Magnetro's "Crazy Reset" vid question

i got this video of zachd’s site…… anyways. from what i know these guys programmed a joystick or something to perform these “impossible” magneto resets. i know some of them are impossible to do by hand, but ive also heard that a couple of these were done during a match, which means some of these are possible. in many of the combos/resets it seems that magneto sj out of, wether it be 1 or 2… could this be done consistantly by hand? also, to make it a little more broad, it would be awesome if someone could tell me what is possible in this vid and what is not, so i dont bother wasting my time trying to do them.

back when i played a grip, i spent weeks practising that shit in training mode and was able to get it semi-consistently (probably 65% at best). its not something that is easy by any means, but it is possible

its waaaaaaaaaaaay easier to sj cancel a st short

and ekin is a god among men

Possible: cancel over and over
hk cancel sj add hk land sj add ( whiff) land hk sj addf lk mk + psy wait a little hk sj add ( whiff) land slp hk xx shockwave
hk. sj add whiff hp land sj jump up throw ground dash back sj dash forward hp link lk mp mk

thats some stuff I can think of right now. I’m sure I’m forgetting something things for sure.

all the resets are possible but this was done with a console (dreamcast, xbox, etc…) so the button configs might have been changed. a dash button could have been used… mad props though.


me and some other people have pulled off most of the video seperately, but chained? that shit’s impossible

one that i’m working on right now… 1 hit, sj, addb hp whiff, dash under… i don’t believe that’s possible without programming, only because of human slowness… but w/e, i’ll still try it. and

were done by hand. I’m not doing this to show off (really, I’m not), so please dont take this the wrong way, I just want to show what is possible by hand if anyone wondered. Again, please don’t take it the wrong way.

would u say your exucution would have to be dead perfect to exucute all of that so well?

*Watches vidoes. . . . *

O_o W.t.F?

someone remind me to never EVER play this guy at arcade. . . . .Not worth the quarters if he’s doing shit like that. . . .catch me on the free side homi3. . . . .

Good shit man.