Magneto Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ Thread)

For newcomers to Magneto, Magneto can be a daunting character and a very difficult to learn with many obstacles and you’ll run into certain issues when picking him up. A lot of these issues are shared by most new posters playing him. I tried to assemble a FAQ with the common questions.

**1) How do I Magnetic Blast? The motion is extremely awkward. **
This problem came up to most of us at first after reading the guide and observing that the move was ridiculously positive on block. Sadly there is no tricks to it besides practice and more practice, it’s just another motion you need to learn for the first time like you learned your DP at first. Go into training mode, put your opponent in the corner and keep doing Magnetic blasts with the motions on and see if there are any issues, with enough practice you’ll master it and you will be able to do Magnetic Blast combos/airdash blasts and the like.

The trick is there is no shortcut, but you must go from :u::uf::f: + :atk: while doing the move. Chances are if it’s not coming out you are not pressing forward or downforward + attack when doing the move and that’s the most common error.

2) How do I airdash Magnetic Blast?
There are 2 primary methods to executing airdash Magnetic Blast(IAD Boxdash or super jump addf) , both tend to involve the :l: version of M.Blast . The two by inputting it normally after doing an air dash, or plinking it(only works for airdash forward and airdash downforward). Once again the main key is practice, and put your training dummy in the corner with inputs on

The Normal method: is as it sounds, you simply do an airdash, then execute the motion for Magnetic Blast :l: as fast as you can. There are no tricks to this, simply input :u::uf::f:+ :l: as soon as you airdashed and the Magnetic Blast will come out. You have to utilize the method for airdash backward and airdash down forward Magnetic Blasts. One thing to note is if you want to cross up with airdash Magnetic Blasts you either have to input it completely before crossing over, or switch the :uf::f: to face the opponent after crossing over.

The Plink Method: Here you utilize plinking your airdash with the Magnetic Blast motion, if you input the L button plinked after M+H the Magnetic blast will come out. This method is quicker and cleaner. You basically dash with an inputted Magnetic Blast motion and then cancel the dash immediately since the motion is already buffered

For ADF the inputs should be: :u::uf::f::m:+:h:~:l: immediately. If inputted correctly it should come out as soon as you dash

For ADDF: :u::uf: :f::df: :m:+:h:~:l: immediately after superjumping to your peak.

**3) How do I hypergrav loop? **
The Hypergrav loop is an essential Magneto BnB, and all Magneto combos starters should eventually end at it, there are so many variations and almost anything you can think off will work. Most players struggle with it at first but there are a few tricks to executing the classical variation :l: Hypergrav, Super Jump, airdash j:h: st:h:).

One is to buffer the SuperJump while doing the L Hypergrav. By the end of the voice clip you should already be super jumping, any super jump direction works, but it should be buffered and done as soon as possible.

Secondly is to wait a slight moment where you gain momentum and let your opponent’s body follow you, if you airdash too early the opponent will not be hit by your airdash attack.

Third is plinking your airdash normal. This is one key error many people make, if you plink your airdash j:h: using a :l:+:m: Macro or Dash, the j:h: will come out a lot faster and will make the combo a lot easier. Plink the jH as soon as you airdash, addf and add will work.

Finally just st:h:xx :l: Hypergrav as soon as possible.

The key to Hypergrav loops is practicing and grinding them out till they are muscle memory, the first few days will be difficult, but sooner or later they’ll become natural muscle memory.


**4) How do I convert off air to airs Normal Jump Height with Magneto? **
Magneto is a character with the strong ability to convert any air hit into a full combo at any height. He has many variations for conversions at Normal Jump and Super Jump height.

For Normal Jump Height, there are 2 main conversion routes. Either through canceling into Magnetic Blast or addf j:l: or j:h:.

For Magnetic Blast conversions you can basically use any 2 normals to hit confirm and then cancel into Magnetic Blast j:l::h: xx :l: blast, j:m::h: xx :l: blast, j:h::s: xx :L: Blast, pretty much all variations work and it’s fairly easy and link into cr :m: or cr :h:, you can do it with 1 normal but it depends on when you do it in the jump arc.

ADDF Conversions are Similar, simply chain 2 normals i.e j:l::s: or j:h::s:, cancel into an addf airdash(plinked ideally) with a button, addf j:l: is easiest and you can confirm by st:l: :s:, but it scales your confirm harshly, or you can opt for the more difficult but more rewarding addf j:h: or j:s:

2 Other confirms deserve mention here:
j:h: adf :l: Blast
j:h: adf j:m::h:

**5) How do I convert off an anti air at Super Jump Height? **
The classic that always looks godlike when you do it.

Simply super jump, and chain a normal to j:s:, ie super jump j:h::s: or j:m::s:
The next step is canceling your jump into an addf, 3 things work and will allow you to convert easily, addf Magnetic Blast, A second j:s: , or j:h: (the easiest and smoothest option).
Finally if you are outside the corner simply use a normal jump height confirm to follow up, or if you are in the corner use stH and enjoy your easy conversion.

