Magneto's Looping Combos



Alright, so I’m not that much of a Marvel player, but recently I’ve been trying to just learn the game to just be able to play it for fun, so I don’t know much.

One of the characters I’ve liked in this game is Magneto, but I don’t know how to do his looping combos. I’m talking about after Magneto launches the opponent, I often see a loop occur and then the combo continues from Magneto players. I’ve tried to look up tutorials but I haven’t found anyone that does a good job of explaining how it works and how it’s done. Can anyone here help me out?


There’s a combo thread, And the Magneto 2.0 Thread. Check the last few posts on those for BnBs and tips. Thank you.


Hi z0sum, like Kanta-Kun just mentioned, you definitely want to check out the Magneto threads already on these boards.

a basic way to start his flight loop would be Crouching LMHS, super jump, H, air dash forward, M, Fly, L, Heavy, air dash forward H, air dash forward H ,and so on.
for a more advanced version and the hyper grab loop check out the other thread as mentioned before, people on these boards provide combo videos as an excellent reference for new players.

Hope this helps.


Does it matter how fast I air dash to h?

Lets say I mapped one button as L+M for dash, is there a timing when pressing the button L+M to H? Or can I just press them at what ever speed?


Yes, there is a timing, you cannot just mash dash to heavy and have it keep the combo going, but the timing is really easy, if it helps use M,H , ADF, M,H. after you are comfortable with using M,H loops, id move onto H, adf, H. this is how i learned it.

basically, after you hit your first H, wait till you see magneto dashing forward a little bit, then hit H again. rinse, repeat, profit.


how long do you think that basic loop would last ? :slight_smile:


Lasts for about 5 reps on average.




When I try the basic loop, the character will drop while I’m doing the H ADF H… Am I doing it too slow?

EDIT: I’ve been trying for ages, and as soon as i post this I pick it up straight away haha

I guess my next question is midscreen what is the next hardest combo? I’ve already got the grav loop combo in the corner covered. I’ve tried looking at the combo thread, but none of the combos seem suited to scrubs :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to Magneto.


After learning a fly loop, you should get started on Magnetic Blast loops. The easiest ones are probably cLMHS jH adf jH Magnetic Blast L, land, dash forward st.S jH adf (pause)jH Magnetic Blast L, land st.S jMMH adf jHS and cLMHS jH adf (pause)jH Magnetic Blast L, [land, neutral jump jMH Magnetic Blast L]x2 st.S jMMH adf jHS.


Yeah I think I need to learn something like that which does significantly more damage than just MMHS in the air.

That basic flight loop does 517,000, while just MMHS in the air in the same combo does 502,000. I don’t think 14 thousand more damage and slightly more meter is worth how difficult that combo is, especially compared to just MMHS!

Although I think it would be worth it if I could capitalise how it carrys to the corner, gotta work on turning it into the grav loop.


MMHS does like 300k doesn’t it? While fly loop usually gets around 430k.


Yeah but It causes the super to scale much harder. But I’ve found if you end the H ADF H loop with MMHS you get enough more damage than JUST MMHS to make it worth it.

Also I’ve been finding the extra meter gain is very useful to getting level 3, and if I can get to the corner to some corner loop = significantly more damage.

Sorry if this is all like day 1 vanilla magneto, but I hope someone else new reading this benefits =p


nah bro that’s what a lot of the magneto players are doing since that combo is consistent enough with damage


We don’t take kindly to MMHS around here :stuck_out_tongue: . Shockwave is much too space dependent to factor in into BnB damage. If you want big damage off of a fly loop, just unfly jH land st.H xx Hyper Grav into Hyper Grav loop into Tempest for 700k.


Din0, I’m trying to get those blast loops down. After the first Magnetic Blast L, the opponent gets knocked a bit far for me to relaunch with S. Do I need to slightly delay my air dash after j.H? I noticed there’s a pause listed for the 2nd rep.


You don’t have to delay the first loop at all but you have to dash up after the Magnetic Blast in order to connect the st. :s: . It’s really just a combo to get you accustomed to the delayed j. :h: 's you should try to learn Alioune’s loop:

launcher into j:h: adf (slight pause) j:h: xxMagnetic Blast:l: land, nj j.:h: (slight pause) Magnetic Blast:l: land cr.:h::s: sjxx j:h: adf (longer pause) j:h:xxMagnetic Blast:l: land nj j:m::h:xxMagnetic Blast:l: land st.:s: sjxx:m::m::h::s:.

They all work at the corner too but the delay is more significant and I suck so I drop it all day.


launcher into j:h: adf (slight pause) j:h: xxMagnetic Blast:l: land, nj j.:h: (slight pause) Magnetic Blast:l: land cr.:h::s: sjxx j:h: adf (longer pause) j:h:xxMagnetic Blast:l: land nj j:m::h:xxMagnetic Blast:l: land st.:s: sjxx:m::m::h::s:.

probably trivial questions to you on the above combo but this magneto noob is stuck and a noob lol…

the launcher into j.H at the start how soon or late should the j.H be hitting?
and should all the j.H’s be more or less this height?
nj stands for neutral (straight up) jump i take it?
if this combo is shortened can it go into hypergrav loop once carried to the corner? (have only JUST learned hypergrav loop)

lastly my midscreen mags combo atm is launcher sj LM fly LMH adf LH adf LH adf LMS(if they’re not in the corner)LMHS(if in corner) to finish, i find this very basic but am able to do it consistently, my question is how am i doing the H adf H adf H etc etc and once i get the H adf H down how does that then go into the hypergrav? any notations/tips please?


You can hit the first jH immediately after the jump, but there’s pauses on the second loop before the blast and the third loop after the airdash (the way I do it, anyways). If you blast the same way as the first loop while doing the third one, the blast will shoot underneath the hitbox of the opponent. nj = neutral jump or upforward jump. If you want to to HG loops, stop after the third blast and go into st.H xx Hyper Grav.