Mags... fly semi

is this possible???

clk, clk, fly+psy, lp, lk, lp, lp, lk, lp, lk, lk, adf, lk, lk, addf, lk, lk, [adu, lk, lk, addf, lk, lk]

Im not sure if thats possible but I highly doubt it also I wouldnt do it even if it was if you do lk lk Psy just launch instead and do fp dash down fp fk land

it would be funny to see a mid air rom though


hello 2 all our there. im the new playing mvc2 3months yet. my charcter is mcp. help me som infinite on magz??? tnx guys…by:CapCom_jeff @philippines:


you should have made a new topic, but anyway…

what is MCP?? mag/cable/psy, mag/cyclops/psy, uhh… mag/captanamerica/psy??? lol

my character is magcabpsy. pls help me to do sliding infinite on magz…? tnx…u:D

magneto/cable/psylocke=…dis is my best team as 4 me… you??? pls help to do infinite on bigger character… pls…tnx or email me

rply me hadokenking in my post thread… tnx.

mcp? is magz, cable, psylock. K… rply back.


jeff you dont know how to do it the the infinite… its very easy…
if u cant do it stop playing k… coz ur wasting ur tym…hahahah:lol: pls rep!

Fck u

i know u… your name is ryan but your nick is atom…
ows…you better challenge me, atk lang…hehehe… tom i send you an avatar… wat do you like???

joke only

jeff send me avatar… character i want to post in my avatar is cable… send me now…tnx daan:lol:

jeff allies

i’ll teach u how to do the slide inf. 1st u should know how 2 tri jump fast so dat u can do the slide inf. this are d tips lk,down hk,trijump backward, click twice d lk n then hk make dat over nd over again…inf na:) jeff teach me how to create avatar?:smiley:

Siant Magz

tnx ha… i will send you. jst 4 u. you know tom, bsta…
sunod nalang… naa koy ingon