Magneto psylocke unmashable followup



in the TP magneto exhibition video, near the end we see magneto do the infamous psylocke unmashable. in the movie i see the following happen;

dash in c.hp /\ xx ad.df lk, lk / nj lk+psylocke, lk xx tempest

however, for some weird reason, magneto just falls straight down, proceeds to, OTG into the fluky tempest that hits without a hypergrav

i keep trying and trying, but when i do the unmashable, immediately after the tempest finishes magneto would fly up a little in the air, preventing me from doing the OTG followup.

any insight on how the TP thing was done?


Try this:Launch,SjHk,A/D lk lk,nj(normal jump)lk,FP+Psy Assist then airdash Down right away.When the FP hits,then airdash down right away,then cancel to tempest.Then,when the tempest is done,you’ll be able to crlk,crhk then hyber grav then infint,crossup,etc…:slight_smile: .


Oh crap.My bad.I misread your question.Anyways,do the rest what i told you.When you land do a crlk(pause for a little bit),then crHk then tempest ASAP(while mashing like crazy).I’m not sure if mashing helps,but it does for me:p


AS SEEN ON VIDEO:: , c.hp .sj , hk ,ad/df , lk , lk , jump+lk+psy , hp , tempest , land , , pause , , tempest

hp must hit right befor psy
second tempest should be done right as the hits



But doing a regular normal jump lk,lk+psy or lk,FP+psy tempest,it’s rollable.


damn after watching the vid again it was HP not LK…sorry guys thanks for clearing that up.

hmmm i wonder why people still choose to do the lk lk version instead of the lk hp version now…considering the hp version allows you to possibly follow up…


Maybe it has to do something with the damage:p


J.LK + Psylocke, J.MK, Airdash Down, immediate Tempest. Do the Tempest QUICKLY.

What happens is that the direction of your jump is preserved, so after the Tempest you drop straight down and are able to OTG/juggle with low short. Hard on Cable for some reason.

I doubt I was the first person to think of this, but I was the first person to post about it.


any time a person hits the ground after a combo its rollable which is why thats pretty much pointless to do this combo … the ONLY way a combo is not rollable is if you hit the ground way befor the other person…
alot of the video that you will ever see are for show mainly … ekin is a damn good player and have much respect for him because im sure he could take most people out but most of his videos that you will see all have to do with glitches and suki canceling i found out
anyways … aslong as you get to the ground befor the other person they cant roll … it pretty much works like the slide infinit
( , , trijump , land , , , trijump , land ,
you always land first therefor its repeatable


what’s up guys, thanks for the props, yeah the combo in my vid is rollable, if you time it right you can get the lk hp tempest shit to be unrollable through delaying psylocke and silly things like that, but using dasriks method is a reliable way of following upon it.

so it would be c.hp ad df lk lk, rejump lk + psy lk, airdash down, tempest (before you hit the ground), land,, delay, xx tempest


ekin … long time no see man (hopefully cause you’er making more videos for me to download) maybe you could help me with this
any suggestions would be great