Magneto vs Scrub

I’ve had a couple of people ask me whats the best way to beat team Scrub using MSP. There are a lot of different ways but the main one is taking out Captain Commando first. Someone else asked me whenever they are playing Cable after they throw a bomb or a viper beam they dash at Cable, but Cable’s standing LK while dashing always beats Magneto and then gets raped by hyper viper beams. The best way to get Cable when they are doing is that is when you dash at Cable and you know they’re going to to that LK, do a LP slide, super jump, air dash, LK, slide and hyper grab, and then cable is fucked, so be careful when doing this.

ideally, you push him back into the corner by just dashing at him while blocking/avoid his tricks

if you can get under him when he does a tk grenade then it’s hit with sj. lk, hp, air dash d/f lk, mk then you can snap, rom, unmashable etc.

but yea the main idea would be to snap capcom in then take out the team.

Scrub when snapped has the hardest time getting cap out. none of the dhc’s are safe if mag is moving in the air. the best thing they can do is tag or fight with cap.

You also have to be patient when going against scrub since they are a sitting team and just wait for you to attack

The way i fight team scrub is take out the problem (Cable) first cause either way sent is getting guard broken or unblockabled next. I think even wit all the tools cable has he cant match up against magnus cause eventually magnus will get cable in a 1 on 1 scenerio.

Edit: Same goes for storm, Cable is such a sad character which is why scrubs use him as their first character when they first played, i know i did…

Cable is a problem but not that big of a problem because without commando cable is just combo practice, but you do need to watch out for sentinel’s drones.

Yeah i think they are more of a problem then cap, cause cable can eat a hit then drones hits mag then cable AHVBs.

Thats a good point, and it also depends on how well the person knows how to use cable


I catch cable alot by using mobility trick to getting around and over, or around and under his trap patterns/assists a little faster than he wants me to.

This forces a reaction, and generally leaves him open to be crossed up, thrown, or guard broken out of a normal jump.

There are also some good resets to trick cables into calling commando in for a 2x snap.

yeah thats my bestest problem