Mags fly combo help

I’ve been avoiding learning Magneto for a while because I just assumed you need a fighstick to be any good with him, but after seeing a couple pros using pad in tournaments and seeing Fanatiq destroy Mike Ross in his latest video using an xbox pad, I decided to pick him up. I’ve been trying to get down one of his standard fly combos:

(cL, cM, cH, S obligatory start) jH, adf, jM, jH, fly, jM, jH, [adf, jH]x5

The problem is, they ALWAYS recover out before the jM after fly. Is there some particular timing that I’m just not picking up on? All the video tutorials show it happening pretty much the way I’m trying, but I’ve been in training for about an hour and it just doesn’t seem to pick it up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Here’s the video that I’m attempting to copy:

One thing I notice, when I’m doing my first air dash and the hits that are following up, I’m not going as low on the screen as this guy is, but the command is air dash directly forward, not forward down.

Dude try putting questions like these in the combo thread. and just do jl jh if you want to bypass using jm to start. Tbh it’s not too hard to link it. Could try mapping a button to have l and m so you can double tap it after jh to dash and instant jm

When I do the fly loop, I don’t use any mediums. So after the launch, I’ll do jH, adf, jL, jH, [adf, jH] x whatever. So try dropping the mediums and use that light to heavy combo to actually get into the loop part.

Go in the combo thread. This has been explained a dozen times already.