Mago wins Asia tournament? Which one

Twitter / Yoshinori Ono: Wow, finished tournament! …

Which event was this?

Based on the banners in the background, I’d assume it’s some sort of regional qualifier for World Cyber Games.

nah nevermind that isn’t it, WCG '10 asia was last month. Probably some smaller Capcom-operated tournament, the twitpic shows some pictures from a previous tournament that looked like a qualifier.

Dude, that’s Super Battle Opera 2010
It’s one of the biggest tournament in the arcade industry.

And like i said, it’s the arcade industry, thus they only hosted SF4, not SSF4.

Alot of famous players participated in the tourney, Mago won the 1v1 i suppose, I’m just guessing.

But I can confirm that they’re gonna be having a 3V3 as well. I’m not sure if it has already begun or not.

I am only expecting 2 teams to take winner’s belt. Either

Team : Momochi, RF, Kindevu
Team : Mago, Tokido, Nemo

Daigo is in the 3v3 tourney as well. So let’s see what ONO will post up in a while.

SBO is in September. There is no singles in SF4



Yeh it seems like an Asian invitational tournament. Koreans are there. Lots of top japanese players are there.

I didn’t know what event it was though. I’d have watched it if it was streamed.

Hmmm, SSF4 Asian ‘Masters’ tournament held in Seoul, Korea.

Mago won.

Momochi was using Ken. Kindevu was using Cammy.

@Sleazoid are you sure WCG qualifier occured last month ? There are WCG banners everywhere !
Anyway, what we know is that the tourney occured in Korea with a few japanese players, maybe only Kindevu, Momochi and Mago.

Edit : @Logan Sama OK thx

Pretty sure this is the korean tournament they did for sf4 last season where they invited some japanese players. Think they invited other asain country players this 2nd season.

Oh the TV Show? It can’t be that. I doubt Ono-san would have completely spoiled the outcome if it was for broadcast at a later date?

Yeah. if you goto the korea threat under world:discussion you’ll see laugh talking about these players going there for the tv show…Guess ono didnt know he wasnt suppose to spoil it.

Interesting update on Xian’s arrival in Korea.

Korea (Laugh,infiltration)


mago beat infiltration
momochi beat Xian(dhalsim)

Lol Momochi can’t get first out of Japan. Wonder why.

Did Mago use Fei Long?

Yes. He used Sagat for one set against Laugh and changed after he got beat.

What do you mean by that? Getting first in Japan is harder than in other countries, isn’t it?

Yeah. That’s why it’s a mystery lol.

any Japanese team can Win SBO. that tournament is random as hell. Don’t tell me last year’s team is the best at SF4.

if those same teams on SBO or national tournaments play every week. you will have different winner almost every week.


from what ive seen its an ssf4 asian masters tournament or something.
it was on nstargame in korea or at least they used the same venue as their ssf4 show.
not sure on more but id love to see vids also.