Magneto/Psylocke: Infinite & Cross-ups


Im sure everyone knows the ROM, and knows how to execute it. But I want to give you guys some good cross-up tactics to include in your Magz gameplan.


Magneto/Psylocke: These two are really good together (lol), in which Magneto is enhanced by Psylocke’s anti-air (WAY TO GO BABYGIRL!!! ehem…)

A nice way to confuse your opponent is to cross-up, but not so telegraphed. Huh?
A lot of people do cross-ups that can be anticipated, that kinda are visible before it even happens. They go for about 10-15 hits, and the opponent is already in defense mode against a Psylocke cross-up. So, I’ll give some other ways to mask the obvious…

Cross#1-, cr.hp, Psylocke, add, cross, cr.hp, aerial…Note: If you press add+lk, he add’s down really fast.

Cross#2-, lp, Psylocke, trijump, land,,, sj, etc…

Cross#3-, cr.hp, Psylocke, sj.+ lk, add+lk2 cross, land, hk, grav+shockwave or tempest (mashable) Or, just do shockwave w/o grav.

Infinite Cross#1 - basic infinite for 10-15 hits, cross over w/hk, Psylocke, trijump+ hk,, shockwave, or etc…

Infinite Cross#2- ROM for 10 or so, drop, cross, Psylocke, tempest or shockwave. Note: When you, you’ll cross while Psylocke pops them up, allowing for quick tempest or shockwave. With the tempest, be careful in doing it the right way, or else you’ll fly. ooops!!!

Infinite Cross#3- ROM, (for next rep) w/Psylocke, cross, lk, hk, aerial, shockwave, etc…

These are some altered versions of Magz & Psylocke cross-up gameplan. Its not intended to be a major tactic in your game until you have perfected the execution. So practice these combos in training mode, until you feel confident executing them in a real match.



None of this is new at all. Or is even remotely useful, unless you’re playing someone new to this game…then maybe it might work. But good tactics with Mags/Psy this is not. Its a good laugh, though.


I hate to tell you, but as the game has been out like 9 years, this and/or better stuff will be in threads in the magneto forums. Maybe you missed it, but there are character-specific forums on this site. If addressing a particular character, especially someone so deeply explored as mag, you should check there first.

You could also rom j.lp<lk<mp+psy,mk,qcf+kk,\ /, unrollable,, rom, then whatever reset.

To be honest, Psy is not going to be very important to the resets, because she’s just putting them in the same spot they’d be in from the rom anyway. When it comes down to it, Sent-a is gonna do more damage and sent-g or storm-a will present more mixup opportunities. Psy is simply easier to use (but in no way amazing).

Your resets are mostly gonna come from rom–you have four options to hit. You can hit overhead in back, in front, low in back, or low in front.

There are other options to refloat back or (less useful) front, or ground or airthrow in front or back. An airthrow is a place psy assist can actually be useful (rom, normal jump, psy, hp throw, psy hits, \ /,,…).

For anyone that has a general understanding of the game, these options are pretty easy.

One main concept to look at is how you’re mixing it up. Mixing up between front and back or high and low alone is less useful than the combination because you’re looking at them having a 1/2 chance to block correctly instead of 1/4–learn to hit overhead and low on both sides easily. For this reason it can be more beneficial to wait to reset on the ground than just mixing up front/back in the air. One useful time to cross up though is when you have an assist like drones or storm-a (or even psy for that matter if you call then dash under), can give you multiple options to reset… assist hits to combo, or on block puts them in guard stun and pushes them into you, giving you more room for another mixup.

Work to understand the general concepts that will lead you to learning the most rewarding set of mixups and then check for specific awesomeness in the old magneto threads. A 6-year-old thread is still 3 years ahead of a brand new player, and at least a couple wealthy years of magneto knowledge ahead, prolly.


tron assist resets is where the damage is at


fuck tron


Oh really, how many MSP teams have you seen doing these tactics? Not many have you? You know why? Because its not common. I never said it was new, I said its different ways in doing cross-ups with MSP. You, beats, and some other guys tend to target me for a scrub. But, who are you? At least beats has a rep, I see you running behind me insulting my advice. Honestly, tell me you couldnt benefit from these tactics. Exactly, so why are you insulting the advice? Hmmm…

And I posted Magz/Psylocke advice, because in fact he is one of the main characters, so why wouldnt I post some things with him? I know they have character specific threads, but this is GENERAL STRADEGY, meaning stradegy for teams, assist combinations, etc. (hence Magneto AND Psylocke) NOT just Magneto, jeez…

I dont get it, if you dont have any additional info to my post, then why waste your time posting?


