Jumping lk tri-jumps… whoo…

So yea, those are more-or-less my tactics.

her roundhouses just suck ass on the ground

the char I def have the most trouble with is sent because he zones too well.

This thread is good ppl. Post some more strats ppl.

lemme edit that for u

an addendum to rushing down on magneto:

unless you’re really really good, not like me, your rushdown vs magneto is going to look really ugly – like mine. It’s going to be totally random and mostly keep away, and when you do rush down it is going to look cautious and reserved.

When you get that one hit and end up beating desmond because it’s 5:00 am and he’s tired – er, I mean because you have a good magneto. Really!.. – the patience / awkardness pays off.

worst matchup for me is against sent/cap. i either go for the snapback and bring capcom in… if not random hypergrav/tempest or just pressure games. staying close enough to keep out of capcoms range. normally at this point i try and DHC into storm or cable…

anyone got more tips on how to play MSP against storm/sent/cap.


ok, I see you are in so-cal… I’m in NY so the sentinels we play may be different… BUT!

If you can dash really well with magneto, then so long as you can get in on sent, stay in and keep dashing like mad until you get push-blocked away. One thing that works really well if you don’t get pushblocked is a sj lk lk, dash, wait until you get to the other side of their sent, then attack again. Unfortunately most good people pushblock, so try not to chain many hits if they are blocking, but instead do stuff like superjump hk/hp rushdown, sj hk, sj hp, etc. just keep dashing in and switching sides and you should be too close for commando to hit.

vs storm/sent/cap in particular…

Hmm. storm/cap is actually easier (I think) than sent/cap. Sent/cap zones really really well and gave you a big head ache trying to get in. That isn’t to say storm can rush your ass down if you’re lazy, but I’d rather be rushed down than have to rush down sent/cap. Anyways, versus storm/cap you don’t really have to worry that much about being hit in the air by capcom if storm is in the air, so you can move around a bit more freely than vs sent/capcom. Wait until storm is coming down from a super-jump (can’t use assist, is semi-vulnerable) and dash under/in. Once you’re close, you can heap on some of those lovely reg-jump lk’s or sj hk’s that do start oh-so-many combos. Sentinel is a bitch because reg-jump lk’s don’t work on him. After storm’s dead, get sent in a corner (dash to a corner so he falls in one) and guard break him or do SOMETHING to get him into a combo and get commando out. If you have storm, and you can’t seem to get sent in a combo, DHC to storm and do whatever you want.

sent/capcom… ugh, what can I say besides stay out of the air :x

Wave dashing is your best friend here, and do it whenever you get a chance. Also, more importantly than that is PATIENCE. Like I said before, you will not win big tournaments if you aren’t patient. You might beat your friends, but you won’t beat the guy who is going to turtle for 90 seconds straight. Be patient, and ALWAYS block. If you see an opening throw some moves at it until your opponent gets away, but don’t chase and get killed. Be patient again.

So yea, be patient and wave dash, and reg-jump lk rushdown storm.

sent/cyke should be more of a problem than sent/cap for a magneto. u get hit by cyke, thas an unblockable, actually; if u get hit with a fastfly u can go to an unblockable as well but its mad hard.

anyways; sent/cap shouldn’t be able to track ur mag if he is fast/smart enough. that is a common misconception people have, fast mag ='s fast movements. no…smart safe movements look faster than they really are.

storm/sent-y causes me the most problems BY FAR…am i alone?

no you’re not…dhc of death makes me shit myself:(

damn, i wish mixup would post some good sent/cap

but yeah, i been trying some new stuff with that match up. Most good sent/cap players keep magneto blocking by zoning and attacking at the same time. So mag doesnt get a chance to do anything. But I grew tired of thinking ways to beat sent because most of the time i loose my magneto to sent. Destroying capcom when u have the chance is good too. But only when its safe. Snapping in capcom when he has half or more life gone is GOOD!

Storm/sent is always gonna be the most dangerous battle. Pay attention to the meter storm has. A turtling storm with a sent hsf dhc is no joke my friends.We all should know that.
Its actually a bad match up for mag at hi level play in my opinion since storm is so good. i just build bar with mag and try to get her on ground avoiding her famous roundhouse.

add some more thought. Mag must come up.

Sup peeps.

Fighting Sent/Cap is all about patience. For the 6 times you get pushed out, eventually mag can get in once and go for a set-up. However the set-up might only be a counter assist for a mild advantage in some scenarios. The trick is to dash in and NOT get hit, block the zone/blockstring make note of the set-up they use and the next time you dash in counter it. A problem is that sentinel can also do mixups on you if he see’s you dashing in and just defending his basic zone. One time he might jump up lk,fk into fast fly instead of dash back call capcom c.fp, or he could have went low ect. Basically just rock paper scissors that REALLY pays off to take your time.

There are soooo many options but basically get good at these vs sentinel

dashing past capcom assist

avoiding fast fly set-ups

Double dashes to catch fly back sentinel

sj infinite set-ups

It’s basic shit that works

patience motherfucker, do you have it?

Storm and Strider are WAAAAAAY harder fights than sentinel, magneto has way less options in most match-ups.

I agree. I need doom assist to help pin her down.

storm/sent-y is the gayest matchup because one hit and your dead. but i’d still say sent/capcom is the hardest.

so far we’ve had tactics against turtle sent. I would like to ask how to beat rushdown sentinel. I think rushdown sent/mag-a/aaa is harder than sent/capcom.

S.Fierce is dope defensive manuever!

Get the fuck off me, bioch!

If you have two meters and are quick, you can quickly do tempest and DHC to a super that will hit. Hail works of course, but HSF and HVB(!) work too.

i play combofiend as one of two tourny teams, and sent-y does wonders that are overlooked by many magnetos. his body creates a shield for magneto to chill out under (sometimes you can juss sj. into the infinite while they are hitting your sent), he sends out the three drones which are relatively safe to follow and scout your opponent and feel him out

just a lil opinion