Magneto/Doom? WHAT?

I know this might be a lost cause because nobody looks at this forum anymore, but my friend said that Magneto works well with Doom.

Can somebody explain how this combination works? Combos/Resets, gameplan, best teams with this duo, etc. I would appreciate if somebody paid attention to this and answer my questions. thanks



It works, trust me. If you need to see it in action, youtube Juan “BeatsofDevil”

Team Gentlemen. There is nothing nice about that squad at all.

FUCKING ! TOUCH KILL 1 touch im high sorry but fucking one touch i have some secret shit that worked constantly for constant perfects as long as you can executre fiucking shit mag doom is beast fucking beast ass gentleman i got some shit you never SEEN beforenfucking need a good solid knowledge of mag mag/solo though and then sprinkle in doom (or mash him in some cases)

resets up the ass and simialr ones to replace storm or psy and shit. you just don’t know fucking hella meters eqauals dhc death DEFF

the gentleman is that shit. rape. i can rape you with itone day if you want. dont like playing it online though, but shit is beast so mauch shit

they all pimps or in other words genlteman fucking beast on you with manners and shit not of that uncilivized msp shit or that fucking barbaric thrax fuck.

1 touch and you LOSE GOOD DAY GOOD GAMES YOU LOSE SIR. shit you neva seen before.

So they are the shit lol. Can you put combos though? I did a reset with Mag/Doom, but I don’t have anything else in mind.

ROM to 40 hits, (DHC to IM, kills all characters, GB next person, GGs)
ROM to 40 hits, get them low near the end (use sj.lp, add, mp), st.lp+doom, 1 hit, tempest.

any rock hit should lead to ROM or combo if they are low enough. practice that.

throw into rocks is useful.

ROM, addf hp (whiff), crossed over/reset, HKthrow+doom, aim down, sj.HP, wait a sec, addf cross sides/reset again lk, mk, land, rom

ROMing sent, land, dash other side reset, nj upbk+HK+doom xx add or df, ROM. (depending on the direction your air dashed down will change which side you’ll start ROMing sent again. matters if you wanna get closer to corner for eventual IM 300% wins by means of GB)

flying screen setups into crossover (either nj adf or j, addf whiff) + doom should lead to good amount of time to mix them up into hit into ROM.

there’s a lot of other stuff. some of it might be sorta pointless nowadays where you wanna touch and kill but chea. sorry for the posts while tripping earlier ROFL.

doom’s photon array super is unrollable. keep that in mind when you get it to hit. even in weird situations (the air super mostly). you can DHC to magnetic shockwave and it will always combo since they can’t roll to avoid it (unless you otgd already)

in certain situations you can DHC to tempest too for major damage (or to DHC to a 3rd, perhaps iron clad, character). since they can’t roll they will either fall ON the tempest, or fall on the ground where they can’t roll to escape tempest shards anyway.

sorta useless combo. ROM, get 'em low, (both hits) xx tempest xx photon array. dash forward and OTG, combo into air photon array, etc.

This is about as epic as that time combofiend posted in the how do I play combofiend thread.

Beats The Master lol. Good shit. Imma try this after my finals. I like that team gentlemen. Definately rockin it.

Quote: throw into rocks is useful.

So its main use is an easy ROM set-up? Wow I fail. I tried to do some Strider shit with Mag/Doom. No wonder I suck with them so bad lol

@Jerry Seinfeld
lmao yeah its hella epic

what else would it be for? what else are any assists for? to get into B&Bs. what is mags’ B&B? ROM…

I mean there’s some stuff where you can break flying screen with rocks and further the combo…maybe into hgxxtempest. but why bother? it’s mashable…you can probably do more.

there’s aren’t too many intricate combos involving assists. the one’s that are aren’t usually that useful anyway. unless it can lead to a possible reset…but why bother resetting when you can kill off of a combo?

Gotcha. Thanks Beats!!!

Wow man…why are you going to make me learn this team? 300%s are gdlk. One Hit=3 dead characters.

It works people.

it really is a watered down combofiend all around though…

but you need less hits and less meter to kill a full character especially from 1 short at match start.

also, it’s more interesting, quirky, fun sometimes than the usual teams (including cfiend)

Today, I had the pleasure to get raped by Beats today by Gentlemen. I want to turn this thread into a “How to play Gentlemen” thread. I want to know how to do the IM combos with Magneto assist. Should I create a thread about how we should play it, or can people teach me here?

Any of u guys got xbox360? if so hit me up I want to see this team in action lol
My gamertag is LewdProphanity

what do you want to know specifically?

well, it looks like this a IM centered team. I want to know the corner combos that you did with IM with the Magneto assist and (by risk of me getting an infraction) how to work IM/Doom. My Magneto is ass right now, but I’ll get better lol. My IM is ass but it is much better than my magneto. So my best bet is to learn how to use IM/Magneto or IM/Doom

holy shit…

i love your new avatar, btw