Magneto strategy: Aproaching

Magneto is fast but it doesn’t do me much good if my moves come out slow have little reach or have no priority.

Magneto has a nifty standing light that will catch jumping enemies but its so high from the ground and the hitbox seems soo small. That half of the cast can stand directly underneath it. So I constantly find my self useing on crouching light and my freinds always see that coming.

Does mags have any standing overhead atacks that I can add to my ground combo to swich things up?

you can try to get an opening with the help of an assist, especially something like Doom’s missiles which really keeps your opponent in their toes. Mix it up, go for a low attack, go for a grab, go for a hyper grab, etc. Approach or camp with MB too

It’s all about tri-jumps with Mag. He moves so fast it’s tough for people to react. Tri-jump with L on the way down has to be blocked high. Once you do this a few times you mix it up, either tri-jump over him for a quick cross up or land right in front of them and go for a throw, among other things. For a quick overheard, QCB+S S. The second S will cancel the flight mode with a quick overhead attack. You can also Instant Air Dash -> S.

Is there a video or the sort to show me more about Tri-Jumping? I’m having trouble.

same. i try to tri-jump but when i jump and then air dash down, no moves come out

To tri-jump and get a move to come out, you have to start the ADD at the peak of the jump. So you have to wait a little, no more instant tri-jumps in this game, unfortunately.

i was wondering about tri jumping also. i played a magneto and he tri jumped all over me but i went to try doing the same thing i couldnt get moves to come out.

also should i cover my try jumping with an assist or is cool to just go ahead jump at them

I use Magnus Task with Sent at the end. The assists I get from task are ass so…Wesker maybe?

qcbs, s is a really slow overhead and can be reacted easily, your friends need to step it up. it’s good now and then but it aint that fancy overhead.

It’s good to hit above a low move for a combo.

As for approaching, I like to scare them with projective spam with Mag and then try to approach with an assist covering me.
Also, if your opponent jumps alot at you, jA into a full combo is really good. jA has lots of priority in this game.

I dont think you have to wait until the peak of the jump with mag to get the j.l to come out. You just have to claw or slide the motion (depending on your button set up).

So I use the TVC set up of
S A1 A2

I dash DF using my middle & ring finger, while the index finger almost simultaneously presses the Lk. (claw method)

or i’ve tried using the MVC2 slide but its awkward. Where you press the M & H and immediately slide to your left to hit the L.

ive seen alot of tri jumping using j.S instead of j.L is that good and if not why not

j.L whiffs on some small crouching characters and is tricky to hit even on regular sized crouchers, j.S hits everyone standing and crouching.

cool so im guessing using j.s is the beter option

But you have to do it while SJing, which is slower then regular jump-tri-jump.

Slide kick, doesn’t get any more simple then that.
Grab is also an easy set up for a combo.
Most people just mash out a projectile or set up with an assist.

Oddly enough in an air combo no one seems to use Magneto with really long air combos such as:
High jump. L, L, M, M, H drop a little dash upwards L, M, H. Flight, L, M, H, forward upward dash L, M, H, forward upward dash, L, M, H, forward upward dash, L, M, H. Flight cancel H, S then on the ground use you are defeated or a team swap.

indeed, hidden missiles are golden for Magneto. I use them cuz i also main phoenix, so its good when i want to zone them with EM disruptahs + hidden ms.

does anyone have tips for popping out a grab cus i can do it at all is it only realy possible if im approaching with a long lasting assist like doom hidden missles or sentinel drones?

Oh and also how do u guys use doom hidden missiles to aproach just looking for the bes way bc doom takes a second to get started so how do i cover the start up time of the assist and when its started should i tri jump?

cover it with EM Disruptor, as in, call doom and do EM D.

when missiles are out, try approaching CAREFULLY, they’ll have to block anyways, if it helps, keep them locked with EM D untill the missiles start falling, then get in.

any videos By anychance of people playing with mag and doom