Comprehend The Stradegy Thourougly

As usual, you guys clearly misunderstand again and again. I know how to do everything youre mentioning dude!!! THATS WHY THESE TACTICS ARE MORE EFFECTIVE, BECAUSE OF THE OPPONENT SO USED TO THE USUAL TACTICS. You get lost somewhere in the post, and respond hastily, not really comprehending the intent of the advice. I say do one thing, and you come back with something that I already know how to do, its pointless to respond. Dashing down w/Psylocke is a great tactic, cause your opponent is assuming youre going for ROM, so its the element of suprise. Almost half of opponents will be confused by this tactic. I dont know what you guys think of me, but Im probably better than most of you. Regardless of how long youve been here. Ive been banned before with flaming intentionally, and Im not gonna let it happen again over people intentionally provoking a argument with me.

Thank you…


this is awful. again, anyone who is at least decent (and philopia is more than that) understands that this is old/not that useful/doesn’t work…

at the very least, you are posting nothing new.

murakumo: typhoon/drones offer more mixup than psy? I beg to differ.


Did I ever say it was new? No, I know its not, Ive seen people do it, heck Ive done it, and still do it. You clearly are intending to provoke an argument.
How is it awful, if its been used before? See, I know your gameplan…
Youre trying to make me mad, but I dont have anything to be mad about, cause I know Im pretty good. In the back of your mind, youre saying: “Damn, 9 is pretty good, thats not the same guy I was arguing at first…”. But because youre stubborn, you dont want to complement me, and continue to criticize my advice. I on the other hand, have apologized and complemented you for your skill. Which shows that I was actually right about you in the beginning, even though I was joking around. How did I know that about you? Because Im experienced in life, and I know the personalities of MvC2 players. You seem like the type that gets angry when you lose to someone YOU think is of lesser skill, and I just look at it as something I need to work on in my gameplan. So, look at my advice, or copy & paste, and say thats the same stuff he posted on SRK, and beat me with in a match. Because, Magneto is quick, and…wait…you know that, theres no need to explain the obvious stuff I didnt explain with this post. Yeah, you thought about it now, and its solid advice.

Stay chill…L9>>>>>>


I have to say this post and others have really rung true to me. I used to think 9Revolta was a scrub, but in delving into the veritable treasure trove of his incredibly in-depth, useful, and generally insightful posts I can see that he is the true warrior-saint of Marvel 2.

Here I was trying to use actual strategies in my gameplan, but alas, those days are behind me now. Tha 9ine has shown me the light of the nexter level of Marvel Tech-tonics-- he’s chosen me as his progidy (sic) and although he’s begged and begged me not to tell the unworthy masses, I feel I must.

His genius lies in the deceptive art known as The Way of the Intercepting Scrub. In this strategy, an astute warrior must watch a few matches on youtube, and then, without ever actually playing the game or grasping a remedial understanding of grammar or the english language, proceed to post gibberish on the SRK message boards.

Remember it’s all about the STRAGEDY (sic).


Not much has changed.



…Haven’t done that in a while.

Anyway, lets get back to your reply. I was in a bit busy and had to cut it short.



I can only respond to a few people at a time, so I’ll start with this eczangief guy.

First of all, if Zangief is a fav player of yours, then you probably suck.

But, I must say, you pretty much described my style in MvC2, thanks. And I know you worded it carefully, to mask how you really feel about the 9. FYI, its only when Im not practicing that I check vids out, and its really for entertainment (watching tourneys…) I cant wait to I upload some vids of mine on Ytube, to kinda zip your mouth about insulting this MvC2 combokid.

