Magneto's Rom In The Air Infinite 0.0


Ok,Most People Have Seen Magnetro’s Random Combos Video,Im Wondering Has Anyone Tried To Do The Rom Infinite In The Air?Like That Was One Of The Most Coolest Things Ive Ever Seen From Magneto,Dat Was Cool As Hell,But Yea Has Anyone Tried It?


You will have to be more specific. The normal ROM is done in the air… soooo…

Do you mean the flight infinite? It is ungodly hard to time on everyone cept sentinal… and kinda hard to time on him…


I Guess Its The Flight Infinite,Im Not Sure What Its Called,But Yea,It Was Done On Commando,It Seems Hard Because Of The Flight Mode You Have To Go In And Out From,But Yeah,The Flight Infinite,Have Yu Tried It?


It’s not too hard. Timing is kinda specific but there is much harder Magnus stuff than that.


Woah, Jaden Smith plays Marvel?


I’ve never had much luck doing magnus’ flight infinite. I’ve never tried it on DC… perhaps it’s easier than ps3/360 with the differences to dwn+lk.