what are some website??? to see doing rom infinite vids?

send me pls… tnx guys. i know i didn’t belong in this thread.

includes iron mans inf.


so your all over these boards posting the exact questions that the members keep requesting be stopped


are u owner of this thread?? that is not a nonsense question. ok, and im st playing this game 3 months yet. So pls help me if you can…


do you have any goddamn common sense? This is the fuking iron man section, why the hell is magneto here. Why should people help you if you can’t help yourself… Not to be mean, but you’re what makes new people look bad. heres a hint. don’t make new threads for a month till you learn how to use the search button and make legitamite posts. goto


Homie, Theres a Iron Man section and theres a prolly more in-depth Mags Section, what are you askin’ for Magneto shit in Iron Man shit??? :confused:


Ironman infinites and PC’s fagneto out of ironman forum :stuck_out_tongue: