Magneto/Ironman/Cable - is it viable?

I’ve been messing around with this team allot. I started picking it to work on the 3 characters since those 3 open up other teams like combofiend, however after playing with this team it really feels nice! However i NEVER see it being used and i was wondering why?

the synergy i see for it:

cable: gets IM assist to stop rushdown - mag assist for some help with lockdown

IM: mag assist for guardbreak/combos - cable to relieve pressure / start infinite (i fuckup solo setups allot right now so i like it - need more practice!)

mag: IM assist to fight other rushdown combos/umashables - short short cable ain’t psylocke cuz of his scaling but some psylocke only mag resets still work

is there a weakness im not seeing or its just not as much of a killer as other squads with these chars?

Oh my god someone posted in the marvel 2 boards!!

Honestly I don’t think it’s very viable for high level play. Cable assist is no psy for magnus… IM is pretty good for combos and decent at stopping rushdown but gets beat out by a reliant share of things in the game… whereas psy comes out invincible. She also comes out a lot faster.

I’m sure the team can win some matches b/c of it’s individual members but I see it struggling vs cable/mando, storm/mando, and sent/mando… which is a bad scenario for high level marvel.

I think it could be viable, but u need a lot of strategy, u must constantly change the order of ur characters depending on which team u will fight, also Madtitan is telling true, cable is not a good as psylocke, so u need to learn mag / cable combos and resets, mmm, may be i will try this team

Working with cable AAA for magnus is pretty hard. Psy is free ROM everytime she connects… and magnus can call her… wait to see if she connects… then proceed. With cable you have to call him and get your ass in the air if you wanna ROM… which means if they got their assist out (even via mashing) it could likely ruin your combo.

Granted your a lot better off when running cable as your last character than you are with psy… and since neither magneto nor IM need much meter to be effective it shouldn’t be hard to bring cable in with 3+ bars.

Still there are plenty of teams out there that help a loaded cable a lot more… so it’s really what the team is trying to do. I’d say this squad is like a lesser MSS… meaning it’s loaded with awesome characters… but do they really work as well together as others might?

thanks for the input! the way i kind envisioned it is that if things go well for mag at the start you’d DHC to IM and go for guardbreak infinite
if things go south and mag is hurting get cable in with a safe tag/alpha counter because you’ll have the meter and since you have IM assist your’re safer from mag/storm

as far as the cable for mag i def noticed that its easier to drop but what im thinking is it might give you more of a psylocke type of gameplay (specifically dash other side resets once already romming) option than say sent drones on combofiend. also what ive been thinking is if you hit short short cable and miss they get taken up in the air so you can get some free meter doing SJ up/down fierces for meter for cable. any thoughts on this strategy? also i’d love to hear any input on what diff teams you are up against might require a different starting order.

just to give a few a more general ideas of how i have been thinking of the team is sort of like storm/sent/cable but without having to burn all the meter the point built to have a one hit kill.
storm/sent can burn three meters to make sure its a one touch which leaves sentinel in. also when cable DOES come in he is weak to mauling without an AA. i guess i’m thinking also that IM to cable DHC for kill gives you a safe way of getting cable if next char is a bad match for IM.

basically im imagining this team is more of a cable team than a IM team , opposite of how combofiend is more IM than sentinel. this is cuz i can’t do A2Gs or solo launch consistent with IM but would still like a) the assist and b) infinite/guardbreak/dhc
wonderin what you guys think

Well, for example, if u r gonna fight a sent/commando team, maybe would be easier to begin with cable as he can kill commando even if sent tries to cover him, also IM AAA, will prevent sent flying attacks… If u r going against msp would be better go for mag, at begin, just avoid double snaps, also must say that I´m agree… mag + cable needs work, but still possible, sometimes u can’t do stuff like with psylocke, but hypergrabs will be useful, also cable assist OTGs, psy assist doesn’t, it seems to be useful, u can just, call cable, again, sj cancel into rom or whatever, i think this bring a load of possible resets, its possible to roll, but no body waits a reset like this one, anyway this team can`t be completely successful if u don’t learn IM solo infinite setups, also u will have a hard time against a runaway storms, unless u kill the other two chars before her

I just don’t see cable’s place on the team being very good. He doesn’t get enough assist help from magnus or IM for the most part… …or at least nothing he couldn’t get much better elsewhere.

Biggest issue is lack of safe DHC’s… magnus can get out sure… but proton cannon and ground hvb are not safe at all to DHC into (cept in a combo.) For this reason it might be best to start IM with magnus in the middle in most circumstances. That way you can always make the switch if you need to (magnus supers being the closest to safe on the team.) This also saves cables AAA for both to benefit from AND gives you the time to build bars for cable.

You could start magnus and hope that you’ll always get a touch so you can DHC into proton cannon but that wont always happen b4 you want to get magnus out. Plus all the DHCing will just eat up the meters you are saving for cable.

One thing I do like about it is the well rounded flow factor where each member fills a given void. Aka… magneto gives the team great rush abilities… cable gives it great zoning abilities… and IM is right in the middle with the ability to do either decently.

Squad also has a pretty painful team super for what lil that’s worth.

Well if u ask me I love combofiend team, I prefer sent a thousand times before cable, so, at least for me: mag/Im/cable… Viable but not enough, anyway I’ve been just toying this team, and found a little fun stuff, so I will post some combos and resets later

i want to be able to play combofiend well eventually actually, that team is too sick. I play thrax/msp as my main teams and sometimes when I wanted cable on my team I felt dissatisfied (like cable didn’t have enough being catered to him for defense) on ROW and Storm/Sent/Cable.
I kinda like the idea of a one hit kill team that can generate a high meter cable if it gets the hit.

but im really starting to see why combo and mss are better cuz the more im messin with it i feel like if things go the right way its got all the options it wants or needs, but if things go south its kinda screwed where MSS can turn around all the time and everyone is safe DHC and damaging plus dbl snaps with RP. combo has better DHC options for rotation as well.

it feels kind of antithetical to 3 char team to need momentum to be effective. I was imaging like oh alpha counter cable in is always an option which is only good sometimes and when you have enough meter for cable but THEN what on the way out. Since you would have to rely on and then wait for good tags to get characters in/out it hurts the advantage you WOULD have of being able to get 2 or 3 meters and get out clean.
This is kinda what im thinking lately after reading your guys posts and noticing stuff

I still like team as I think it gives everyone good tools and sort of emphasizes a more rushdown magstill. even tho cable isn’t as good as psy on hit, hes still good on block and at tying up assists so it legs mag pressure still and most likely from block get a solo launch into unmashable with ironman. so mag feels very effective even without traditional psylocke but since you will drop more combos than with psy one touch isn’t really nearly as one touch but then you have dirty ironman behind you. sometimes if you see cable hit during rush you can just dhc in ironman but I only like to do that if it saves my ass or kills so far.

Lol, i couldn’t tell it better!!!

it’s a good team. all the characters are good. you definitely need to get in there with em though.