Magneto resets against MASHERS

Guyz I need help on what magnus resets are best applied against mashers?? coz these days i usually get hit with their lk’s or lp’s when i reset after a rom!!!

Another one is when I rom upto 40 hits, I can’t think of a Fancy reset to do… Please Help!! Im kinda playin for flashyness sumtyms… TNX!!:slight_smile:

How in the hell do you lose to mashers? :confused:

Just dash under them after the ROM then + psy, then whatever. or just ROM, ad/df under them, basic resests.

I didnt say anything about losing to mashers… i can still beat the hell out of em but when i crossover SOMETIMES i get hit on the head with lk’s… and i dont need any basic crossups and resets… need help on any new resets too…

Block call psylocke:D reset:lol:

haha against mashers you just need capcom :stuck_out_tongue: and anyone else on point.

if u see them mashing while u do rom, get them as high off the ground as possible after ad/df lk lk, land, pause a little so they recover from hit stun, and launch them up for something. not fancy, but might make them think twice about mashing next time. after they get used to that, just do your regular crossups.

mashing out of resets is actually a viable tactic when done on reaction to a reset. but when someone is mashing the entire time you are ROMing them then thats just fucking scrubby. For those people just block and call psy. But for the other people that do it on reaction I would suggest doing flying screen resets. Just end the ROM in a fierce then tri jump, cross them up however you want I guarantee they cant mash out of it.

easy solution man… hehe, yea, it started annoying me after a while, so seriously, no lie, jus ROM and yea, block call psy, or my fav:

rom, when you land, counter xx shockwave :lol:

if your rom infiniting them in the corner and you know there mashing go-,mk addf lk,mk (land) then tri-jump with hk really fast so it becomes a throw. this is really old but im pretty sure you cant mash out of it.

Thanks for all the help guyz… i’ve tried them all and works good against them… but i usually tri jump grab… looks kinda fancy… hahaha…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Does anybody have any Mag reset video that they can send me ?