Whats some of your teams? As you can see, I have a ton of teams, in which I dont see any of you guys adding to it, as if you basically are in the Marvel section (figures…) Give me some of your teams, I bet you dont have any, except for the ol’ MSP, MSS, follow the leader, “stick with what works” type of team. Thats pitiful, and a disgrace to the entire game. The creators didnt make the game so people can drain it down with only Marvel characters, it was meant to be a exploration of both universes (like the MvC1) So, dont insult (or subliminally complement) someone, when you probably couldnt beat that person if you had 20 chances to do so. 0-20, scoreboard…


You missed the point (this seems too repetitive) again…
AND, to prove how ignorant you guys are, is look at the current Mag tactics, theyre just as old, but people still do them, right? Listen, you guys arent adding to the help Im trying to give those who arent as good as us (well, the way you all are acting, I’ll just say me)

AND, you say you havent done it in a while? Picture doing it in a match now, yeah…it all of a sudden has been revived, because opponents havent seen it in a while. They should have a BS thread, so you guys can vomit out sarcasm out the ying-yang, until you get tired, and go to sleep, and wake up, and come right back to vomitting again the next day. Because, youre not helping those who need it. It seems Im like the only one who is helping cats out when they ask questions. The rest of you seem as if, youre waiting to see what advice is given, so you can come behind it and correct it. If thats the case, why dont you just post advicein the first place. Ohh, that wouldnt be fun, youre not actually trying to help people out. But think about when youre were asking for help, yeah…now stop acting like kids, and bring positivity to discussion, rather than spoiling them.

                                                                                           *   THE 9-*


I’d put my 3x Zangief team against anything you got all day EZ.

PLEASE make a combo vid ASAP IMO.


Srsly speaking, though. Your horrible advice helps no one. I’ve probably help more people in a single post than you do with your rambling BS.


The Redundance Of Redundance…

Wow, it just continues to happen, doesnt it?


In fact, this wasnt for experienced Magz players, it was for novices, in which Ive stated time after time, after time, after time, after time…infinity…
That was the main objective, it wasnt for good MSP’s, OBVIOUS!!! But, even with
experienced MSP teams, theyd revive these tactics, because theyre cool to do.

What else is there for me to say? Im thinking of innovative ways to be sarcastic with you guys now, since youre either purposedly ignoring key points, or you all have comprehension issues, hope it isnt the last…whew!!!


You know, this kinda reminds me of Ytube discussions. Id be debating with some air-head racist or something, and I cant just seem to shut em’ up. No matter the evidence that I put on the table, they amazingly always have something else to say. You guys remind me of that, youre not actually contesting the advice Im giving, youre just saying its bad advice. Thats not a reason, I need YOUR reasons to why it wont work. In present matches, guys are getting crossed-up all the time w/Psylocke, how is this any different? Its not, but obviously you all hate me for some reason. Ohhhh, I know whats going on, the reputation from Ytube has carried over to SRK. Youve read some of my conspiring post about the Gov and all, and think Im some crazy nut job. Well, that may be true, but I know my MvC2 though. I was wondering why there is such assertiveness with you guys responses to my threads. I would post some advice, someone would be informed, and all of a sudden, here comes a pack of hyenas, running off at the mouth at how I gave bad advice. I see it now, Im chillin though, as long as you all know Im good, theres nothing to be concerned about.:smokin:


Yo, 9. We get it. You are either a troll, or incredibly stupid, likely both. Can you stop your pointless tirades and vapid insults against respected players and save all of us some time and effort.

What you are saying is like saying people should use the hg tempest semi-inf a lot. In short, it’s outdated, and won’t work on good players. Now would you kindly shut the fuck up and stop abusing ellipses.


Dude, youd get annihilated, plain & simple.
Zangief? You cant even say his name without having doubt in your mind about a challenge from somebody. Id eat you up so fast, you wouldnt play with him anymore, because youd be ashamed at how he got brutalized…

And, that would be with low-tier, I wouldnt use top or God. Straight merc’n…

Here, here’s my team: Dan/Sakura/Ken…hmmph…

But, lets stay on topic though, what would you do with MSP cross-ups? I want to see if youre good, or if youre just some bandwagoner, acting like he has skill by insulting others.