Mago discusses Fei Long AE2012 changes




Mago wants that cr mk to be cancellable lol, and is looking to switch back to Sagat in 2012


:frowning: DONT LEAVE US MAGO! T_T


Same, I’ve been preparing my Sagat in the last 6 months. I’m still going to use Fei though. I’ve stopped playing my randoms now in endless (Ryu, Ken, Guile) . I pretty much split my playtime 50/50 between Sagat and Fei Long.

They actually make a very good pair. You could easily account for all matches in a tourney. I think Mago probably thinks the same thing. Fei Long can only get worse and Sagat can only get better. Makes sense.


Interesting, mago thinks should be cancelable. I am guessing in to chicken wing. [around 1:37 in the video]


Doubt it, It wouldn’t leave enough hit stun. I think he more than likely means into rekka. I think that would probably break him though. He could maintain pressure from even further than he can now. There would be more salt on the front page than the Pacific Ocean.


The>rekka was in AE. I spoke to Seth about it more while at NYCC a few weeks ago and he said “the range on>rekka was to much for a knockdown. So it was removed”. He couldnt really answer much on AE2012 as he has been working with SFxT and UMvC3. He feels Fei will still be good but not AE great. He also said “they still are not yet done with the testing of AE yet so some things still may change as more input and info is gathered”

“The change made to the CW was the 2nd hit of the cw. The attack box will be made smaller so it wont have the crossup affect. The first hit will still have its same hitbox.” I got this from Ono at NYCC.

I havent seen this Mago interview yet as I still need to add a plugin on this work PC to view. I am trying to get in contact with someone so I can interview Fuudo and ask his thoughts on Fei as he imho has surpassed Mago as a Fei player. Also remember Mago vs Fuudo on the 27th.


I would love c.MK xx Rekka. But I think it’s way too good.


They can work a way around the knockdown problem if it were to be cancelable. Or at least have it so you can do it on Counter hit like Cr. MP> Rekka on counter. What you guys think?

#9 is “00” on hit. Giving it plus frames on hit would be over kill. We all would love>rekka as it would help us counter characters with better footsies like Chun, Akuma and such but it would be too much. I think it would be better to ask for st.lp to hit all crouching characters. That would be better as we will always hit our BNB for that knockdown.

Fei will be fine just it will be hard with him again, which is better as we wont get trolled with messages saying “tier whore” or things of that nature. At first I laughed at it but when I hear voice chat and they say “he only won because its Fei and he is top tier”

I see Mago dropping Fei


great avatar


That’s something that I really want, I don’t think it’s too much to ask for it.


That’s sad, I was hoping that capcom would adjust the CW hit-box so that he doesn’t cross-up or whiff’s his cw; to follow to the other side. From what I understand is that he will just whiff and go to the other side making it worse than before.

It would be cool if they make the 2nd and 3rd hit block and let fei stay on the side from where the cw was started.


It can’t be that serious lol Just make it +2 on hit, increase startup, decrease startup of LP rekka and a little bit of tweeking here and there should allow for it on counter. There’s plenty of ways around it so it doesnt make Fei completely broken.


+2 on hit is not negligible. That’s another frame trap up close and another method of trapping for Rekkas outside of cr.MP.

Increasing the start-up on cr.MK would just make it less useful as speed in footsies is a big factor.

+2 on hit would counter-hit to become +5 for a medium strength attack. The only way to have Rekkas squeeze in then would be to have a 4 or 5 frame Rekka. That would be crazy and would make Fei more broken. That would then call for Fei to be nerfed again and that just wouldn’t be fair.

When changing a character, also try to think about how other characters balance against him/her. Changes can’t be made on single moves in isolation; even small tweaks can have a big affect on the game… In any case, Fei doesn’t need cr.MK xx Rekka now and he still won’t in 2012.


Fei Long rumored to be as bad as Hakan. get hyped.


Implying Hakan is bad


I hear tons of people will quit Fei Long if Mago does.



I will still drive the fei train if mago would drop him!!! Basta :wink:


Once a main, always a main.


played fei before mago, so…

i think a lot of people will tho. its noticeably harder to play a character without true top player guidance, and some people only play whoever the best player(s) play