Magneto Godfathers Challenge - Roundrobin

This game’s been out for 7 years and I think it’s come full circle, and Magneto is back on top. Thus I think we should revisit the top 2 Magnetos that invented the genre. Wigfall, whom invented EC Magnus and Shady K, WC.

We can also put Soo in the mix as he was one of the originators. Soo and Wigfall already played and it stands as 1-1.

It can be done ft10 for 100, with sidebets no limits. Or if it is more than 2 entrants, then ft5 for 100 each, roundrobin.

Other suggestions welcome.

If Wiggy can’t make it, Yipes for EC Mags.

Yes, I know he’s not OG.

Sanford’s magneto is good too.


d.hyo’s too

If wigfall can’t make it, mixup is more OG. I think Mixup should be in it too. Sanford threatened me and Bill, so he’s not allowed to enter.

Justin Mag is the best Mag IMO.

yes i know i’m the best, but that’s not really the point. it’s about EC vs WC innovators. When Wigfall was playing magnus, justin didn’t even play the game.

Blaze you know you’re my nigga, but this is false actually…Justin has been playing since mvc2’s release in 2000, and he was playing mag/cable/cammy (one of his first teams was strider/doom actually) - it’s just that he didnt go with me/eddie lee/miked etc to b4 in 2000.) At the time we told WC that he was one of the best on the EC but didn’t go to any tourneys yet, and the rest is history.

Yipes would own both of them, no questions asked. I’d put money on yipes saying he’s the best Mag’s player of the current age.

reading comprehension > you

And this is retarded, nobody cares about who played Magneto first. If you want to get technical, I think Duc started playing MSP before Shady did.

i read somewhere that nigga genghis started the cross up shit. and he started the triangle jump. wuddup genghis!

I guess people use to think u could roll when psy hit you and mag ran up for c.short c.rh :D. But genghis showed the way


I wanna be in this shit!!!:wgrin:

Plz let me join!

Since im a mag head i should know a lil bout my history on the magneto tip.

From what i heard Duc and Alex valle made MSP…but this is not on Topic really,just wanted to get that out there.

im too drunk right now…so ill set my knowledge and wisdom when i get back on…sobur…,lol:zzz: :zzz: :zzz:

yea chris, you should be able to join. you’re pretty hard. justin wong can’t enter.

oh , i didn’t mean discussing the origins of magneto players. I was saying what would be the best way to do this? I was thinking only msp and mss allowed.

mss drones maybe, mss-rp is too ‘new’ imo. mag/cable/psy or cyc is pretty old school too.

dang I want in too. Bringing Hawaii Magneto since b5 :lovin:

What about Taigi, I remember his Mags being pretty good.

yeah, taigi is pretty good

not as good as tai gee though