Magnus resets



In my opinion…before asking about:

“how to do infinite in medium characters???”

learn the friggin basics…learn how to rush, learn how to trijump, learn how to do his basic b&b’s, learn how to reset,…

All in all…Learn His Game.

I feel that mags greatest assets include his rushing abilities, his infinite, and his resests.

I’m horrible at Magnus resets. If people could list some down for me…that’d be great…I’ll start with a few that I know of, though they mainly have to do with Psylocke though.

basic set up for resets: c.HP, sj.HK, ad df LK LK

  • Dash under, c.LK + Psy, c.LK
  • Normal jump towards them, airdash down, LK, land, c.LK + Psy, c.LK,, rom


dash under then tri-jump hk…
tri-jump hk…
normal jump infinite 3x then dash under trijump…
in the corner,hk grab…
dash under,then hk reset or hk inf…

theres a lot more but thats most of what i do…look at da-dragons thread where he teaches stuff w/ mags…there’s a lot of good resets there…hope i helped…:slight_smile:


Nice thankx!

I was reading this reset that Mixup kinda developed.

Setup, c.hp, sj, hk, ad/df, lk, lk, sj, lk, lk, dash under, nj u/f Right after the pixels of your oponent turn, ad/df, call psylocke, lk, lk, psy hits,,, rom…


i just wana ask you,how many hits can you pull of the rom inf. on med. chars? do you always do it? me,i do it a couple reps then go for the reset…i can’t seem to continue doing it for like another 30 hits…so freakin hard…:mad:


I do just about 2 or 3 reps


no offense lol but i think your team can be easily owned by scrubs…is that your best team? i have dozens of team to fit every player in the game…teams that can counter scrubs,rushdowns,traps,etc…


you don’t even know his team, and you’re a fucking loser from a country that has no reputation in this game, so fuck off


Quick question. Since magneto can cross poepl up all day, is it a waste of meter if mags does a shockwave combo/tempest?


Eh, his team is Mags/IM/Psy just by looking at his sig. And the Philippines has a rep in this game (not directly); Row and Clock are Filipinos… Anyway…

Go ahead and do Shockwave/Tempest combos since you’re racking up damage. But if you want to save the meter for something else (next character, Snapback, whatever), then don’t. And somehow I see JWong still use HGxxTempest a lot and no one bothers to shake out of it. What gives?

Random Mags Reset:

ROM to corner,,, ad/df, (pause), ad.lp (crosses up, hits opponent from behind even though Mags is facing wrong direction), land, repeat ROM.


Well here’s a cross up i use in the corner. It works here ,but i don’t know if it works with more advanced players.

launch,, ad/df tempest(he should be right under them).

your magz will be facing them, but he’s really behind them so they block the wrong way.

Or snap out dash to corner tempest. this will make them land behind you into tempest making them block the wrong way again.


that gives the country no reputation. soo is korean, and korea sucks in this game. as for his claim, he said his team can easily be taken down by scrubs… honestly, i can take scrubs down with servbot / blackheart / doom, much less rape them with MIP. (i did miss the sig thing). as for country… last time i checked… no country has done remotely well as us in this game ever… liquid metal… japan’s best, and probably the best non american (i dunno about australia… ekin?), ABSOLUTELY SUCKS BALLS… he can do infinite combos… ok… can he play???



Originally posted by The Great Sephiroth

Eh, his team is Mags/IM/Psy just by looking at his sig. And the Philippines has a rep in this game (not directly); Row and Clock are Filipinos… Anyway…

whos row and clock? does clock mean clockwork?

to fuckin hadoken queen…

if given the chance to join your fuckin tournaments,you’ll see how good we are…everything you do,we can do it too… you don’t even know what we got…you said that soo sucks at this game? so that means you can beat him right?



ooo… scary… </sarcasm>

everything we do, u can… so then where are you at EVO?

i said soo sucks WHEN?? learn english before you come here mother fucker.

and i’ve never played soo, so i have no idea if i can beat him. i said KOREA, as in the country sucks. he said clock and row are flips. i kno this. but that doesn’t give the country a rep. soo is korean, and he’s incredible, but that doesn’t give his country a rep.

oh yeah… btw… im’ half korean, half pinoy, so if you think i’m being racist, you’re mistaken. i’m being truthful.


i seen some vids from the phl thread at gamefaqs… It prolly wasnt you guys… but the way they were playing looked something from 2001, no offense, im filipino too btw

about jwong using hypergraph tempests… i think most people get nervous/choke while playing him or something, cause u see stuff like tempest x 2 or 3, which usually dont happen anymore =\

as for resets -

after flying screen or sj. wk ad df fp from INFIN, mix it up between

  • tjump wk , d. wk, wk psy
  • tjump wk, wk., d. wk, wk
  • d. wkwk psy
  • dash over/backward psy
  • dash under resets when low enough so its unmashable
  • throws

This is what works for me in tourneys… theres alot more variations… but u should focus on doing a certain set, then when yr comfortable expand

if u have a feeling they’ll block themm… just do shockwave/ or unmashable tempest

in the corner during the sj infin… land then sj. rh throw is one of his best options imo


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To those who hit up wit the resets…greatly appreciated thanks!


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