Magneto / sentinel unmashable, and other q's

what’s the unmashable with RP? i’ve tried a lot of different options, can’t get it

anything good about storm on expansion?

what’s gief’s corner infinite?

thanks :slight_smile:

low rom -> j.LK+sent (long delay), j.HP xx tempest works in the corner

low rom -> j.LK+sent (long delay), j.HP xx adf -> tempest (on other side of opponent) sorta works midscreen, it’s really hard to connect

i suggest doing hcf+LK+HK so if your inputs get fucked up when you airdash over them you’ll get a hypergrav instead of fly

edit: do it much faster on sent

thanks any other info on the rest?

dunno much about storm on expansion really, i know alex in philly uses it as a ghetto AA assist when he plays storm/sent/mag, it’s got a lot of priority like always but i’d stick with projectile assist, that can actually get you out of some stuff.

i think gief’s corner inf is neutral j.LP,LP xx PP or j.LP,LP xx KK then rejump and repeat don’t quote me on it though

edit: when you’re back at school you should drive to philly for one of the UP tournies, we need some more marvel comp, brandon wins for free tho ;[

haha, i was at pinball a few months ago… mebbe begining july or end of june… idk… kinda sucked as for comp… some random watts player that got scraped. lol

i did this one by accident the other day… after i did the rom for like 1 rep i did regular jump short jab fierce roundhouse and called sentinal…at the same time that i did the fierce or the roundhouse :confused: …sorry, i dont remember exactly which one, :sad: :shake: but, i cancelled the RH into tempest ,while sent was hittin em with rocket punch, and tempest comboed from the rocket punch. :tup:
I hope that shit’s not old. :xeye: ( i just recently started practicing using magnus)

yo, check out my first combovideo on (its called “show you how to do this”) theres a bunch of shit you can do with storm expansion in that video :tup:

Not only does it let you combo into supers in air combos, that u normally couldnt combo (because the super has a slow startup;etc),the reason it lets you combo those slow-ass supers (like dhalsims super in the air)the hitstun is really long after they get hit by the assist…they just bounce really high up and are in hitstun for a long time… its also good cuz of the delay when you call out storm. she doesnt come out right away, so a lot of the times, she can “save” you from a combo (kinda like how if you call out sent drones assist and they start a combo on you, the drones interrupts their combo), like for example if captain america does his charging stars super , and if you called her assist right before he did the super on you, shell come out and hit him out of the super (even though his super usually goes through a lot of things) and she’ll get hit by his super, but,they trade hits. also, because of the delay, you can jump over em and call storm, and shell take a while to come out, so it crosses em up , sometimes… this is really useful if you have capcom on point (like, if youre playing team santhrax and he gets snapped in) ,because, as soon as that storm exp. assist hits, you get a free “Captain sword” combo… so… the storm exp assist is good for characters with “vertical” supers (like Warmachine’s super, or hulk’s gamma crush), and, if their assist gets hit by storm, they get knocked up really high and it takes a while for them to come back down, so, if you have magneto on point, you can do tempest right before they are about to come down…

hot shite

^^Yup, Ill E is one of the best doom/ruby heart player i have ever encountered. His skills with middle tiers are bad ass.

Ill E. might make random apperances in UH arcade so hope i see you sometime. :tup:

Its something like:

launch sj. hk ad d/f lk lk / j. lk + Sent j. hp j. hk Tempest

That’s what I use anyways.

Anyone here knows what’s the Mag BH-AA unmashable tempest? I’ve heard there’s one.

For some reason, I absolutely cannot link the j.hp (or j.hp variation, for that matter) to the RP. I did it once or twice in about an hour of practicing. Anybody have any tips?

It’s infinite into corner, (small pause here, but the rest quickly) j.hp + Sent-A > xx Tempest.

You’ve probably seen me do it a hundred times, why dont you just ask me to show you instead of trying to imagine someone’s explaination on SRK?

Because I forget. Besides, I only play you rarely.