Magneto Sprite Request


Can anyone send me a purple Magneto sprite?


Like this?


naw I need purple not blue…

but thankxz anyways…


like this one???



naw thats not it…

thankxz aswell…


Hes red in that, Ill make you a purple one man hold on.




Let me know what you want changed, this is a basic one to show I can do it, if you want a different sprite or whatever tell me. Being specific kicks ass.


DAMN He’s too good…


wow that was really good coloring hey can you make me a gold and black magneto i really like making magneto avs as you can tell from my current av.


Thanks Krafty:lol:


Isnt that hp color, I thought purple was HK


Its all cool cuz he sent me another one just like it and I did a lit color edit to and …



do a Gold and Black one or do a really cool looking black one with a silver shine


That is a shade of purple if you cant see, and I didnt know it was for the colors of the game because he didnt say it was did he? he asked for a purple magneto and I gave him one. He didnt specify anything.


Yup my fault for not asking correctly…:lol:

anyways magneto in black’ish… gold’ish


the magneto pic you posted asian demon is kinda incomplete but thank you for makin me one.:slight_smile:


can u make me a sprite with the character “Raziel” from Soul Reaver?