Mago's tier list thoughts - Translation by Azrael

It looks like mago posted his own personal tier list on a blog post. Problem is it’s in japanese and google translator does a pretty poor job when it comes to translating from japanese to english.

Could anyone who reads/speaks japanese please translate this for the rest of us? :lovin:

**Update:: **

Info taken from Pillarofheaven’s post:

**S **Sagat
**A **Akuma/Gouki, Ryu
**B **Honda, Abel, Zangief
**C **Balrog/Boxer, Chunli, Rufus, C Viper
**D **Bison/Dictator, Ken, Blanka
**E **El Fuerte, Dhalsim
**F **Vega/Claw, Guile

Azrael was cool enough to translate the whole blog post for us below, here’s a copy for quick reference.

it’s a bit complicated to understand, but basically his top 5 is:

1: Ken
2: Vega
3: Guile
4: random select
5: Sagat

S> Sagat
A> Akuma/Gouki?Ryu
B> Honda?Abel?Zangief
C> Balrog/Boxer?Chunli?Rufus. C Viper
D> Bison/Dictator, Ken, Blanka
E> El Fuerte?Dhalsim
F> Vega/Claw, Guile

I speak fluent Japanese and it’s

  1. Cammy
  2. El Fuerte (With alternate chef costume)
  3. Vega without claw and mask
  4. Bison
  5. Random


S Sagat
A Akuma, Ryu
B Honda, Abel, Zangief
C Bison(boxer), Chun-Li, Rufus, Viper
D Vega(dictator), Ken, blanka
E Elf, Dhalsim
F Balrog(claw), Guile

funny, in the daigo tierlist thread I was talking about how dictator was probably ranked higher than he really is, and here I see mago has similar opinion.

I don’t know enough to translate the rest, sorry.

from what I understand of the dictator reasoning, it comes down to him having too many bad matchups and not enough good matchups.

Yea that was about the only readable part when translating with Google… but what about what he had to say about each character. That’s what Im mostly concerned with.

It also confuses me how the Japanese think so highly of Honda in this game, yet he never wins big tournaments, and his match ups are mostly god awful against top tier characters.

This list is based on Sagat’s match ups IMO.

Abel at B? Surprising, I know Mago and Ojisan Boy have started to use Abel but I didn’t think they’d rate him so highly?

Shiro does excellent things with frenchy but I think he has too many bad matchups, n’est pas?

considering Honda is listed as B tier but dhalsim is E tier that seems unlikely.

this was already discussed in the tier thread

he said except Sagat, Chunli and somewhat Akuma, Honda seem advantageous to everyone else.

Time to switch mains!

Does Sim not beat Honda pretty handily? I’m goin on the Mike Ross v Arturo EVO match here.

Actually, I did a couple searches on the tier thread for mago and mago+blog and the only thing I really came up with was something mago posted back in march about sagats matchups. Can you point me to the post in that thread that your talking about?

Well everyone’s got a bad matchup here and there.

sorry for not posting a followup. its not on the tier thread thats stickied but the arcadia tier thread thats currently on the second page of this forum.

it starts around the bottom of that page.

i would agree with you, dhalsim was pretty dominating during that match, then again there must be something could be done.

Yea right! Not to say Mago doesnt know the game better than me, but cmon really? Sagat, Akuma, Ryu, Dhalsim, Chun, and maybe Boxer and Dictator all seem to have advantage on Honda… at least from what I can see.

I don’t have a lot of confidence in this translation, because he used a lot of terms I’m not too familiar with, but here we go anyway…


Honestly speaking, this is a game where the compatibility of the character and the player make all the difference - so, tiers can?t really be counted on. But I just wanted to take a shot at making a tier list, so here we are.

I?ll talk a bit about each character.

No complaints. But there aren?t really a whole lot of characters who can stick it to him. But if he had more 6.5 - 3.5 matchups then he?d probably be more common, so you can play him strongly. Even when you are down, he can come back in an instant, making him a stupidly powerful tank. The only character who can threaten his position is Akuma.

This is a character that?s still being worked out. When we do figure him out, I can see him easily making S rank. His damage output, footsies, and wakeup game are top class, but he?s lacking in the all-important vitality, which is why he?s here for the moment.

An all-purpose character who has all the essential tools. But since he has so many tools to work with, his difficulty to use is also top class. If you use him well, you can gain an advantage over all the characters, but I don?t think you?ll ever have a 7 - 3 match in your favor.

This guy is unexpectedly strong. He has a tough time against Sagat and Chun, and Ryu and Akuma give him slight problems. But I think he has an advantage over everyone else?perhaps?

He has some problems against Ryu and Sagat. It?s probably a 4.5 - 5.5 matchup against both. Akuma can be difficult, but with Abel?s damage output and depending on playstyle you can pull out a win. He also also problems against Gief and Rufus, but to do this well against the upper classes is more than enough to earn him this spot.

He has lots of advantages, but his weaknesses against Sagat and Akuma really hurt. Perhaps a slight disadvantage against Ryu as well, but he tends to dominate the characters below him.

Balrog (Boxer)
This was a character who was considered to be really strong before, but now the general feeling is not so much? But he does have good moves and plenty of advantages, so he gets this spot.

She really benefits from the game system. She has a slight disadvantage against Sagat, but lately people are starting to think that she has an advantage against Ryu. She?s great for her speed and wakeup pressure, but with her low health, if she gets rushed down she can die in a hurry. So using her is very difficult. She doesn?t have a lot of bad matchups, and except for Akuma she can fight with the top class characters, so she gets this spot.

There?s never been a character so hard to tier. When he works, he works. When he doesn?t, he doesn?t. He?s this kind of character. His footsies are horrible, but in close he can really do some damage. To put it simply, he works against characters he can get in on, and doesn?t against characters he can?t.

People said before that she could possibly be broken, but now that things have calmed down she falls into this spot? She has a disadvantage against Sagat, and Ryu is also a tough fight. She also possibly has problems against Akuma. She also has a few other bad matchups. But her damage output and wakeup games land her this spot.

Bison (Dictator)
Same with Balrog, before people thought he was pretty strong, but now he?s probably around here. He can hang with Ryu and Akuma, but he?s got a lot of bad matchups and not enough solid good matchups.

He?s like a poor man?s Rufus. He can?t deal as much damage in close as Rufus, but he does have more options. Against the characters you can get in on its fine, but against the characters who have a good keep away game its harder for Ken to get in than Rufus.

Not really a whole lot I can say about him.

El Fuerte
The character based on luck. His moves are all sorta cheap, but they?re all hard to defend against. Against Sagat, his run throws and splashes work well, and he can kill him just with that. But he has low health, and if he can?t get in he can?t do damage, so he has a lot of difficult situations. He can cause problems and be completely stumped.

Although he can fight pretty evenly with Sagat, Ryu, and Akuma, honestly speaking he is at a slight disadvantage. Sagat is about 4 - 6 perhaps? There are other characters against whom he has a disadvantage, and he doesn?t have a lot of advantageous matchups.

Vega (Claw)
Is he really this weak? I have to wonder? But he does end up second to last here. But there aren?t many people who use him around me so I?m not really sure.

He has almost no good matchups. Perhaps a slight advantage against Bison? It takes a lot of work to win his bad matchups, so using him requires a lot of skill. A really unfortunate character.

I’d like him to elaborate him on the Balrog not being as strong now that the game has matured.