Mags + Chun AAA

Ok, so I think Shin has brought chun back into the spotlight enough for us to look at some of the options you get from her assist. In general, I treat it kinda like cyke, only remember it doesn’t have the same invincibilty when I actually use it for AAA.

Some of the more obvious stuff:

  • Unmashable - You can do a cyke esque unmashable with her, knock them into chun outta the rom with n.jump attacks, air dash up and tempest. Pretty basic.

  • Chun - there is a ton of stuff to do from this. One of my favorites is to follow them up, and as soon as chun lets them go AD/F and frosty throw that ass. Which of course leads to no good depending on positioning. Or a DHC evil

  • Fly inf - Try the unmashable setup, but instead of air dash tempest try flying. You have the ever faithful short, strong fly inf to go into, and when you are done building meter, you can always FPxxMTxxDHC of choice. Fun stuff thats not too hard.

Ive been playing alot of chun lately, mostly mags/storm/chun and mags/sent/chun
I dont have a whole lot of time right now, but ill post more when I do. Any variants or random other stuff would be cool. Im sure im not the only one playing Mag/chun. Post your thoughts. Oh and mags to chun DHC is too damn awesome.

Random Mag/Storm/Chun stuff

Thought id post that after a little more playing with this team today, ive come to notice that chuns AAA stuffs cable AAA with the right timing. The angle that she goes out at is hella good for low flying sents. Its also worthwhile to attempt a crossover directly underneath the opponent, ala mag + cable AAA, or a lighting attack straight up. Its pretty hard to tell what side the HG is coming from while chun is still kicking them up in the air, and the LA is even worse.


You can use the wall (dash) s.FP rom reset + chun ala +psy into:

-wall HGxxMT
-AD/F wall throw
-good ol’ fashioned aerial rave (save the AD for a wake up reset) evil
-DHC right into storm with a free lift up after the hail (always fun)

just thought id throw the idea out there cause I was using it today and it was working pretty well.

Offensive methods of getting mags out safely with chun

Ive been playing more of chun on point latley, but I thought id mention since her tag out connecting = shom, you can always do the c.RH otgxxtag, or hypergravxxtag on some char sprites, shom to the wall, start juggling QCF + PP’s. Its a near foolproof safe method of tagging mags out that leads to death, so its worth adding to the arsenal for situations when you have the supers to get back to storm with a DHC after kikoshu. Also counter into QCF + KK goes across the screen really fast, and isnt something ppl are used to playing safe against. Counter to chun, QCF + KK, DHC, can be really deadly. The only thing is haveing the supers to make it worthwhile, and it being a point in the match where it isnt better to just play safe with storm. It still has its place and time though, and like i said, catches ppl off guard alot. 100 kicksxxHS is a good bit of damage. 100 kicksxxHSF is death in most cases w/o a forced reset.

Tha’ts nice to know what she can do magneto, but what can she do for the third character? honestly, you can’t just think in 2-character scenarios in this game anymore… i mean, what you said is 100% valid, but incorporate a cable, storm, or sentinel in there, and how all three characters balance each other out.

just convince me more that you can build a solid team, oterh than just a few scenarios with storm.

lol, thats why I stopped posting here as much, i dont play MSChun anymore.
Ive been doing chun with drones, psy, or tron.

Storm/Chun is alot more of an easy mode duo, and this is the mags section, so i was pretty much just posting on ghetto ass resets with the chun assist, I wouldve named the thread differently if id known it would turn into this xD

Dont expect too much from me just yet though, im just learning and posting at the same time. I also understand where you are coming from, and appreciate the input.