Hey Anthony, I just mainly wanted to apolygize to you for what the whole situation turned into. Hear me out, bud. The thing is with me that if someone is going to bite me, I’ll bite back. I hope you understand that more then anything else. Usually I’m really kickback as long as theres some humor and fun in it. Hell, even I had a huge smile on my face and had a good laugh while watching myself on the YouTube.
You know, Anthony, Huy said something (or at least I think thats him, mio) that actully made me think and I actully got alot more respect for him now on what he said. He reminded me that the game was supposed to just fun to play no matter what happned or why. Even tho he doesn’t look like hes having fun or pretty pissed when he losses :looney: I can understand how he feels when something you know you executed right turned into a whole other monster. Maybe I should do what he does and go kick someone’s ass at cvs2 :lol:
You know, I didn’t play Ken because Rom wanted to play Urien. Didn’t want to play Ken, I get bored.
Only I really know how I play compared to other times, Anthony. It was aweful, but you understand that I don’t adjust to anything easy. Easily anyone can play the stick, but the fact is it just simply wasn’t to my liking since what I’m used to playing on is something with a medium or light tension. Playing on those sticks is like a dry vagina…just plain rough to move it around. I didn’t find it responsive to how I play at all on top of that.
So, don’t take it as I’m hating on MGL or your machines. You guys obviously are used to it or jack off with the left hand or both :lol: Don’t get me wrong man, when I heard there was a H2H cab I was excited and glad that something is really happening down there. Then when I saw it and played it I was incredibly disappointed. Its easy to blame the management, and if you actully think about it. If you guys just up and left somewhere else they would lose a ton of business, but thats the only place we got to go to and I think they know that. Its inspires me alot.
You know I seriously will do my part to help the scene because I truly am on your side, homie. And thats why I have plans to get you guys out of that place to somewhere where you can have tourneys everyday and really late night if you want.
The first thing I told my wife when she asked what I’m going to do when I start making money is that I’m going to treat my friends to the best fighting game arcade in norcal, even CA, and quite possibly in the states and she got the details of everything and she had the biggest smile on her face (and she wanted to buy a house or have a baby) but she sort of frowned when I told her I was going to make it non-profit org after I cut even with what I initially invested into it (she was thinking more like $_$ CA CHING!). I already designed the floor plan for 2,500 sq ft with enough cabs so theres not much waiting around for your turn.
You guys got to wait about 3 years tho. I already have managers in mind and you’re one of them if you want to be :wink: since we were homies back at EVC hanging at that tiny ass arcade. good times.
Anyway, I hope we’re still cool. I’m on your side, homie. I just wanted you to know that and your friendship means alot to me :sweat:


c.fp, mk shoulder xx fp aegis (charge at ‘GIS’) hk shoulder (charge), dash (charge while dashing), mp headbutt, dash, dash, = ftw!!!

i’m out, late.

WTF…no random cus words…no hostility…WTF?