Mags infinite

Well i need some help with one of mags infinite the lk. launch. lk. lk ad/df lk. lk. sj. lk. lk i can only do it on the big char none of the small ones can someone help plz!?!?


u forgot a step. it is

launch sj. HK ad/df lk lk land [sj. lk lk ad/df lk lk] repeat in brackets

the key part is the ad/df lk u haev to do the lk so fast

i got that down now but this is what happens launch sj. hk. ad/df lk. lk. land sj. lk. lk ad/df i go right under the char right there i tryed delaying it but it goes out of the combo

ermm… actually you can do this combo… sometimes you can add a little variety by doing an ad/down after the launch before doing lk for a reset. I’ve seen yipes do this infinite on the recent evo… it’s kinda hard to pull off IMO. but is nice to add on your arsenal of moves for magneto. for starters, just stick with launch -> -> ad/df lk lk though, it’s easier.

Maybe the thread starter should search as there IS a thread called “the LAST rom thread”.

Learning to search saves you and us a ton of trouble.

that happended to me too until i started using the claw method.

u have to hid lk almost at the same time u do the airdash. u air dash and one millisecond later u press lk. use three fingers

alright cool thx alot guys and sorry parry person kinda new to this

whats rom and imo? im sorry i dont post much

IMO - in my opinion
ROM - refers to magneto’s infinite.