Magneto Fuzzy Guard Discussion

Credit goes to AndrewBreslinabrb for the setup.

I tested his Fuzzy Guard setup on the majority of the cast, and my results show below.

Works on:
Wesker, Doom, Dorm, Skrull, MODOK, Trish, Storm, Magneto, Sentinel, Haggar, Hulk, She-Hulk.

Doesn’t work on anyone else. I didn’t test Ammy and Joe for obvious reasons.

Some characters get hit by the setup, but when blocking their hitbox becomes shorter. These characters are:

Chris, Shuma, Tron, Task, Capt, Thor, Iron Man, Dante, Spencer.

I don’t think the previous is important though. If you guys find anything out, feel free to share.

I was going to test this and post the results. Good shit

You can add Spencer to the list of people who get hit by the setup but if they block the addf :h:, the j:m: will miss

Thanks for the Spencer note. I haven’t tried it in a real match yet, but I’m sure it’ll be effective.

Im almost 100% positive this works on dante as my friend plays him alot and this set-up works, i didnt no about trish though, thanks for that find

wait, is this the exact same setup I mentioned a month ago, calling it a triple overhead?

j.H>j.M xx ad-d > j.L