** 6)How do I convert off Jam Session/Tatsu and the like? These assists push the opponent back and keep them airborne?**
This is another commonly asked question, especially with the Tatsu soft knockown nerf in ultimate. There are 2 main tips to this:
Firstly hit confirm the assist, and be prepared to convert off it once it hits. This is key to your conversion and whether you want to continue pressuring on block or are hitconfirming it.
Secondly use a ground dash on hit, and jump cancel your ground dash into a normal jump height hitconfirm, this allows you to catch up with the pushback and convert easily. ie :atk:+:atk: :uf: into your normal jump height confirm of choice, I personally recommend j:h::s: xx :l: Blast for Jam Session.

Another way you can hit confirm is wave dash into st:l: or ground dashing into sj :uf: addf j:h:.

7) How do I guard break opponents on incoming with Magneto?
There are 2 main methods for guard breaking with Magneto, a guard break is a way to force an untechable grab on an opponent or incoming, or simply removing the opponents throw invincibility on incoming.

His standard way which involves his j:m::h::s: normals. You simply super jump addf with one of those attacks, then do a ground dash and jH. If they pushblocked your normal they are no longer throw invincible and they can be thrown. Another setup is chaining 2 normals then doing addf, and jump throwing, if done correctly the addf will negate the pushblock and you will be able to throw them.

Now the real nasty setup is the guard break with j:l:. What makes this set up dirty is that it will remove throw immunity even without pushblock, so if the opponent comes holding back they’ll get thrown. Simply :uf: j:l: addf immediately, then throw asap, if executed properly you’ll throw the opponent before they land. Now this isn’t without flaws, because if they come in pressing buttons you won’t be able to confirm or hit confirm the jL and they’ll be able to escape unlike the other setups which are hit confirmable.


8) How do I TAC bait? The FChamp/Tokido special?
This is extremely simple, end your corner combo into st:s:, then do j:l:, this will force the opponent to tech out of the combo, If they were mashing on TAC you can counter hit them with j:s: and convert with addf j:h: st:h: into a nasty combo. You can take the reset into another level by canceling jL into aduf and getting a air throw if they are blocking.

9) What are Magneto’s Mixup options?
For more detailed discussion check this thread out:Magneto mix-up/reset thread v2.0

But in general, your best option is tridash j:l: empty tridash into low or throw. That and Magneto tick throw game is his mainstay mixup options, you can do dirtier stuff like crossup blasts or tridashes with assists, crossup super jump tri j:m: or j:h:, but the tridash is the key to his mixups in neutral. Another important mixup vs jumping opponents is stL or air throw where if they were going to tech they’ll get antiaired. More setups are available on that thread.

On incoming his best options are the following.
-Guard break setups as mentioned above.
-Crossup non crossup setups with dash st:h: or st:s:
-hitting your opponent meaty so they drop into your assists for combos.

Offcourse his mixups are only as limited as your creativity and your team. So learn the cheap shit with your team!

10) How do I plink dash? I want to fly in the air like KBeast or Tokido.
Tokido and KBeast use a method in UMVC3 called plink dashing. By this method you utilize the fact the your normals are dash cancelable, and dashes are normal cancelable, and you repeat the process over and over again to achieve a extremely quick dash, faster than is provided by the zig zag airdash(by canceling airdashes into different directions in flight) or normal grounded wavedashing.

Simply initiate a dash with two buttons ie :l: + :m: then press the 3rd button asap in this case :h: and repeat the process over and over again, if executed correctly the normal will not come out and if you do it post flight you’ll dash straight in the air. You can also do it with 2 buttons as long as you tap them in a rhythm.

A general tip during flight for escaping or being mobile is cancelling the flight with jS and then canceling the j:s: with a :l: Blast to cover your landing.

**For questions regarding BnBs: **Ultimate Magneto Combo Thread: It's my BnB, I Never Fuck It Up

**TAC Infinites: **Magneto TAC Infinite - *UNDER CONSTRUCTION*

**For General Questions:**MvC3: Magneto: Questions (and Answers) Thread

11) What are Magneto’s Best assists? I’m bored of Drones/Missiles and want to try something else.
For more in depth discussion of team Discussion have a look at this:MvC3: I’m Doing This For Mutantkind: The Magneto Team Thread

In general Magneto needs a few primary things from his assists, lockdown capabilities for Tridash mixups, screen coverage/control, and support for his Magnetic Blast/Disruptor/fly keepaway zoning/rushdown style, and provision of hitconfirms that only the assist can provide like stH/Disruptor/crHxx Disruptor.

