Magneto Question?

I heard that there is some way to make Magnetos HyperGrav/Magnetic Tempest hard to mash out of…is this true?
if so how do you do it?

Sanford said it was true, but how is it done?

I would like to know too. Knowing this would help my magneto.


Hopefully someone know and will come foward :clap:

Shake that shit.

I heard that too. I heard its harder to mash out if you do it in the corner or if you do the magnetic grab with lk, but it could just be shennanigans.

instead of doing the whole magic series into hyper grav, you do jab short than hyper grav. I could be wrong because this is all speculation

so buffer the jab, qcf+lk, lk, then super?

Your Magneto sux neways. So why you worried about it? = P

Nah but I think Issac Graham was saying something about it after TS5. I think I recall him saying there’s certain points where you can delay the hypergrab… so they start mashing b4/after they have to… hence they don’t get out. Don’t quote me on that though, that’s just what I think I remember hearing. Neways… who cares… tempest is unmashable 90% of the time in the corner. If all else fails… RESET!

Mashing out of the tempest in the corner is just as easy anywhere else, for me anyways.

Yeah! gettin hit by the tempest in the corner or in the middle of the screen is the same thing, but the thing is that every one stay’s mashing when they have gotten out so “Hence” they don’t block it fast enough and eat the super.

every single hypergr tempest can be mashed out of - the key is to not mash too early. Also, slide hands across buttons left and right while doing a triangle or back and forth on the joystick.

I heard something about it having something to do with having a assist on screen or something.

I think its harder to mash out of if the opponent is farther away from Magneto as you Hyper Grav xx Tempest. The opponent can’t actually mash out until they’re hit by the Hyper Grav, so if the time between getting Grav’d and getting hit by the Tempest is reduced, then it should be [theoretically] harder to mash out of.

So instead of doing magic series xx Hyper Grav xx Tempest, you could do something like sj lp, sj lk, sj lp, pause, magic series xx Hyper Grav xx Tempest.

I’m not sure about that, though. I’ve been thinking about it for a while but I never got around to testing it.

i thought it would be harder if they are closer to mash out. cuz in the corner everyone mashes to late and never get out the Hyper Grav

Thats easy: you can seperate yourself from the guy by dashing back or just holding back while doing magic series slow + do LK Hypergrav your chances on getting it to be unmashable are pretty high that way. Another way is umm well this is rollable except corner SO midscreen otg … and HK throw in the corner: So lets say throw in the corner + psy around the time you’re going to tiger knee the hypergrav so you tigerknee teh hypergrav (lk) then tempest pretty fast… So what happens is that psy hits them down and the hypergrav catches them while the tempest is coming out already… Also correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it hard to mash out of Air HP throw in corner >hypergrav > tempest?? Anyways hope that helped.

sanford told me that when u mash the tempest the shards come out faster so i think thats how u make it harder to get out.

so should you mash slower which will make the shards come out slower? lol

but when you get the HP throw out in the air off a super jump you can’t mash out till he hits the floor second time (cuz they have bounce twice before the character is free from the throw) but…do the Hyper Grav/Tempest while falling i think that’s why it makes it harder to mash out from that, cuz you can’t mash out till the hits the floor the second time from the throw.IMO

Correct me if i’m wrong there or messed up saying it… :razzy:

I think its harder to mash out of corners because in mid screen, when you mash out, you fly back half screen, thus avoiding contact with the shards before you recover. But in corner, there’s no half screen to fly back to, so the shards hit you before you recover from the fly back. seen lots of times where people mash out, but the shards still hit since they didn’t recover from fly back yet.

you can still mash out, seen many people do it. Its harder because, like someone said before, the guy is farther from you, so there is a slight delay before you should mash, since there’s some travel time for the hyper grav. Also its done mostly in the corner, so that makes it twice as hard.

But why is the Hyper/Grav Tempest so hard to mash out from far away? the hyper grav has to travel back to magneto, which shouldn’t of that made it easier to mash out of?
shouldn’t be harder to mash if they are farther from Magneto?
i thougth it would of been harder to mash from being up close like being comboed from the middle of the screen to Hyper Grav/Tempest.