Magneto vs. Sent w/capcom

ok, I’ve watched vids, played this matchup alot and come to this conclusion…

…this is match up is NOT in Magneto’s favor. From what I’ve seen, it forces him on defense and that’s not exactly something he’s too good at. I usually end up trying to bait out commando, …and that’s about the only effective thing I can think to do. even then, Sentinel can wavedash backward or unfly if the player predicted commando to miss.

I see so many people struggle with this. What do ya’ll think Mag can do, and what assists should he use?

pray for that snapout

I already have been doing that. ;_;

well from half screen i usually do somthing like dash forward snap out to beat out fly.hp:bgrin:

don’t know how many i’ve thrown in a dash xx rom

i kno not practical but works if u dont abuse it

snapping in commando is my main focus. just don’t let it ruin your game plan.

if you’re playing against santhrax and say storm is on point. if you hit her with enough counter hits then just kill that bitch cuz you dont want to get LS xx HSF. i wouldn’t reset just to ensure she dies. sentinel comes in then guard break him. then rom to like 40 hits and snap in commando. beast on him reseting all you want and then you’ve got a solo sentinel that you can rush the fuck down and do all the combo’s resets you’ve done in training mode. magneto owns a solo sent.

I started a thread like this a while back and have gotten some good advice

Bump…crosses fingers

catch him once and its over.

switch sides during ROM depending on which corner is closer. and its not by resetting with d/f lk but comboing it a certain way.

i dun think a solo mag “owns” solo sent

that’s when skill level comes in, example: Sooo’s mag vs solo sent is a guaranteed win on his part due to his godly beasting.

but if the sent has defense all it takes is 1 slip up and it’s GG.

lol what are all you guys talking about?

only thing a lone sentinel (will get a chance to do) is a random snap, kill psy with unblockable, then try to kill magneto if hes incoming. if not, then ok cool sentinel gets his free combo on storm, no big deal.

but anyways the topic was on sent w/ commando, so, magneto has a good chance. i say its 5-5 nowadays. when sentinel is backed near the corner, dont let him sj over you or wave dash under u. after cc does his assist, if the sentinel isnt too smart he would be unflying to poke u and try to keep you in blockstun for the next cc attempt. if this is so, dash under and sj lk mk start inf.

other things to do is NOT GET HIT by stupidity lasers/assist/rocket punches. trust me, this is how most mags die is just from rushing in too much without blocking. also pay close attention to when sentinel unflies, dont get hit by noob unfly shit lol that shit is slow. but also dont get hit by unfly hk, thats gonna hurt too if you block low too early.

well anyways when u have him in the corner, things he can only do with ur pressure rushdown (if ur smart to time things right and all) is try to assist, then push you into it and he has room to breathe again, dont allow that. when you think hes gonna call his assist, block, then u can keep trying to hit/grab him. some smart sentinels will be afraid of grabs, so they normal jump backward or up. make use of that jump grab.

also when commando is done, most people call psy to lock down. this is how ur assist keeps dying. they can call cc again and keep doing that until it kills psy. call her when you think sentinel will throw a normal or something, but make sure cc isnt in the way so u can dash up juggle it. you dont want him rolling out and having space again.

none of that is exactly too easy, but once u get used to it theres a lot more options you see other than sj and air dash on top of him, that gets u killed :shake:.

and if my strategy still doesnt work, then, sorry, lol not much i can do. :sad:

its wrong to say, if sent\mando does this, then do this. Every person will react differently given any set of scenarios. Of course, you will have players that do the same thing but everyone won’t do the same thing. Another part about giving specific counters is that players adapt and said counters eventually stop working. The whole concept is flawed from the start.

The best advice you can give anyone in this fight, or any fight for that matter, is to use basic counters till individual player counters become obvious, then work those into your game plan. Learn to move around mando AA and sent @ the same time, learn when the proper time to attack is, stay away from sentinels attack ranges, baiting mando AA and stuffing mando AA with magneto’s normals etc… you can name quite a few tactics that have to take place in this fight.