Magneto with Drones assist

Does anyone have any good ways to play magneto with drones assist backing him? Any interesting combos or strategies? How effective are drones in combos? Do they help with crossups? Anything would be helpful.

you should see khaos’ matches on YouTube



Not to be a jerk but thats not a very good video for use of drones assist.

So anyways here’s a good combo
(in corner) launch,,,,call assist,s.lp,,em disrupterXXtempest

A couple of basic things:
-Tick throw+drones works extremely well because you can combo off of it everytime.

-drones damage is almost equal to 2 of magneto high punches so its pretty good extra damage to throw in a reset or combo

-for unmashable tempest, instead of doing the old otg, slide,hypergrav tempest----you can,slide, tempest. they will bounce into the drones

-a good trick is after you kill someone call drones and triangle jump over the dead body. When you do this your opponent will enter the screen on the same side as drones are. If they are snoozing you can get a free combo if not its safe anyways.

-Even tho its Sentinel drones assist you can counter him in and cancel into hyper sentinel force. Not used alot but its good to know you have the option

-Alot of basic mixups are pretty similar to storm/sent or Rom based so not too terribly difficult at a beginner level

ill record some tonight and post in about an hour of a couple…

thanks for the help guys

look up deus or j360 vids too
mss and mims respectively