Magnolia - Houston Area

Ever heard of it?

Well its a little while aways from Houston. I have been to Planet Zero many a times before.

ME and a couple of my friends have been playing 3rd strike and other games such as Guilty Gear for awhile. I was just wanting to know a good way to get started out there.

As far as Capcom vs Snk 2 goes… What system do they play that on at tournaments cuz i used to play it on the Dreamcast

Same as 3rd strike i play it on the ps2 now but i used to play it all the time on Dreamcast…

Basically what are the formats for the tournaments. as in which systems do they play them on?

please contact me if we can ever set anything up to play.

my aim is SuperSonicX14

Gabe?!? Sup man this is xzalla’s brother. The formats for tournies are usually played on ps2’s except for marvel vs capcom. cvs2 is alos on ps2. If you ever wanna get some games in, tell xz and we can get some practice in.

OH dude wow i did not expect this heh…

Yea that would be awesome if you could come down to Magnolia again and play with us… We are all kinda noobs heh. BUt still I love playing 3rd strike with anyone. i wish it was still played on the Dreamcast though. Cuz thats what i am best at. Hmmm if you have anyway to play one day. Go ahead and contact me on AIM if you can. Or ill talk to your brother one of the two