As is generally known Sent’s Drones and Doom’s Hidden Missiles are two of his best assists and most Magneto players opt to choose one of those. But Magneto is by no means limited to them and can utilize most assists in the game effectively as long as they help his mixups/neutral.

My top assists for Magneto would be in no particular order: Drones, Jam Session, Hidden Missiles, Cold Star, Tatsu, and Bolts of Balthsack.

Other assists that are viable and very effective with Magneto would be:
Any Generic Beam or Arrows assist, ie Hawkeye Greyhound, Task Horizontal Arrows, Plasma Beam, Unibeam, Chris’s Machine Gun Fire. Task Up arrows assist, Repulsar Blast, Weasel Shot, Log Trap, Rising Fang, Low Voltage, Arthur Daggers, Spitfire twice, Lightning Legs, Eye of Agamatto, Dark Hole, Spencer Slant Shot, Haggar Lariat, Dark Harmonizer, Drone Bombs(secret top tier assist, if you play Drones use this sometime).

Point Magneto can work with many assists and is only limited by your creativity as a player and who would you like to play.

If I wasn’t lazy I’d insert the BisonYES.gif / video.

Well done. Thanks for this.

Magneto forum for the best character subforum on SRK? I’d bet it.

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That poster is sick as hell. Good shit :).

yh shoutout to my boi HFC Jerome who designed it! Leaf check your pm asap homie!

I’m a tad late in noticing it, but this thread is excellent, very nice work! As for top character sub forums, I lurk in a ton of them, and magneto is consistently tied for the best with nova and strange imo. (Honorable mentions to task, dante, and sometimes dorm and doom)

God just picked up Magneto and I’ve been trying to learn all of his tools, combos and tricks these last few days. All of the progress I’ve made thus far is all thanks to you guys, so many helpful and detailed threads and posts, and you guys answer a lot of the questions people seem to have. This sub forum and it’s users are too damn god like!!

Also this character is fun as fuck, creating random combos on the fly!?!? OMG I feel like Marlinpie!


you know for the life of me I still can’t do Airdash downforward magnetic blast :frowning: <br><br>how fast does the joystick input need to be and the M+H plink to L?<br>cause i see the magnetic blast frames get canceled to airdash the opposite of what it should be.<br><br>edit: i think i got it moments after posting -_-…My reason for messing it up was i wasn’t inputing upforward.<br>

<p>R.I.P Thread</p><p>Thank you based SRK.</p> ~O)

Why don’t more phoenix players play magneto second? I feel like he does better alone than doom does, has a tac infinite, and a great assist. Is dooms plasma beam that much better than magnetos that doom outclasses him on phoenix teams?

I agree that more Phoenix teams should play Magneto 2nd, he’s a better solo character than Doom and also provides TAC infinites. I don’t think Plasma Beam really outclasses Disruptor that badly, it’s simply character preference for beams for the most part, and your beam choice depends on your point character. Wesker/Magneto/Phoenix is the best Wesker/Phoenix team imo, Dante/Magneto/Phoenix is also playable, and so is Dormamu. To get the most out of Disruptor you’d ideally have a teleport character, so even Strider/Magneto/Phoenix is viable if you have TAC infinites on lock. Doom’s plasma beam/hidden missiles are more versatile in most matchups, and a lot of characters prefer those assists(ie Wolverine prefers Plasma easily).

Ive been thinking of playing Zero/Doom/Phoenix of a while, but I feel like magneto would be a better route. With zero, if feels like Magneto does the same damn thing that doom does. Would you say Zero Goes better with plasma over Disruptor? All the doom use over magneto for the reason of a beam assist has recently surprised me.

I might try it out anyway. One of the reasons I picked up zero was to challenge myself and the same could be said of magneto.

I feel Zero/Doom/Phoenix with Plasma Beam or missiles are more effective than Zero/Magneto/Phoenix. Magneto is a much better point character than Dr Doom, but he isn’t THAT much better solo really. And Plasma Beam/Hidden Missiles are stronger assists for zero. But Magneto’s TAC infinite is easier overall, and that can help your gameplan.

Thanks TC, this is very helpful. I’m trying to be a better FG player and Magneto is the character I feel has one of the highest skill ceilings in this game.

How good are Magneto and Vergil on a team?

If you’re not playing Vergil, you’re probably playing this game incorrectly.