Mags as anchor

Trying to learn how to play a bit of Magneto lately, I’ve been doing some theory fighter on how well he’d work as an anchor on my Thor team but I can’t draw a solid conclusion as I haven’t mastered his BnB well enough to test him against strong opponents.

Thread to discuss the general pros/cons of running Magneto in the anchor position (any team).

I think mags is a lot scarier than wesker anchor because of how ridiculously fast and powerful he is in lv3 xf. Two hits and you’re gone =/

I don’t approve of random thread creation. There’s a discussion thread already. And a Team Building one.


Magneto has everything a character needs to be a really, really solid anchor and more.

I mean shit, if they call an assist, they just lost that character if you punish correctly.

It’s like you’re playing a marvel 2 mags almost, but with gravity powers. Anyways I just got done in a Ft20 with my friend and I’ve noticed that Aerial, the one cross up you posted (the second video with drones) works even easier in lv3 xf

Im think of putting him as Anchor in Vergil/Wesker/Mags. Everyone loves wesker on anchor but his assist doesn’t help Magneto that much, but magnetos assist is godlike for Wesker - thus Magneto on anchor.

I don’t think he’s the best anchor but I think he could work. His greatest drawback is getting pushblocked without an assist to lock them down.