Magneto's "Other Infinites" thread (slide, fly, ect.)

i saw justin wong doing a infinate that involved lp lk mp mk rapidly over and over on a blackheart player does anyone know how to do this?

normal rom setup, sj, lp, lk, lp, lk, addf, lk, lk, land, repeat from the super jump, rinse, enjoy gracious aroma of going from noob to somewhat knowledgable player, and enjoy

and learn to spell infinite. you spell it like this one dude at gamefaqs that spelt it “infonet”… i wasn’t aware magneto had one of those… i wasn’t even aware magneto existed in real life to have one of those…

damn… spell check is god’s only gift to some…

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Well I don’t know about that infinite,but you might already know about the infinite that can either start with a Psylocke assist or you can knock them into the air then kick them back down follow them with air dash l.k,l.k,super jump,l.k,l.k air dash down then you just repeat.The timings pretty hard thoght, but give it a shot.BTW it’s alot easier to do it on big characters.

help on infinate

I believe that was vs Alex Valle in MWC5?

It’s his normal jump infinite.

Launch /\ ,addf,,, land, [ nj.lp, nj.d+lk, ]

I think since it was Blackheart he was able to sneak in an extra kick. Someone correct me if I’m wrong on that.

Re: help on infinate

the four hit one can be done on juggernaut, blackheart, and sentinel, the three hit one on everybody else. hulk, and maybe collosus should be variated on, since the four hit will eventually make them go too high, and the three hit one will make him fall. the three extra big characters cannot have the 3 hit one done on them for more than a few reps, because they’ll fall, ad downback, down+lk(or hk i believe),,, repeat.

Is this how you do it? Is there a special timing to it? I try it against other people and they roll out…help please :tup:

try this…,, xx sj, add, hk, land,, xx sj, addb, hp (whiff), land, [,, xx sj addb hp (whiff), land]

that’s teh slide infinite. it’s really really hard. that is all

oh alright, well is that rollable? One guy did the slide infinite doing:

Psylocke assist,, c.hkxxsj. ad db down+lk(no hit),,

He got about 3 hits and i was trying madly to roll out (down, down back, down+kick I belive).

It looks like the hp version is rollable…but i might be doing this wrong.

im pretty sure you can’t roll out of the slide infinite cause you never really hit the ground…(i think)
also yes it’s very hard to do:(


the only way the slide infinite works is if you juggle, and you can’t roll outof a juggle.

Magneto NEW Infinite

I read in fighting game discussion about this stuff… And i read that there is a new magneto inf. and i think the seatle knows about this. Can anyone knows this magz inf…? ? ?
(not a joke)…
*If not so close thread but i think there was coz preppy knows and he said that we all see that at ECCx… :tup:

rainbow infinite is the newest i heard of.

if that is the new one, i was doin it since 2-3 years ago, i got 3rd place with it in the mvc2 combo exibition.

What is the rainbow inf?

Don’t close thread… I ask what is the new magneto infinite???

Oh common!..

post it there

“Oh common!..”

  • WTF O_O

the psylocke assist is the best way to start the UNrollable slide, or u can use iron man aaa or wutever ur comfortable with. but i recommend using the psy assist. btw u dont have to do the motion fast for the infinite doing it slowly works better becuz ur more accurate and more in control. jus a tip if u didnt know

You talking about combotition?

if u do to start off the infinite instead of an assist like psy or ironman, they can roll out after the first